RIM still pushing BlackBerry 7 as two new promo videos hit the web

By James Richardson on 12 Jan 2013 09:29 am EST

We may be getting closer and closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch event on January 30th but that isn't stopping RIM from continuing to promote BlackBerry 7. Over on their YouTube channel they have released a couple of new promo videos, each one focusing on a specific feature of BB7. BlackBerry Tag and Wikitude are featured once again and this clearly goes to show that although many markets around the world are set to launch BB10, there are also some where BB7 is still going to be the focus. That said, until they release some lower end BB10 smartphones, the BB7 devices are still going to be a huge part of the business for RIM.

Take here in the UK for example. The Pay as You Go market is huge. With the BlackBerry Curve 9320 selling for around the £100 mark on some networks it offers remarkable value for money. Sure, BlackBerry 10 is getting all the hype here on the blogs and with the worlds media but it looks like RIM are not forgetting about pushing BB7 devices.


In addition, it is going to take some time to roll out BB10 across every carrier in the world that currently supports BlackBerry. I know that RIM have confirmed that about 250 networks are already testing BlackBerry 10 and I can't see any reason why they all wouldn't commit, but this may not be straight away for various reasons.

With some markets still using 2G, those consumers may well be happy for some time with their BlackBerry Curve 9220's. I suppose some of these locations may well be dependant on the price of the handsets in which case we once again come back to the question of when RIM announce cheaper/lower end BB10 devices. We know that they will release six BlackBerry 10 smartphones this year, but does that mean six separate models or will we see GSM and CDMA variants making up the numbers? Either way, it's an exciting time and nice to see RIM not putting all there eggs in one basket.

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RIM still pushing BlackBerry 7 as two new promo videos hit the web


Because BB7 isn't going away.

Just hope it doesn't dilute BB10's marketshare to the point that it can't gain enough traction to become relevant.

This is clearly targeting emerging markets where BB10 probably will be too expensive to gain large marketshare this year at least. Didn't you notice there wasn't a single white person in the video?

Nice vids, but honestly it's hard to get excited about anything but BlackBerry 10! I can't wait till launch. It will finally be the epic moment for BlackBerry diehards to say to their friends: yup, it was all worth the wait.

Has anyone else thought about the possibility of RIM rolling out a nice BB7 update around launch time? Nothing huge to make people stay with the OS over BB10, but huge enough to keep those waiting for their upgrade satisfied.

It would be the ultimate way to say, "thanks for being loyal during our tough times".

I'll appreciate it.

I never thought about that but, I think that would be a sensible idea. I am with T-Mobile and according to rumor, they don't get the z10 until late March! I need something to tide me over until they get it lol

Well we have to give RIM credit since they say that they will update the Playbook to BB10 ... they are going to do that are they not?

My strategy is to have purchased a small number of RIM shares to make enough $ to pay for the upgrade.

It's not up to RIM to push out BB7 updates. The carriers have no appetite for BB7 in North America, especially at the same time BB10 is launching. Sorry. Nice idea but highly unlikely.

Not so much.. We mexicans don't have those awesome deals the US carriers and stores have, so we are still buying every possible BB out there.. Demand is up and so are their prices..

I think blackberry 7 is just great, that and blackberry 10, are going to be flooding the world wide markets with extensive blackberry users and marketshare. :)

I don't see OS7 diluting the BB10 lineup at all, as once BB10 comes out, OS7 will be aimed towards the lower-end of the market (Just as the older OS4/5/6 devices have been in recent years.). Not everyone will be able to afford a BB10 phone, so OS7 devices will suit many of those wanting a BlackBerry but lack the funds to buy a BB10 device. Nor will all networks have the ability to support BB10. There are developing/emerging markets in which 4G is extremely limited and 3G coverage is limited to primarily urban areas. This is part of the reason why BlackBerry and Nokia have become the predominant devices in these markets as the infrastructure needed to support the iPhone and Android devices is either limited or doesn't exist.

The fact that they will continue to make and promote OS7 devices for the foreseeable future is part of the reason why the BB10 devices will not bear the name of current devices. Once they get the entry-level BB10 devices out on the market, that won't necessarily mark the beginning of the end for the OS7 devices.

Thorsten himself made it clear that there will be 6 different models this year for BlackBerry 10 and multiple SKUs of each, for colour and radio technology.

So no, it's not just Z10 CDMA and Z10 UMTS counted as separate models like a Bold 9900 and 9930 are.

It will be 6 unique devices over the course of the year and each will have regional variants to support differing frequencies and technologies as well as a few colour choices.

So all year long there will be plenty of BlackBerry 10 news and launches. This is great because while RIM pretty much took 2012 off from the consumers perspective with no significant product launches, but 2013 will be an entirely different year. This is really good in my opinion because while there is no way RIM could ever match Samsung for product launches, but they will have phones launching nearly every quarter to at least keep peoples attention against the deluge of new Android and Windows Phones.

Precisely. The 9320 actually does a lot for the money and has much better build and battery life than a cheap Android of comparable spec. And the audio is excellent- important for older people. The main problem for RIM is fashion.

So far in the thread there are several good comments. Rather than respond to each, I'm going to throw my thoughts out here.

First, I think that RIM has got its act together in many areas, not just BB10 and the continued marketing of the "older" devices shows their savvy approach to things. It appears to me that they have taken an comprehensive approach to their marketing and delivery of products to maximize their presence across all markets around the globe.

Second, perhaps there will be an upgrade to the older OS7 to "OS8". While it certainly would not be the same kind of power inside BB10, perhaps that is another reason for the move in numbering from OS7 to BB10. That kind of upgrade would allow for continued presence in certain markets and price points until the release of lower price point BB10 devices. No real change to the hardware, just an OS upgrade.

Lastly, I don't think that continued promotion of OS7 will have an effect on BB10. Eventually people will need to move there, but why force it and make it painful? I was talking to a colleague yesterday who wanted to upgrade her phone to a BB so she could get her corporate email on her phone. Other than that, in her role, she doesn't need much, so a BB10 would be complete overkill. A Bold or perhaps even Curve would suit her needs. On the other hand, in my role, the BB10 will be the killer phone for me. So, even in the developed markets, there is a position for the older OS - at least until the lower BB10s are released.


Yeah I think you are correct. At least I am 100 percent sure the first video is really old. Second one I don't remember too well but it is familiar.

Samsung beat RIM to the marketing of tag transfers, and Samsung did a better job with their commercial too. These videos seem poorly executed, and the voice over is terrible. They should put Kevin for all voice overs from now on. I hope to see strong marketing for BB10.

As fas as an OS update goes for BB7 and Playbook, I just really hope they make the new OSs absolutely bullet proof. I love my 9810 but it has a mind of its own sometimes, and I really feel like RIM hasn't found a way to really take advantage of the 1.2 GHz processor. It seems sluggish most of the time. And my Playbook will literally close an app window mid use, that can get extremely frustrating when using the browser or the messages, hopefully I'm the only one who experiences that. That and a few other issues have put a bad taste in my mouth. I love both devices and hope RIM addresses those issues in future updates.

P.S. Does anybody actually use Wikitude on a regular basis? I've used it once, can't imagine its a hot app for anybody.

Completely agree! Wikitude can suck my b@lls.. Put a nice 8or higher MP camera and Instagram and people will love it.. Noone will leave behind their iphones and S3s for a BB! RIM has tons of marketing and advertising ahead and, even though I live in Ecuador, we're close to Jan 30th and I haven't seen much advertising of the BB10.. One more thought: stop justifying RIMs poor marketshare with "lower end devices" and "emerging markets", I don't see apple or samsung users complaining or even talking about how much money their devices cost and that's because, listen carefully, those devices deliver!

Thanks for agreeing with me, anybody can say what they want about iOS and Android but they do deliver on more fronts than any BB7 device, not just the apps. RIM needs FLAWLESS execution for BB10 hardware and software.

I as well haven't seen any bit of advertising for BlackBerry(I live in GA/FL), the clock is ticking. I'm not saying we need a full Z10 ad campaign before launch but something for the BlackBerry brand in general to remind some people that the company does still exist!

BB10 says to the world that BlackBerry is more than just relevant and quite a force to be reckoned with!

BB7 says to emerging markets, we will still support BB7 until more affordable BB10 products come available for non-carrier sponsored prepaid users -- hang tight!

$800 is a hefty price to pay for a prepaid device. We're fortunate to have carrier-sponsored contracts that can make these affordable for most in North America and Europe.

RIM won't wait long to bring out less expensive BB10 products. They need to grow the BB10 ecosystem, so they're not foolish. They will have something out sooner than we probably expect.

I'm guessing the high-end quad-core BB10 products won't probably be seen until the fall. I won't wait that long!

When was the last time some of you visited your service provider's store? In case you have not done that in a while (probably because you are waiting for BB10 and have no business going there), they still carry MANY low end phones. Not every phone is a smart phone. Not every cellphone user is a smartphone user.There are still some people who have no particular interest in playing angry birds on their communication device. So they go for something cheaper. Now, in the more developed economies, BB7, being as cheap as it is, will be the bridge that between the old flip phone and the smartphone. RIM is now aiming to cater to ALL tastes and not just bandwagon the touch smartphone market. Catch my drift?

Notice only bolds? I'm only jealous. My carrier didn't grab a bold, only 9850, I still hope that the qwerty BB10 has a keyboard like the 9930

....Damn your right.

IDK why RIM is touting wikitude around in these ads like its absolutely the best BB app ever. They probably won't even bother putting this app on BB10.

I have a Bold 9930 and a Playbook. I do like the QNX OS of the PB but the OS7 of the Bold is well behind times compared to Android and iOS in my opinion. I do like Blackberry products but I don't see the point of promoting OS7. They should migrate everything to BB10 including the Playbook and make everything cohesive and integrated. Like Apple. That way every BB product will look on par with each other and will make it easier to integrate Apps that are compatible with all devices. Simplify the user experience. Speaking of Apps, is no fun to have to pay 4.99 for Angry Birds on Blackberry PB while Google Play offer those games for free for Android devices. And the Android versions are updated with newer version of the games while BB App store are the old version that haven't been updated yet since last year. Is the little things that make the difference.