Two new awesome games hit BlackBerry 10 - Total Conquest and Where's my Mickey?

By James Richardson on 18 Apr 2014 04:34 am EDT

If you've got some spare time over the long Easter weekend there's a couple of treats in BlackBerry World if you fancy some BlackBerry 10 gaming. First up is Where's my Mickey - from Disney which comes with a $0.99 price tag, but if their previous titles are anything to go by it'll be well worth the money.

I've not had the chance to play the game as yet but it looks to be a fantastic puzzle style game where you control Mickey and help him collect water to complete each level.

Features include:

  • Original Episodes - Explore 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios! Watch how each story unfolds and ends as you play through individual level packs!
  • Brand New Weather Mechanics – Use wind, clouds and rain to maneuver through 100+ levels filled with fun challenges!
  • A Whole New Look – A classic Mickey art-style with a contemporary touch, inspired by Disney Channel's new series of Mickey shorts!
  • Collectibles and Bonus Levels – Help Pluto look for hidden collectibles to unlock more bonus puzzles!
  • Featuring Mickey and Friends – Discover more hilarious episodes and new friends, beginning with Goofy!

More information/Download Where's my Mickey? for BlackBerry 10

Next up we have Total Conquest - brought to us by Gameloft. This one is a free download, although does include some in-app purchases.

The game sees you playing a Roman governor developing your own city-state and army. This one looks to be for you folks that like a long challenge as you try to defeat the enemies and protect your city.

More information/Download Total Conquest for BlackBerry 10

We'll have full reviews of both games over the next week for your viewing pleasure if you'd rather hear our experiences first.

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Two new awesome games hit BlackBerry 10 - Total Conquest and Where's my Mickey?


“Happens to every guy sometimes this does”

“Much to learn you still have…my young padawan.” … “This is just the beginning!”

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda :o)

I play Clash of Clans all the time on my Z10...just grab it from Snap. Works perfectly. Gonna give this new game a try as well though

Via my awesome Zed-10


Z10 my baby...

If you are running a more recent os like mine Z30STA100-3/ then if you do a backup and restore all your stuff will be exactly the same including the android apps!!!

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That Roman conquest game looks very Clash-esque.

I'm not holding my breath on BB10 Clash of Clans though: they didn't port it to Android for a while. So when even the Android folks are made to wait: how long do you think it will be until BlackBerry 10 users see it.
(I'm guessing eternity, unfortunately)

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First thing I noticed too, haha. There's something very silly about Where's My Mickey played on a Porsche Berry. :-)

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, OS

"Two new awesome games hit BlackBerry 10" + "I've not had the chance to play the game as yet" - and yet they're "awesome"?? :s

C'mon James, you're better than this.

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They're two impressive, grade A game titles that are both very successful on other platforms. I'd say it's always awesome when BB10 gets such games available in BB World, wouldn't you?

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Initially I shared the very same thought. Seems unusual to grant praise to an app you've no exposure to - especially from sources known for reliability.

Age of Empires -style, but a bit more cartoonish graphics. Not sure whether it will be playable on the Q10, small screen, might check and try on the Z10.

Haven't got my PlayBook with me, any chance it might be available for PB as well?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It is playable on the Q ;-) Anyway it is a clash of clans clone, but it refers somehow to the years of the roman empire.. I found it a bit "slower" than CoC,but if you have never tried CoC you'll find it great :-)

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Bring Stronghold Crusader to BlackBerry :P. The best strategy game I have ever played!

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Most BB10 games are a joke! Only a handful are actually games one would consider as for adults, they look more like kiddies games rather, i'm sure a lot of people would like nice 3D games like those offered on other platforms, I hate to mention which platforms are those cos some of BlackBerry die hard fans will start to pour sarcastic and comments just cos they hardly wanna hear the truth

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These are 2 hit games from other platforms. You don't have to like them, but thousands of other users will.

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Actually I didn't say I don't like them or that they are bad, I pointed that we also need games with good graphics and that has more of a 3D feel rather then the old graphics we used to, and not always being bombared by games as such

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I'm just happy that gameloft put two games on BB10. I could care less whether I want to play them or not. I bought one of them anyway, just to show support. Hopefully lots of people will buy them so more and more developers will look at BB10 as a viable and profitable platform.

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Coc gamer here.
I'll this as well. :D

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@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

Love clash of clans when I had my itouch download it for my Q10 and it worked except that the screen size kept me from progressing. This Total Conquest game is very Similar and works perfectly on my Q10 I'm impressed and happy

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I hope progress won't be lost when I update new OS. I remembered having gone so far in the minion game and lost everything when I upgraded OS. Seems like the game progress didn't store anywhere?

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