Twittly - A new native Twitter client from Nemory Studios in the works

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2014 02:40 am EDT

While I think it's safe to say Blaq at this point pretty much owns the third-party Twitter app audience on BlackBerry 10, that doesn't appear to be a concern for Nemory Studios who is currently working on Twittly. Right now, it's in development and there's no beta as of yet but NemOry has posted up a preview video and some screenshots of the development thus far for everyone to take a look at and it looks pretty sweet. Although things could change, the plan is to release the app for free with an in app purchase to unlock pro features. Have a look and swing by the CrackBerry Forums to let NemOry know what you think.

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Twittly - A new native Twitter client from Nemory Studios in the works


The more options the better. Props to the Dev! Unfortunately I can't view the video through the CB10 app. "The file can't be played due to an unexpected error"

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I bought Blaq. But it doesn't run. I emailed the dev with screenshots, screencasts etc. But he is not responding..Poor attitude.

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I got the same type of response. I twitted at them though (I may have used strong language) and they got back to me...

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New red theme?

Still keen on getting a little red Q5....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Looks awesome!! Love the ability to change colours. I've been asking Blaq for this for ages!! I'll defo buy it!

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Love Nemory Studios' work. I may buy it even if i'm not big into twitter just to encourage them to continue their work adapting natively the biggest names. My wish would be for them to work on a native "Viber" version. (because the android version sucks (but it's better than no viber at all). I don't even know ifit's possible.
Ok I know there is whatsapp, BBM , skype (not native).
I have them all and use them all but cannot convert all my friends to BBM :(

Could have done without that awful song in the background but the app is actually pretty cool. I look fwd to trying it out. I been using the native one so far, works good enough. Looks good enough for release! Cmooooon lol

Also ya, the video didn't work for me either. I hope this won't be a re occurring theme with the new update :(

While I do appreciate Nemory's work a lot, maybe he should focus more on improving the apps he has published, already. I mean, there are already several twitter apps, and I strongly believe that a better Facebook Messenger (no headless support, yet, no image sending et al, features which have been promised when I first bought the app) or Snap2Chat would be more appropriate.
Anyway, good luck coding Nemory!

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Agreed. I paid for Snap2Chat Pro and never got the full experience that was advertised. Something was always not working. Feel a little cheated. Fool me once, you don't get a chance to fool me twice.

Besides, I think the integrated Twitter works fine. May not be glamorous but it does the job efficiently.

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There are limitations that's why I cannot add the other features. Like headless for Messenger. if you look at the Messenger CB Thread I screenshotted all the emails of help I sent to BlackBerry and all the forums I posted for help about the Headless Crashing and I don't get any solution.

for Snap2Chat, the Chat API is protected with lots of security and seems impossible to be hacked...

I understand. However, you initially advertised many capabilities that were never delivered. I'm sure many like myself purchased the Pro version to have a fully integrated experience. But at the end, it was never delivered. The Lite version would have been sufficient enough if the Lite version is essentially what everyone will get at the end.

I appreciate your effort to bring a highly wanted app but over promising and under delivering is unacceptable. In the end, it's just going to hurt your reputation.

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If you can show me a proof that I sad PROMISE somewhere that would be good. People always ask me for features like hub and headless and I always answer them I can't promise but I'll do my best. I can show you many proofs of what I'm saying. But for sure you cannot show a proof of yours.

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There are limitations that's why I cannot add the other features. Like headless for Messenger. if you look at the Messenger CB Thread I screenshotted all the emails of help I sent to BlackBerry and all the forums I posted for help about the Headless Crashing and I don't get any solution.

for Snap2Chat, the Chat API is protected with lots of security and seems impossible to be hacked.

Video didn't work here either. Had to open CB in browser. Which is a very common error message, anyway.

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Honestly, I'm starting to get real tired of Nemory's shit.
This developer has an amazing potential, but he should really focus on finishing at least one app.
Messenger still lacks headless support, hub integration, sending images, and it's pretty useless.
Also Timber, the Tinder client is still in beta zone and lacks basic features.
Also Spot2fy is on the go. It's maybe one of the most requested app ever in blackberry history and it's just in pre alpha and isn't touched for almost one month.
Snap2Chat maybe is the most complete, but some issues still prevent the everyday use.

Instead of finalising one of those apps, he works on *another* twitter client. Oh, well. Exciting.
Come on Nemory, you are a GOOD developer. PLEASE makes at least ONE of your apps pretty usable.

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If you follow the threads in the forums you know that Spo2fy development has been stopped which is why that hasn't been updated. Snap2chat is also going through some stuff right now, not worth getting into here though as its all in the forums too.

This looks promising as there are still features Blaq is missing or struggles with which I don't believe will ever get ironed out. I'm certainly willing to give this a try when it goes live.

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There are limitations that's why I cannot add the other features. Like headless for Messenger. if you look at the Messenger CB Thread I screenshotted all the emails of help I sent to BlackBerry and all the forums I posted for help about the Headless Crashing and I don't get any solution.

Timber is now dead since it was taken down by Tinder.

Spo2fy is now dead too because Spotify Team stopped me.

for Snap2Chat, the Chat API is protected with lots of security and seems impossible to be hacked.

I guess you should now know why.

Hi Nem, good initiative, exist a lot good twitter app client but let's see how yours will work. Twitter is more open and doesn't create problems to developers.

But I'm thinking if you can make a Passbook App for BB10.

A clean, minimal, secure Passbook App could be very useful.

A lot of companies are moving to PKPASS files, I think is important bringing support for Passbook (PKPASS files) mobile tickets to the BB10 platform.

A easy native BB10 app to collect all tickets & coupons, from flight boarding passes to coffee shop loyalty cards in one easy to use application.

introduced in Apple's iOS 6, PKPass files will quickly become the de facto standard for mobile ticketing.

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Looking good - nice clean design. I do agree with others though about finalising some of the apps he already has out there but he is a great developer as well

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I just hope it has fluid vine support.

What did one flag say to the other? Nothing - it just waved.

Would be nice I don't like blaq because the interface using is switching from main Timeline to profile, to tweets from others and I'm using the BlackBerry Twitter app.
An alternative would be great :)

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Not a hope of me buying this. There are Twitter apps galore, and Nemory doesn't ever finish development of apps. Timber, a native Tinder client being a sore case in point - rushed to Beta Zone, rushed to the app store with zero attention paid to feedback given and then took money for an incomplete app that seems to have stopped all development. This is called theivery and CrackBerry should STOP promoting developers like this, it does your reputation no good either. Nemory is a joke.

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Timber is now dead since it was taken down by Tinder. So no more updates. I can bring your money back twice. send me an email

Spo2fy is now dead too because Spotify Team stopped me.

I guess you should now know why....

I have to say though, in agreement with beowulf101, that it’s downright disgraceful to start selling apps without getting any prior assurances of the service you are using. It’s a good gesture on your part to offer reimbursements, but this could have been avoided without risking your reputation or causing this hassle for everyone involved. As soon as you add a price tag to a product, you have responsibilities towards your customers. You are an eager developer, of which we should have more, but you should start putting some safeguards in place and work on better project planning.

If I may make a suggestion, Gaspertrix recently put his Telegrann project on hold, a native messenger for Telegram. Telegram’s source code is open source, that might give you a good spotlight to create something unique too.

always nice apps from Nemory... but i think this is looking too much to iPhone design system.
what you think?

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Yes that's what time thinking too... we have FB apps not from FB I'm fine with it... we have twitter already... I think we don't need another 3rd party... I think blackberry world should cut off blag and twittly.. just 1 twitter apps that's all...

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Sorry but that is sort of stupid...not everybody is the same so no there should not be just one app for all

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I think this game should make original stuff unless doing this like this doesn't cost him much or take that much time from him and if he makes enough money from it. I feel bad for people who put in time and money and don't receive enough back.

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Twittly will be free, Pro features will not be free. So it's up to the user to upgrade or not if he likes the app or not. Nobody lose anything

The ui is way too iphone like, in my opinion ...
While I will prob stick to BBs twitter app, im happy to see devs building native apps! Props!

The video gives me an error also.

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I haven't tried blaq but I think this app is great. They are also the dev of a 3rd party client for facebook messenger and they've done a great job making that app so expect this one to be the same. :))

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can you even point out what Messenger exactly? there's a clone in BBWorld that may confuse you.

You know its from you,messenger even can't receive new msg picked msg randomly sometimes I received msg from other user sometimes's pro with "headless and hub integration" as stated in BBW in the first place.. good luck for your new app trial..

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No thanks, I'm not one for paying for something that I already have, and I am perfectly happy with the pre-loaded native twitter app. I don't even understand why someone would feel the need to make another one when what we already have works so well. Maybe the devs should just focus on creating native apps that we don't already have access to.

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Just look at blaq, I wonder he also made a Twitter Client, also Neatly. There's a reason for us devs that consumers don't know. :)

Loving Nemory Studios, this could be my next purchase :)

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Seems pointless Imo we already have the official native app along with several 3rd party ones. If anything he should make a native facebook one because we seriously need a good one for that.

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The screenshots look more like an Android app than a native BB10 app. I like having the menu functions along the bottom so they're easier to reach. I have Android versions of Android Central, Connectedly, and WP Central and having the overflow menu up top bugs me.

Actually the design is inspired with the original Twitter App. but with uniqueness on some of the UI Controls. And the colors of course :)

while as a developer I do understand limitations of public APis but noone cares about that. if nemory cant fully complete an app he promised he shouldnt be doing it at all. instead, just come up with his own stuff, that way he wouldnt risk any legal issues like with snapchat

edit: theres no use for half-assed/half-working apps

I would agree with you about the fact he probably shouldn't begin an app without all legal issues fixed.
But I know also that people are asking so much for those alternative apps (me being first) so I can't really blame him.
And ok, I paid for timber and snap2chat, but let's see the price... it was less than the price of a sandwich. Should I ask my money back because he didn't complete what the app promised... perhaps. But let's face it , he has also worked on those apps a lot of time, so I prefer to let him my money and hope he will continue good work and going in the right direction without any legal issues anymore.
NemOry Studios is young, let it grow and improve.

One comment.

Timber wasn't near ready to be sold when it was released on bbw.

Prospecting should be done with beta zone, not bbw. I'm actually surprised bbw even approved the app.

It's great your developing for the platform and you have some talent for sure, but do it right the first time.

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Agreed. I might say also, finish what you started before moving onto something else. It bugs me that apps I paid for seem to be getting put on the backburner

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I stilll hate the fact that you can't see user images in blaq,the native twitter is inadequate and I hope this is better but again see the kinda reppo the developer has made. I am doubtful

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Props to Nemory for making lots of native clients for big name apps which are missing on BB10. However, I'm starting to feel like some of the earlier projects (that I paid for) like snap2chat and Timber still need a lot of polishing and tweaking yet, and it seems like it will be taking longer yet with a new twitter client on the table..

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I can always refund if my customer is not happy bro. There's nothing I can do with Snap2Chat and Timber right now.

Nemory, I take on board what you said: the Tinder team had your client pulled. The onus is on the developer to check legality before selling their app. You freely admitted in the Beta forums that the app was rushed to market for the 10.3 deadline and the Amazon app store providing apps for services like Tinder - also adding it that it was to make money. I don't denigrate any enterprising individual from making money, but not when they haven't cleared legalities the app and they knowingly sell an incomplete application that can never be finished because of a release date elsewhere.

I applaud your development, but I will duly critique you on your ethics.

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Well what can we do? I like to hack stuffs and I believed my app will not be taken down because Windows Phone tinder apps are still there and been there for a long time. Same with Snap2Chat. Don't know why they target BB So much unlike other platforms. iOS, Windows Phone and Android has lots of 3rd party clients and still there. for SnapChat and Tinder.

I 2nd beowulf. Snap2Chat another prime example. Paid $$ for the pro version, a week later gets shut down because Snapchat came after him for ripping off their app. Still no replacement. Nemory how about you spend your time fixing your mistakes before rushing out another app?

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Man you guys are destroying your kind Dev for bringing another option to the table how ungrateful. If I were Nemory I would strongly consider branching out to other OS's you wouldn't get this kind of hate on ANY OTHER PLATFORM. WP users love their developers the most, but I wouldn't mind seeing this on Android. Everyone know when making third party apps as a consumer you risk buying something that may get pulled shortly after I thought BB users were smarter than this. Smh

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I'm trying to get used to it bro. hehe. I believe BB Community wasn't like this before. Right now I don't like the majority of people.

Wow I love the customization of this app one of my issues with the Native Twitter app and Blaq needs an update been a while...and if Blaq had more customization and notifications for retweets and followers then I'd be on that but I'm using both @ the moment if this app can do all those things with hub integration I'd definitely buy

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Look pretty good. I was hoping that Blaq would update to have some of these features but looks like this maybe even better. I may have to give it a try

Thanks but I'll pass.

I bought snap2chat and I can't link the accounts. I'm not adding all of the ones I currently have in the "snap" version manually

It's basically useless.

***Stop, drop, and roll***

If you are a twitter user for more than recreation then you will notice that the native BlackBerry App is full of nuisances. Here are a couple:

Lists: to access my lists I have to open twitter, click me, wait for my profile to load, scroll down, tap lists, then scroll and access my list of choice. This should be accessible by a main button to save time.

Scheduling tweets: Why is this not a native option? I use Klout and Hoot suite to do this currently but a native option would be nice too.

Drafts: similar to lists, I can only access them from my profile which is unnecessary tapping and loading.

Search: The results given have improved, but for the most part are still inaccurate, giving unofficial accounts as the top result.

Settings: There is a drop down button for settings and a settings button in my profile. Both do different things. The settings I generally need to access are located in my profile, again unnecessary tapping and moving around.

Instagram: Native app doesn't show instagram pictures, just shows the link.

I could keep going on and on about little things that create inefficiencies in the app, but the purpose of this was to showcase that having a 3rd party developer work on it isn't necessarily useless. If these issues are addressed then I'd make the switch as a twitter power user.

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Not to discourage the next client above but Blaq does the majority of what you're looking for right now with more to come in the upcoming 1.4 release.

Bring it been patiently waiting for an update and does it notify you when someone retweets and favorites your tweets?

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I wonder when this genius got the time to do such a good looking and interesting app, it's really appreciative to keep counting on those talented devs still doing amazing stuff for BlackBerry 10 customers

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Visually it looks great, I wonder how it will run and what kind of features the Pro version will have. I'm a heavy twitter user, and Blaq is starting to feel a bit out of date for me now. Plus that green background is awful!

I'm a fan of Nemory, and was impressed with his Snapchat client. Interested.

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this looks really well made, I really enjoy Blaq but there doesn't seem to be much dev supply. you'd think for a $3 twitter app you'd get timely updates as well! this will hopefully put some pep in the developers step.

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Looks sweet.

Can you tell u give us a little info about what the paid pro version will offer that the free version doesn't?

Love the color scheme. Tired of all blue social media apps. Haha

Good work

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I love the new look in preparation for 10.3. Same error but I happened to watch it before I downloaded the update.

Keep Calm and Chive On

Nemory, you're a damn good developer and you don't need me to tell you that. Unfortunately, this community is completely ungrateful and you should do what I've done and completely stop writing/releasing any apps for them. Only write apps for yourself and your friends.
I've never come across a bigger group of whiners who complain about paying 0.99 -3.99 for apps and then make accusations of thievery when with just a little bit of reading they would know that the rights holder/owner of original app forced the cancellation of further development of the 3rd party app.
It's never good enough and everything is always wanted for free. You can spend months writing additional functionality to the app and when you decide to charge 0.99 for your upgraded work the majority of these "customers" will turn around and call you a thief and god knows what else claiming they "deserve" free upgrades since they purchased the original app for 0.99 or god forbid the rip off, thievery price of 1.99
I suspect, that like me, you code primarily for the enjoyment but also would like a little something for your work. There is nothing wrong with that but coding for BlackBerry users is too much of a headache. I now just code for myself, friends and other developers who have had the same experience as me and we trade our work amongst each other.
Let them have their Android apps...less headache for you in the short and long term.

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this has a familiar ring to it.... Honestly I have been on the receiving end of this kind of 'feedback' shall we say. It drives me crazy, but then you get the mails that make your day also. I suppose we should all try to focus on those specifically and develope for as long as the good mails outweigh the bad. Perhaps If the BB10 community grows, statistically we should receive more of the encouraging mails. Who knows. As long as there is some pleasure still in it personally I will keep it up, but I'm glad to see its not just me who feels 'what's the point' with some of the non-constructive criticisms received.

Unfortunately, it's the flip side of what you say. The smaller the user community the more thank you and grateful emails you get. It's when the user base gets large that you get more complaining emails.
I developed for the Nokia N9 (Meego Harmattan) that was a wonderful, grateful and small community. Anytime you released an app or an upgrade for an existing project, for the next few weeks your inbox was full of thank yous, ideas, constructive criticism and bug reports. I rarely, I can count them on one hand, received a bitchy "gimme free you thief!!!" email.
The users here are oblivious ad to how many former cascade devs they ran out of here due to the collective mentality as it's not fun to develop for this group.

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So true bro. I remember the community wasn't like this like a year ago. but now it's terrible. I want to getaway reading the feedbacks to avoid terrible feedbacks but still I do to know if there are bugs or to improve.

That's why you write the app that YOU Like and hell with what they like and want. You know as well as I that if you create projects for BB10, Nokia N9, Sailfish, etc it's not for the economic return, it's for the joy of it. If you want to make money then you have to go to the IOS or Android ecosystems.
Write at the bottom of the app description that you reserve the right to quit development at any time, don't have to fix bugs, etc. Look at all the flak you get already while trying to give these ingrates more native apps.
It's your work and you run the show here...not them. So many of these users think that they own you, your time and any code you write relating to the project once they pay 0.99-2.99 for your work.

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What's wrong with Twitter for Blackberry 10?
Why the world need another twitter client?
I cannot understand.

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They just don't want to see BlackBerry with IOs & android apps... that's all about iPhone "Apps" so they want to keep it on what they think that are the "good phones" and get mad at you when you do a third app to BlackBerry :)

Apple is behind this.

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