TwitterBerry To Grow Beyond Twitter - Becomes OpenBeak

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2009 12:58 pm EST


Long lasting Twitter client TwitterBerry has been rebranded OpenBeak. The new title allows the app to grow beyond the Twitter platform in the future and expand to other areas. Twitterberry is one of the most well known Twitter clients for BlackBerry, but has been overshadowed as of late with the influx of new clients. Perhaps OpenBeak will step up with some new features that will get it back in the running. Current TwitterBerry users will be prompted to upgrade to OpenBeak, but if you're looking to try it out for the first time, head to from your device to give it a whirl.

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TwitterBerry To Grow Beyond Twitter - Becomes OpenBeak


I stopped caring about TwitterBerry months ago when I realized a) it sucked and b) a new version was never going to come.

Long live UberTwitter!

I downloaded, but had network error issues. Then I tried to delete the app but it still is on my home screen. App bug or browser bug, u decide. UBERTWITTER ALLDAY!

Just downloaded, and every time I try to open the app it freezes my tour. Only thing that helps is a battery pull/reboot. This thing is getting deleted ASAP!! (Once my bb reboots!!)

i'm using twitterberry on the storm1...and it works well for me, but i downloaded this openbreak and i couldnt read tweets so back to twitterberry i go. openbreak lets me post but thats about it.

i have beejiveIM for chat it made perfect sense for me to have tweetgenius. i think twitterberry has a long way to go!!!!! if it going to even try compete with other more stable twitter a name change - are you kidding me ROFL!

Twitterberry.... OpenBreak.... OpenBeak??

Who really cares?

Regardless of what they try to call it, this is one app that NEVER REALLY WORKED!

QED... Period... End of story!!

UberTwitter all the way.

(Just my own opinion, by the way)

my twitterberry works perfectly fine and always has :) i wont be trying out openbeak because i hate the name! dont really see why they are changing it.

ok i caved and decided to download it, once i did i tried to open it, it froze and then after a while went back to my home screen! rebooting and trying again :)

LOL. I agree that the name is terrible. I ran Twitterberry for a long time and it was OK, no issues. Recently I decided that with SMS updates turned on I dont really need a Twitter client consuming precious memory on my Curve. Twitter mobile site works fine for me for as often as I need to use it.

I won't be downloading OpenBeak, just because it sounds like it has a lot of issues. I still have TwitterBerry, I admit I don't use it much now that I have SocialSpark, but TwitterBerry was the first big and useful Twitter client. Just saying, everyone is taking a big crap on it, but I remember when it was the only big player in town.

The only reason I have TwitterBerry on my Curve is that I manage multiple accounts and it is easier to tweet for my secondary account than switching over UberTwitter.

I downloaded Open Beak and now neither it nor the original TB work.

Waiting for my SocialScope invite. Willing to accept recommendations for other twitter apps!


I downloaded this app, but it wouldn't display the timeline for by friends. I clicked on the command on the menu, and nothing happened. I have two Twitter accounts, so I use TwitterBerry for one and SocialScope for the other one.

This app froze my Tour also. I was perfectly happy with the old TwitterBerry. I had to reboot twice. I'm so tired of being considered a beta tester for products that are supposed to work.

So i've been using twitterberry for ever it seems, when i got the notification for the update to openbreak I figured "hey why not". so i downloaded the update and all the features were working except for friends timeline. so i switched back to twitterberry (i had never deleted it from my blackberry). I figured i'd give it one more try and this time see if deleting twitterberry from my device would fix the problem AND that solved the problem.
I now use Open Break and I love it better than i ever liked twitterberry. Sorry ya'll didn't have my kind of luck with the application.

I just got the BB Tour and downloaded the Open Beak app as soon as the upgrade was available and then started having problems with both TwitterBerry and OpenBeak. I decided to follow a suggestion from a user and DELETED TwitterBerry to see if OpenBeak would work! After I did, OpenBeak worked perfectly... the Friends' Updates and My Timeline all work fine. OpenBeak has way more options! Upgrades include: direct snapshots from Twitter homepage, automatic logout on the menu. Pulling up these pages take awhile though, but I'm not sure if this a problem exclusive to this app are also with the other app (TwitterBerry was acting slow beforehand).

Taking snapshots from homepage, automatic logout on dropdown menu, Re-Tweet option on dropdown menu, User info option, and deleting tweets--all things that TwitterBerry sorely lacked.