Twitterberry Beta 0.7 Gets Long Awaited Features

By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2008 11:02 am EDT
Twitterberry 0.7  Twitterberry 0.7

I got word of a new beta version of my favorite mobile Twitter app Twitterberry earlier today.  The new version will hold long awaited features such as auto-update for your friends timeline, profile alerts and the ability to refresh pages without leaving them.  The app looks exactly the same but sneaks the new features in here and there.  I personally have been waiting for the auto-update feature for quite a while, and I'm glad it finally made it's way in. 

The list of new features includes:

  • Polling support, accessible from the Options menu
  • Cache more tweets. Caching up to 200 of the latest tweets in your friends timeline, replies timeline, and direct messages.
  • Reload timelines from the screen, without opening and closing
  • Improved network requests, only loading new tweets since last request
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • TwitPic support

Navigate to on your device to check out the Twitterberry Beta 0.7.

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Reader comments

Twitterberry Beta 0.7 Gets Long Awaited Features


I had the same issue - you need to edit your profiles and change the alerts to None and set the LED to none as well. Do a reset and you should be good to go.

The auto-update is a very nice addition. Is almost enough of a change to make me start using the app. However, I still do not like that you have to open each tweet to see the entire message. They are only 140 characters long (MAX). Why can't they be displayed in their entirety on the first screen? Just like they are on the twitter homepage or all other twitter apps.

Am I missing something. When I download the app (which is easy) I try to set up my twitter account and I keep getting the invalid username/password message that pops up but I can use the same info to log in via website on a PC.

Didn't recognize my login/password info, then gave some kind of error message...several times....


Looks very cool, but the constant LED flashing means this program gets uninstalled until they release the stable version.

Getting real sick of this message. Can't update etc in the app, just keep getting the same message (invalid username/password).

Also, when going to the config screen, my username keeps disappearing, even after putting it in and selecting "save".

For you guys having trouble getting version 0.7 to work... maybe you should trying installing v. 0.6 first, THEN install the new beta on top of that. That's what I did, and it worked for me... although the constant blinking light drove me crazy and I uninstalled it.

Cant use .7 with the led blinking nonstop, throws me all outta wack. How could that not make that an option to shut off, derrrrr.

If you edit the TB options under your current profile, you can set the LED to off and it will solve your problem.

I found Editing the profiles wasn't enough - I had to do a battery pull before the new (disable LED) settings seemed to take effect. After that its been fine.

I also had to install 0.6 first before I could get 0.7 to work. Same problem as other posters with the username/password not saving & erroring out with Invalid Username/Password.

It may be a beta but you'd think issues with a clean install on a Curve running 4.2 would be picked up well before it got to this stage.

Epic fail: on OS 4.6 (Bold), the login always says "incorrect password", and the username is not saved.

Bug report filed.... this version is useless for the Bolds.

Works Great on my Bold on Claro in the DR... I had the login problem with 0.6 but this works. Took a couple of tries to send a 30 character tweet though... it gave me a Network Request Fail error.

I can't follow anybody. Keep getting the error msg. How the heck can it be invalid if I'm already in my Twitter account to view Tweets?