New BlackBerry commercials land in the UK

By James Richardson on 21 May 2012 10:19 am EDT

Here in the UK we saw RIM kick off their new marketing campaign just two weeks ago with a TV advert suggesting that "There are people who don't, and people who do" -- and that same concept is staying in place with two new, shorter commercials that have cropped up on BlackBerry UK's YouTube channel.

This time the adverts are targeting specific features and devices.

The first is promoting BBM Music on the BlackBerry Curve 9320, which is perfect timing as the device is now available on all UK networks. The second commercial features the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and its NFC payment capabilities. The last video focuses on the BlackBerry 7 web browser and the Bold 9900.

Although NFC has been around for a while now on BlackBerry Samrtphones it is one of those features that we don't really see in everyday use. Does this new advert mean NFC payments are going to be more readily available soon? Let's hope so as although the public may well need educating on the technology I strongly believe it is something we will see a lot more of in the near future.

It is also great that RIM are not sitting back, happy with their one TV commercial and are targeting the consumer from various angles.

Do you think they are on the right path? See the other videos below and then sound off in the comments!

Reader comments

New BlackBerry commercials land in the UK


Even if the browser is better now on the BB 7 phones it does not even come close to Apple or Android. That " browsing" TV commercial was a joke !

Yeah, that was the one that didn't quite work for me. I still love the general theme and I love the other two, but bragging about the browser is not really going to work for anybody who has actually used it and other platforms.

Did you two even listen to the commercial? They say "our fastest browser ever." They're clearly trying to say forget about our old devices with the slow browsers that didn't have Webkit; the new OS7 devices are fast. Furthermore, the BB7 browser is pretty good and not far off from other devices, especially when you consider it runs on HSPA+. It might not be the absolute best but it's certainly not the worst.

Don't compare the browsers on wifi. Compare on the networks, BB browser is great on OS7.1 and much better speeds and good rendering.

Correct BB browser is great on OS7.1 and I believe from various tests results online one of the fastest browsers available. I know the iPhone4s is much slower over the network and marginally faster over WiFi

Hmmm not sure about these ads in all honesty. I live in the UK and honestly people other than teenagers arent really interested in BB's anymore as a whole.
Most of my friends are iphone whores or phandroid princesses lol. {Personally i love my BB9900 and wouldnt drop it for an iphone or Android.
Saying that i sold my iphone4 the other day and got myself a HTC One X which i just use for sparingly, i have it on a cheap contract and got a great upgrade deal on the One X. The One X is a brilliant device, very quick and snappy but for my every day useage, nothing and i mean nothing comes to close to my BB9900. The one X like my iphone4 is a toy ie use it to listen to mp3s, play a few games and internet browsing if need be.

Id dump my OneX if BB had some decent apps like the iphone and Android phones have. Fingers crossed BB10 fixes that issue because i really hate using 2 devices when really i could be using only one and that would be the BB without a shadow of a doubt.

I have about 30 "decent apps" on my BB7 9850, and it does everything I need, particularly when bridged to my BlackBerry PlayBook, a RIM exclusive feature. There are many more decent apps on the app store, including quite a few premium apps that have been offered as free to BB7 owners. I think people make comments about apps reflexively, without bothering to see what is available, or what people actually use, versus media hype or criticism.

I don't know where exactly you've been for the past couple years, but BlackBerry games SUCK. I myself own a 9850 too, and every game I download is very bad quality. All of the "premium apps" were downloaded onto my phone and deleted a day or two later because they are either useless, don't work properly, or they are sluggish and bothersome. Good for you for finding 30 games you like but for the rest (or most) of the BlackBerry world, that just doesn't cut it. You say people make comments based on media hype and criticism, but honestly if you think we really paid attention to media would any of us still have Blackberries??? I used to look and look and look for apps, but even the top 25 games are worthless. So yes, I agree with the original commentor. However I still love my BlackBerry. Bring on BB10!!

You should try reading before wasting your time replying. He said 30 APPS, not games. Some people have better things to do than play games on the tiny screens of their smartphones.

Yes, there are some things that could be improved but that's being addressed in BB10. In terms of productivity apps, BB7 has great ones.

Oh whatever. Games ARE applications and I kept switching between games and apps in my comment. Also, as stated I have the 9850 which has a fairly large screen. I'm sorry if yours is still tiny.
Thank you for mentioning that the lack of apps will be addressed in BB10. However, we are referring to bb7, two different systems.
Now fine, let's talk about just "apps." They still do not even compare to other systems. I have had quite I few on my torch and they all pale in comparison to the features that are found in the same apps on other systems. For instance, shazam encore, which is the paid version that we got for free as a gift. On the iPhone, you can look at lyrics of songs you tag, it takes mere seconds to tag songs while on BB it takes minutes, etc. Now radio apps. Slacker and pandora "work" I will admit that, but they always seem to have connectivity issues and other problems where service is perfectly fine. Photo editing apps, they all suck, that's all I have to say. Maps and navigation: well I just started using bb travel so nothing on that yet. Well the list goes on and on and yes, fine there are some quality apps, it is just bothersome finding some that actually work, and that work correctly all the time. You may disagree but as a blackberry owner I find the lack of good applications saddening.
Oh yeah, and if you read, you would have seen that spawn mentioned games in his comment.

I believe "30 apps" was stated, not 30 games and I have to agree. I have plenty of great, quality apps on my 9930. I don't need games on a communtications device, but I do need GPS apps, Groupon, Gas Buddy, OpenTable, Zillow, Flixter, Slaker Radio, TuneIn Radio, just to name a few. I've never understood the fascination with games on a smartphone. I have way too much other stuff to do with my time than play games on my phone. :-/ I guess that's my I still love my BlackBerry.

Well thank you for taking time away from all the other stuff that you could be doing with your time to comment on my comment. Much appreciated.

Apps. It is about getting things done. I travel extensively, and rely heavily on the apps in the BB7 phone and PlayBook to get things done. Not just work, but podcasts, news, videos, and magazines, all using current apps. There is a robust market if one actually looks instead of just parroting the negative propaganda.

Ha, there is our gamer. I'd spend more time DOING real things than playing games. Obviously if you like gaming, you are going to go for the best gaming mobile device.

Do you do or you don't ? =)

I actually spend almost no time at all playing games. I do have a life, but it would be nice to have some fun every once in a while and I can't do that on a blackberry but I'm not going to get another phone just for that. I love blackberry and that's that... But if they were to release more games and speed up the Internet I would be perfectly fine with that ;)

Oh trust me ive looked at the apps that i used on my iphone and now my One X and still nothing on bb appworld. Yes the apps are getting better but BB has a long way to go regarding apps and im not talking about i leave for my Android and when i had my iphone4 before i sold it.

Apps like Skype, imdb, sky+ amongst others that i use daily on my Android now and used daily on my iphone4. Hopefully and i really do hope that BB10 changes that and those apps come to the BB platform.

Like i said i want BB to do well but from what im seeing here in the UK...alot of people are either iphone or Android.

Saying that i reiterate that i want BB to do well, even though i have an Android as a second handset, it doesnt and wont replace my Android as my main device.

They need to stay with the PEOPLE concept. Don't get in a feature war with other phones cause thats just stupid. Not all phones can do everything.

STICK WITH THE PEOPLE CONCEPT RIM! - don't F&$# up a good thing!

A-GREED! I have to agree with a line from a movie I watched with my 5 year old: Find out what your competitors don't do, THEN DO THAT!

Android commercials seem drug-induced to me, iOS commercials are often cutesy and annoying, so if RIM takes a different route they can stand out better.

Now, just keep the course we've recently been taking (appealing to developers, fleshing out the details on the OS, and building a device that's inviting to Crackberry addicts, non-addicts, and converts alike) and RIM will come out fine.

Very good marketing. The music is catchy and gets your attention. BB Music is sooooo underrated. It's the first time I pay for a music since buying CDs in the 90s. Buying gift subscriptions is difficult though. Would be nice to have longer term memberships as well like 1year for 39.99...something like that.

The first ad is not about BBM Music, they're using Nobex Radio and its feature where you can invite friends to listen to the same radio station at the same time. Quite cool.

Their getting on the right track. They need to stick to the strength of the phone and not "toy" commercials. I'm still waiting for BB10 here in the United States and compare it to Apple, Motorola and Samsung devices. Phones get expensive when you buy them outright. I currently have a BB Style on Sprint networks and just itching to upgrade.......The competition is putting out great products and ideas......Let's hope RIM is hungry to get back in the game .......

Good ads : head and shoulders above anything else they've done.
Everything is heading in the right direction - can't wait to get there!

Coffee gives me terrible gas. I love these commercials though.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Not sure what part of the UK the people who have claimed their is more android and iphone users are but across the UK judging from stats the comment doesn't add up. Further more in London just walking around and from people within my circle both business and personal that isn't the case. The only part I will contend to is many people have 2 handsets in UK due the decent contracts operators offer over here. I pay £38 a month for 2 business phones a 9900 bold as main handset and android Sony xperia mini products as 2nd line.

There is also nobody over here that can't say blackberry doesn't do a good job in marketing their product, they visible on numerous platforms marketing wise. The one thing they do need to do is push their celeb client base with youth market but that seems to be issue worldwide. Over the weekend Piers Morgan tweeted that he dropped his porsche bb at cricket match and the PR company was swiftly on the case offering him another handset ASAP.

Blackberry user since 2004