Two New DreamBerry BlackBerry 11 Slider Concepts Emerge!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2012 07:21 pm EST

We were interupted yesterday from our series of reader-submitted Dream BlackBerry designs by a "Reality" BlackBerry. While the first images of the BlackBerry 10 "London" phone showed a beautiful full touchscreen design (apparently 4.2" w/ a DPI that smokes the retina display on the iPhone 4), our next two submissions are both slider concepts. 

Our first design above comes to us again from John Anastasiadis, who revamped his amazing wrap around display concept phone to now include a slider. BlackBerry is known for having great physical keyboards, so John figured he'd try and work one per the request of many a CrackBerry Nation member. Note the dedicated BBM key on the keyboard! You can also a better sense for the whole device now, with a clear shot of the back of the device. A phone like this would definitely require some smart technology to make it work (disable the touch on the rear when just holding the phone), but hopefully phones like this will one day not be a dream.

Our second slider concept below comes to us from Cody, who's dreamy PlayBook 3.0 concept we posted previously. The community wasn't overall thrilled with that one (I personally liked a lot of the ideas in it), so Cody is back looking for redemption with his Reventon slider concept. The Reventon name comes by way of the insipiration and some of the design elements Cody took from the ultra hot Lamborghini Reventon. With a slide out keyboard and lots of dedicated social media buttons on this model, it's definitely a dream BlackBerry for a CrackBerry Addict. 

With things starting to shape up with how RIM may position some of the BlackBerry 10 phones due out this year, I guess it's time for us to think beyond that.... I've christened these babies BlackBerry 11. Click on the images for larger views, and be sure to drop us a comment with your reactions. Hot or HOTTT?!

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Reader comments

Two New DreamBerry BlackBerry 11 Slider Concepts Emerge!


YES Both look excellent, would be great if RIM could pull off something like 1 of these, even the real QWERTY keyboard.

They look great, but most of the appeal is because they are not limited by feasibility requirements.
Both have slider mechanisms that would not work/last in the real world.
Cody's is "overbranded" whilst that amount of screen for the first would wreak havoc with the battery life.
A dedicated BBM is not so clever as not everyone is that hooked on it and plus a BB still needs to maintain business pretences. Instead a customizable button would be better.
That said, these are brilliant concepts that RIM needs to take a long, hard look at even only as market research exercise.

I could use both. RIM, keep it locked to CrackBerry. Who knows, we might see a design adopted from CB. Kevin send these to RIM please.

"landscape is just not nice to type on"

Unless you are one of the millions upon millions who wear Large, XL, XXL (me) or bigger gloves.

The 9900 is just barely big enough, but a landscape slider would be a Godsend.

The issue with a landscape slider is that you can type fine on a touchscreen in landscape mode too, so your two most useable keyboards are in the same orientation with the net result that most people don't actually bother with the physical keyboard.

With a portrait slider you have the physical keyboard in the orientation where the touchscreen keyboard is noticeably less useable while still having the option of a larger keyboard in landscape mode with a net result that the physical keyboard is regularly used and worth being on the device and allows the device to be used in one hand.

You might claim that there are millions out there wanting landscape sliders, but the market simply doesn't seem to back that up as generally they add bulk to a phone and the majority end up not using it anyway.

I absolutely love the landscape keyboard concept, especially with a dedicated number row. I am a big man with big hands. The men in my family, and the athletes that I work with are all well over 6 feet tall, and the portrait keyboard is just entirely too small for our hands. While some may like the portrait keyboard, for the men and women with larger hands, a full QWERTY landscape keyboard, ESPECIALLY with a dedicated number row would make life easier. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Seeing these landscape sliders got me thinking, what if we take this design and eliminate that keyboard. Then implement on screen keyboard for those that can use it, but here is the "twist": the bottom 1/3rd of the screen is divided with a subtle line where it can be twisted around so that that back section of the phone now faces the front and have the Bold 99xx keyboard there?! All the screen, but when you don't need it, awesome keyboard ready and waiting. the rest of the screen is automatically compressed or reorganized for the new lesser real estate, and the other section just goes dark and is essentially switched off. What do you guys think? This sounds like my DreamBerry! :)

Why have it twist around? Just incorporate the same wraparound touch tech from the other concepts. Essentially, a 9900 on one side and a full touch slate on the other. Want to use the keyboard? Flip the phone over. Sweet design that would make everybody happy, not to mention be very unique. Only down side that I could see is the keyboard feeling "awkward" when not in use on the back.

Me neither. I prefer keyboard like the 9900. If RIM could make a slider with the 9900 keyboard, that would be awesome. I don't mind if the unit is a bit thicker.
By the way, beautiful concept Cody.

I used to like the slide out, but now the only thing I love is the Bold 9900 form factor. Everyone is different and RIM is doing a good job by providing different form factors for the consumers compared to Apple Inc.

If I want to modify, I would make the internal parts such as processor of Bold 9900 at 2.0 GHz... Too bad the new phones also under powered with 1.5 from my POV.

Extra GHz for the sake of it are just idiotic in a mobile device due to the reduced battery life.

Unlike some of the current mobile os, bb10 is designed with multicore in mind and as such moving to a 1.5GHz dualcore will result in a big jump in performance, you only have to look at how well the playbook's os performs to see it is not entirely about the clockspeed.

Look good but I would love to see a design that incorporates the bold style keyboard. I like the second design and was wondering if the social media buttons were dedicated or could we customize them with whatever we want,like a see through trackpad with lcd intergration. THAT would be very cool!

id like the doubel sided one but id suggest one side with keyboard. When you just want full screen flip it over and u get full screen

"apparently 4.2" w/ a DPI that smokes the retina display on the iPhone 4"

Where was this mentioned in their news blur? I don't recall seeing that?

both ideas are awesome...BUT...the keyboards on there aren't the iconic blackberry keyboards that all us CrackberryAddicts love and have grown fond of. It getting to be more android-like...think about how the adjustment would be from a portrait to a landscape style board would be. Kudos to both designers...but if they or anyone else can incorporate the Bold's keyboard on it..COUNT ME IN!!

I'm still a fan of that curved screen on the first example. Not sure how feasible that is. I can adapt to the landscape keyboard methinks...

I'm not a fan of slider phones but the red sliding concept BB is uber sexy. RIM should hire these guys immediately.

Both are nice ;) but the wrap around looks like higher end line phone .I like the wrap around version .I have storm 1,2,3 A.K.A torch 9850 and my storm 2 is better quality ,stands out more than my torch !!!wish my storm had the torch software. The slide out is better gives more room with out using up your screen space.

Not a fan of the bottom image but Im really liking the wrap around screen version in the top image. I have faith in RIM that if they were to tackle a landscape keyboard, it would be equal to or better than the current keyboards we've all come to love. The only thing missing on the wrap around phone that is a MUST for any blackberry IMO is the LED. Id like to see that edited on there with some new flare rather then just the dot the blackberry playbook/london have shown us to be sporting.

I like both. And the wrap-around one is interesting... but how do you prevent yourself from activating something on the back side, if it's all touch?

i like the valve button, i hate that bb is business business all the time, lets have some fun!!!, i like portrait kb for bb, i liked the landscape for my old samsung, but know that i tasted the bb one, i cant go back

Yikes I like the actual screen itsel. I just dont think the wrap around concept would work But if the phone didnt wrap around I think it would still look really nice. I do not like sliders. I currently own the torch (9800) and it has been a pain. soon i will be owning a 9900. We keyboards lovers love the BB keyboard and this whole landscapte keyboards are just not appealing, and they just are not efficient. But other than that i love the concepts and variety.

John Anastasiadis, your concept is so nuts that its driving me crazy. It's probably not very practical for daily use but know this; if there was a way I could get this produced, it would be under production as a exclusive polished user model.

I love your attention to detail. Even the BlackBerry symbol under the keyboard with low opacity screams clean.

I hope you are protecting these designs. Also, maybe get an alias. I'm thinking "J Anas" - Will help everyone when you're a hot shot designer.

I think these are okay. The first phone looks like a screen wrapped around a cigarette lighter.

The second phone proves the grid of apps is getting old. There needs to be more integration and continuity in the process of using the phone.

BB10 has the greatest opportunity to stand-out and be better than the competition by making a new innovative UI experience that's super easy to use but still powerful.

What if the top one's screen was flexible around the side so you could open it up like a book and have a 1 large screen showing on the back side? Flip the phone over and you have a decent size screen for viewing multimedia. That sounds HOTTT

HORRIBLE keyboards. What are you thinking! Portrait keyboard or none at all. I can't type one handed on that!

I agree! Stay with the iconic keyboard form or all the way touch screen! Remember, leap frogging the competition....

If i were Rim, I'd be putting these two designs on my top priority list and scrapping the ugly long device from the previous post. For the first time I'd probably pay full price for a device. These two concepts are AWESOME!!

Everytime I see that wrap around screen prototype, I tend to get a wet spot. That design is sooooooo sexy, and with the flexible screens coming out and the newer nexus design, I can see it being a possibility. I just hope that crApple company doesnt steal the design and patent it, like everything else thats left unclaimed

While the designs are great! they are not practical. Why do I want a phone with a screen on front and back. Why do I want to keep flipping the phone over back and forth, back and forth. If you want to make a touch screen like the new bb10 phone that was leaked thats fine. But it does look like every other phone out there. All you have to do is have the 9900 keyboard lowered with no space underneath where the carrier name is and shorten the top part shorter also which would allow a larger screen but keeping the same bold look. I like the idea of a thin line for a notification light which would also make a larger screen. implement qnx, front and rear camera. A MUST HAVE IS A BETTER BATTERY. also taking away the menu keys and making them touch screen would also make the screen larger. I know this probably makes no sense I wish i could show this in a photo (maybe if i can figure it out I will post one but it doesnt look that way. But again people with these designs are very creative I just want a simple but powerful phone!!!!

I can see someone curving a screen for talking on the phone or wrapping it around the wrist like a watch.

Wrapping back to front is do-able (thanks for the video) but isn't it easier to just swipe the screen.

Johnny, hire a lawyer and obtain whatever patents/copyrights you can on your designs. They're ingenuous. If you can't afford a lawyer I'm sure you can find one who'll work pro bono. There's a shitload of money to be made with your designs. Protect them.

I love the look and form factor of the second one. I think the first one is the kind of phone that RIM needs to come out with to complete with iphone. It would be different and eye catching.

yo the first one is what i call a HAWT phone, that is awesomeee, even though i think the other 10 dreamberries posted a few days ago sucked this one is pretty awesome, but i still prefer the first one

The phone themselves look great. But I don't like the keyboard that slides out horizontally. The keys are just way to far away from each other. The vertical slider is the best for typing.

I have tried those type personally, and I know tons of people that have that style and can't stand it cuz it's not comfy to type on. the keyboard is just to far for thumb typing.

Just my opinion.

haha, just noticed there is a mini-usb charger on the second one. screw that! i want micro usb!!! or better yet, usb 3.0! w00t!

Wow, John's concepts are awesome. I'm neither a fan of landscape keyboards nor a fan of slider devices but this dreamberry is nice. Nevertheless I would prefer the John's touch-only version we saw a couple of days ago. "Herr Thorsten Heins, bitte, bitte built this device :-D"

I've been screaming for one of these for YEARS!

Always hated the cramped and sunken Torch keyboard. Put a Bold style keyboard on and you've got a winner. Love the top one.

From science fiction movies came reality there is hope.......if only a glimmer

I like both but see some issues with the double sided one having a physical keyboard -- anything on the "back" won't be able to use the keyboard.

There seem to be a mix of those OK with landscape keyboard and those set on a portrait keyboard. That might be more easily dealt with than most think. If there are appropriate latch points when the keyboard is fully closed or fully open, couldn't one of the top corners be attached by a pivot so that it could be used in either orientation? Just a thought.

I am not a fan of a slider phone at all. I guess my mind just wont accept letting go of the 99xx type phones. The only thing keeping me on my 9860 verses my old bold is OS7. My daughter who just saw this almost swore in front of Dad ... "OMFu reaking god Dad, that thing is sexier than my boyfriend AND my Storm 2 ... times twelve!! I SOO want that Phone!!" Must "totally" be the age/texting thing. LoL

First off, kudos to all the designers for their submission! Do not be discouraged by negative comments. Follow your dreams. You can't please everyone all the time.

I agree that a landscape keyboard is a thumbs-down for me. It feels like such an awkward layout: keys spread too far apart to type with two thumbs efficiently, yet too close together to type using both hands at once (with all your fingers).

Digging the wrap-around screen! As effective as it is hitting ALT-BACK to switch from one application to another, I think having two screens would be even better, allowing for a quick flip of the device to, for example, look up something on the browser while in the middle of typing an email, or check your calendar to answer a facebook event as to whether you can make, etc.

Not to mention, GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! The controls are under the device! Sweet! Can't wait! xD

I like the idea of the phone but hope it come with a front facing camera and it needs to have one physical button on the blackberry besides the keyboard when u slide it

The red one is nice but the keys are like samsung and droid. It should be like the bold 9930 keys. And add solar sensor so, it won't run out of juice. Solar during day and recharge battery at the same time. Then we have enough juice for nights to come.... Can RIM pls hire these guys, thnkx

Also for the wraparound phone, Case protection is an issue. Both sides would have to be transparent and i honestly don't see the point of flipping the phone to view the other side when you can simply flick your thumb to the next screen.

People disagreed with my opinion on not liking the other concepts, but these here.....i"d love to see rim make something happen with these concepts,

What i would like is the second design but with Portrait slider hiding 9900-like (or better) keyboard

I really love the wrap-around display. I've already seen the flexible, paper-thin displays (I believe it was Samsung I saw videos of on youtube with them on display at CES), so the technology does exist. If it actually opened up like a book to double the size of the screen, that would be interesting; haven't seen anything like that before, but, the slide out keyboard is nice for those who like having a tactical keyboard. Definitely thinking outside the "berry" haha.

Great photoshop and construction, but I just couldn't use a landscape keyboard. My 9930 keyboard is flawless and I'd rather go to full touch than a landscape. Both awesome though if they weren't sliders! :p

Theres NO need for a sideways slide-out keyboard. I own a 9860 and only turn it sideways for more accurate typing, and then it has to be TWO handed. IF the touch screen keyboard is wide enough, one handed typing would be simpler. There also needs to be a device similar to a 9900 perhaps a hair larger. Comon RIM I have faith..2012 The RIMpire strikes back

One thing that never seems to change when people do concept designs like this is the way the screen never seems to have any thickness which improves the initial look but would prevent them from being the basis of a real design and is a bit of a cheat really.

Please no dedicated social media buttons.. it ruins the looks imo. It would be much better to slam on a couple of convinience buttons which everybody can program to their needs. The buttons can be more inconspicuous that way.

It seems that blackberry will be back to 2008 when soner release Xperia X1. Big touchsreen is good to me. But not for landscape sliding keyboard. Hope this is not the final design for BB 10 HH. Hate sliding landscape keyboard so much.

These are just random concepts done by people who have no connection to RIM at all so it is not any design let alone a final design for a bb10 handheld.

Glad i ain't the only one thinking of a landscape keyboarded blackberry. I just think the portrait slide ones suck. Blackberries have always been built around the concept of messaging/emails etc. They have always been portrayed as an absolute messaging wonder. Why in the world would it then take them this long to come up with a landscape keyboarded blackberry?? I sure would break the bank to get one if they were ever made!

not a fan of the edge to edge screen. works fine for tv's etc but for now, that'll be a bugger to hold - not very practical. the edge and curves of the top phones are nice but its look like ideas stolen from the iphone 4.

I have no problem with sliders and its looks nice but still prefer to type in portrait mode :)

judging by the leaked pics of the "blackberry london" phone, we're definitely not getting an imaginative/defining new look hardware wise. it looks like a buttonles iphone but thinner and I don't really trust RIM to come up with anything close to UNIQUE.

Love both of John Lastasiadis' concepts and would definitely love to own them. These would certainly blow RIM's competitors out of the water as im sure that when they here about a new Blackberry they can pretty much tell you the design and spec and not be too bothered. This on the other hand would get the attention that RIM probably needs to turn peoples heads as everything else they do is nailed down and in no way needs a major overhaul, just access to more apps which have already started to arrive anyway.

I hope RIM do actually look at these concepts and shock not only lost customers but also those that love their devices.

I want to like sliders but I am right handed. Opening these new horizontal slide outs with your right hand is a pain in the ass.

The first 1 works but the second 1 not so much. I like the second 1 without the slider. Even if RIM couldn't make the warp around screen work I would still look at that phone.

Now the RIM concept from a couple months ago with them highlighting meeting rooms and IT managers that was cool. Wonder is you designers/photo guys could expand on that and show some cool pictures. Sorry forgot the link.

HOTTTTTT!!! This wrap around phone is amazing. I must have one. Blackberry please please develop this phone. It would fly off the shelves and put and END to that Iphone crap!!!!

These designs look great (in theory) i like the first keyboard design better but the form factor of the other one...not a fan of all the extra buttons at the top of the keyboard. The thing I don't like about these are....I would hate to drop either of these, they look so fragile and how would I get a case on them. Love the concepts though! Keep up the good work guys!

WOW, this is something that can really save RIM from becoming Nortel Jr.

What RIM needs to do is to cut off all the shitty phone products projects, and focusing doing this one and only one phone. Which will be good for all consumers, individual, corporate, female, male, old, younges.

They would really stupid if they ignored this design.

I love the look of the wrap-around. Even if it only had a front display screen, the design would make for one very nice device.

Wow! All of those look awesome! The "real" BB London looks like a steaming hairy turd sitting next to these beautiful devices.
Come on Blackberry make BB10 beautiful!!

These designs and that of London are excellent- hopefully RIM isn't still so arrogant and stupid that they continue to ignore their users like us ! These phones would lure me back form Android since I still think the BB o/s is the best , most fluid and most secure of any O/S. I look forward to seeing what they release and this time-I hope they don't rush it out incomplete and lacking like the Playbook- what a disaster! I just may come back if they can provide speed, looks , and "big screen" Internet functionality like my Bionic or Galaxy \Nexus. I like the Droid 4 too- but the BB is a business phone - Android is more consumer oriented- although it works Ok for my business needs- Good luck RIM- and LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS !

While I respect your opinion, you are not a die hard BB user. I do agree that RIM needs to pay more attention to their customers since we are the ones who drive their business and place market demands (we are the market).

I am a BB user and would not move to any other platform. I anxiously await BB10. However, I am still not happy about digikeys. I love my QWERTY keyboard.

omg.... I hope the don,t get in production.... I will never be able to deside wat my next bb will be.... and i'm Dutch..;-)

Love the designs!! I personally would buy the Reventon in a heartbeat. That is more my kind of a phone. I think the wrap around design would be too much for me.

These designs are awesome an we all agree that RIM(or Hopefully Blackberry) should shock and awe not just us die-hard fans but the world with new cutting edge designs for BB10 phones. I'm not really a slider fan, but I was a huge storm fan as someone mentioned before. It stood out from the apple and the thousands of droid full touchscreen devices out and I think they killed off the surepress technology to soon, i wouldn't mind a phone with it. I also love the bold 99** keyboard so I'm torn between the two I just hope the upcoming form factor doesn't resemble any aspects of the "enemy" from a form factor position and that RIM takes its advice and Be Bold!.

I said it once, I'll say it again; RIM needs to make this guy the Head of Design!!

though im not into flipping my phone to the backside to use an app.

I think also that RIM should buy Web OS from HP (cause they aint using it) and integrate it with QNX, BB, BBX.

Loving The Reventon ... with a few suggestions.

1) Ditch the mini USB, make it a micro.
2) Change the dedicated Social Network buttons. I'd propose making those touch sensitive OLED so that can customize the 'button' to display any shortcut a person wants. Also, different people have different social networks so no point in forcing them to have useless buttons on the phone.
3) The keyboard looks off. Too square or something. Tweaking the keyboard would definitely be needed.

Over all a GREAT design, and it is definitely something new and innovative !!! Keep up the good work !

John, loving the design of yours ... but not 100% sold on functionality. Keep the ideas flowing !!! Thinking outside the box, and using the latest tech available is something RIM needs to start doing ... hopefully they get a few ideas from you.

Altho i think both designs are Hot ... i like the look of the first more than the 2nd (reventon) ... BUT i don't see any need for a "wrap-around screen". Personally, i would NEVER need or use a phone like that.
Twitter - @iConicPrettyBoi

Both the keyboards remind me of those cheap LG or Samsung slider keyboards. They aren't RiM at all, that needs to change.

I like the first one better, the other one has too many "social" buttons, that's yuck

The wrap around design would make sense if you could just fold the back side screen open. Then you would have twice the real screen estate. This could even replace the need to have a tablet.

If I remember correctly, these designs were used for the Torch as well. All the same, it's a wicked concept. The slide to expose the QWERTY Keyboard is another great innovation and I will surely buy this phone regardless of slide phones being optional in today's market demands. My Torch is slide to expose Keyboard and love it, so I do not see a reason to not accept this concept. I would surely buy it.

landscape slider has always been my favourite form factor - even just landscape clamshell would be good. I have fat thumbs and a wider version of a real keyboard but still with full sized touch screen would be spot on...

These are all nice and well, but they actually do a disservice as they get peoples hopes up and confuses them. They cannot be built. Both designers ignored swipe events. There needs to be some space around the edge of the screen to allow for swipe registration to the system. You can render anything, but when rubber hits the road, most of these designs fall flat.

This is a great idea!! for those non blackberry users that like slider keyboard . This will attrack new fans.I personally like the wrap around version , very stylish great colors combination:)But im getting my BB Z10.

Tilt screen = fail. #dontdoit Both devices I've owned with a tilt screen have "lost" the display while the actual smartphone/os still works. Regular slider without tilt still works.

Like the 1st one, but wonder did RIM ever take a look and consider this concept?
If yes and maybe hold an event for creative designer that will be awesome.

BB doesn't have the balls to make anything pretty anymore. That why they have collabs with Porsche Design. I'm sure the 9900 is the last properly "designed" good looking device BB will ever make. I like the Z10 but it's just plain.

Well is a good design the first one but, why dont go further and make a real playbook who IS a book and when you open it you have 2 screens (which should be this new flexible screens). Now thats a revolutionary design.

sadly, these aren't Blackberry concept phones.. these are Samsung concept phones.. the phone on the top is utilizing the new YOUM/OLED technology by Samsung. Gotta becareful posting our rival's gear here... This technology is so advanced... it may get some of us to jump ship... but it'll probably be a few more years before its released... the prototype models are amazing though.

I'm not going to buy the phone which embedded buttons features LinkIn, facebook, skype, etc
It looks stupid and if I don't even need that?

I really hope Blackberry does launch another slider like my 9800 or a full slider like my Nokia E75. A beautiful slider with a nice big lovely screen. A truly modern day BlackBerry.