Twixtreme Twitter App Now Available in BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2009 10:51 am EST

The guys at Xtreme Labs (developers of the sweet urbanspoon and NBA Game Time apps) let me know that Twixtreme has made it into BlackBerry App World. The Twitter client is relatively new to the list of BlackBerry clients, but it does not disappoint. The ad-free app lets you view timelines, post, upload pictures and more. If you are looking for a good alternative to Ubertwitter and haven't made the cut for Socialscope, Twixtreme is definitely worth checking out. The app runs on all devices using OS 4.6 and higher and is 100% free. Head over to BlackBerry App World for more information.

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Twixtreme Twitter App Now Available in BlackBerry App World


The lack of support for my Storm makes me incredibly sad.

These guys make some sexy looking apps, and I'm sure this is no different.

Guys, support the Storm, so I don't have to write a sexy looking Twitter app myself!

I've tried UberTwitter and TwitterBerry (and others maybe), and Twixtreme is by far my favorite.

If you're a Twitter addict and haven't tried this client yet, def do so!

and works fine on my BlackBerry Curve 8330 with v5.0. credible compared to other twitter apps like Übertwitter & Seesmic for BlackBerry. i especially like that it has no advertising.

Had Socialscope for awhile and deleted it. No big deal. Will try this one out along with Ubertwitter and Seesmic.

Impressed with the UI which is refreshingly different from most BB Twitter apps. Would love to see the ability to integrate Search into the main Twitter timeline.

I do like! However, it would be nice if the compose tweet option was before refresh... it seems to refresh on it's own... kinda redundant.

Why can't any of these apps, other than Ubertwitter allow to view other people's friends and followers.

Without that, I cannot leave Ubertwitter

ok after playing around a lil.... I've come to the conclusion that a combo of ubertwitter and twixtreme would be perfect... ubertwitter wins in my book. the other has standard features sure, but ubertwitter has so much more to offer. And I can't seem to figure out how twixtreme notifies of new tweets without actually opening the app..

hah I just realized too that if someone has an #something whatever.. if i click on it in twixtreme it opens the search in ubertwitter.. how weird is that. is that just happening to me??

Everytime I try to log-in I get a Yellow Exclamation point in a Yellow triangle....

I have successfully logged in once, but decided for a reboot after install. Now cant log in..Anyone else?

Hmmm...working now.

I have it running on my Storm. I didnt get it from AppWorld however. If you find the first post about Twixtreme then you should be able to get it on your Storm via that post. I've been using it scince the first post and I dont even have a Twitter! I just use it to read the TT and nearby tweets and such, but I love the UI and its a great App. Make sure its out of compatibility mode also.

Is there a way to set notifications of new tweets etc? I get a nice icon but I'd like to add an audio notification as well lol. The settings are pretty bare bone, but I'm liking the no adds! Much different from ubertwit

I am not even getting an icon indication of new tweets... i marked it in settings that i want notifications but i got none :(

tried that... but my phones partially broken.. been ordered by tmo to get a replacement today, maybe that will do it... but other than the partially broken part 9700 rox!

For an initial public release, I love it. Simple, nice graphical interface, I even love the startup animation lol

Does it need some things improved? For sure, but it looks to have a solid foundation, definitely can't wait for future updates

No ads yay!

first i have no option to download it in appworld just review and recommend. i found a ota link, dl it, and still doesnt work. i was getting an error 6065/5065

I like this app but have had terrible problems getting and staying logged in. Other wise it is a keeper for me. Until then ubertwitter is what I use.

It seems to be working on the Storm right now, and except for a few minor graphical glitches, it is wonderful.

Pick it up for the Storm 9530 today!

Humm... I not have any of the above mentioned problems. I do get notifications on my home screen, and the app is fast. Using 8900 t-mo 5.348 os.

This app definitely looks prettier than ubertwitter but ubertwitter seems to have more features, for ex.,with ubertwitter u can view pics that a person posted in their tweet. With this app you have to click on the link to view the pic in the browser. This app does notify u of new tweets but u have to stay staring at the home screen to see it but it then disappears which sucks.

I like the Twixtreme, but I do not like the keyboard always being visible. I like it when it can be hidden and allow more tweet responses to be shown. I looked and saw no way for me to "hide" the keyboard. Have I missed something?


you can't upload pictures and video from your photo/video library. to upload picutures, you have to do it at the very moment that you are tweeting. you can't upload from the library

I am having the exact same problem. I can upload from library just fine, but I am unable to send a pic from within the application itself.

The notification will appear briefly then disappear. If you're not looking, you'll miss it. You have to go into your photo library to send a photo. It would be a good app if the notifications worked better.

Seen the same thing on my BB tour wonder why??? if you set the settings to update automatically they do that uncheck it and your fine