TwitterBerry 0.9a Beta Released!

By Bla1ze on 21 Mar 2009 07:20 pm EDT
TwitterBerry 0.9a Beta Released!

All you Twitter fans out there listen up! TwitterBerry has released their newest version, 0.9a which brings a lot of improvements over the 0.8 version. But as all beta's it does come with some issues as well. Check out the good and the bad below and if you get the new version, let us know what ya think about it in the comments.

Thanks go out to @kasperapd for letting us know and be sure to follow @crackberry for all the latest tweets from us!

New Features:

OS 4.2.1+:

  • Includes improved TwitPic support. Look for the 'Send to TwitterBerry' menu in the Media application when viewing images. TwitPic uploads are sent over direct TCP connections, see 'Connection Help' in the Settings page.
  • TwitPic progress bar, to show the progress of the upload
  • WiFi support for all connections
  • Full tweets on the list screen. No need to click to open new tweets
  • Improved network connectivity, adding support for WAP 2.0
  • Hyperlink "@username" in tweets to visit their timeline
  • Re-Tweet tweets from timelines or tweet views
  • Optional HTTPS SSL support on all authenticated requests
  • Background on close under 'Configure'
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • New localizations: Portuguese
Known Issues:

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Reader comments

TwitterBerry 0.9a Beta Released!


Yatca would be great if it were a standalone program.

Because it integrates itself into the BB Messenger, it is just to damn annoying to be useful. I don't need Tweets showing up in the same place I check for emails and SMS messages.

Twitterberry lets you post twit pics via bis. I do it all the time. Just make sure in the connections settings your connection mode is set to TCP.

Maybe it is the theme I'm using, but there is no apparent indication that I have a tweet selected (for then selecting "view timeline" etc)... it doesn't seem to highlight or change color or anything like that. Also, I can't seem to click on links contained within tweets. I can click on @so-and-so, but can't click on http://tinyurl/whatever

overall, shows a lot of promise, tho. I'll stick with it.

There needs to be an icon that lets you know that you have a new tweet and not just an LED flashing when the program is in the background. Once Twitterberry gets this it will be a killer app. This is not difficult I assume but I am not a coder so I don't know

@SocialScope is what it's all about, all these features have been in SocialScope for a while ;)

I agree... since I installed SocialScope every other Twitter app has been uninstalled. I'm glad to see TwitterBerry getting some of these features, but its got some serious catching up to do.

SocialScope would be cool maybe if they ever sent out invites. I requested one months ago and have not heard squat.

I have been trying for about the same amount of time..

I heard they are currently focusing on Bold users ATM. Storm is next? Who knows?

On the Storm the links do not work, I can't click on the username and it rotates into Landscape just fine. It did not automatically put me in compatability mode, so that may be part of the issue...

Not all of the "@username" and "" have a hyperlink indicated with "........" underneath, I've only noticed that a select few do and I don't know why. I believe this was mentioned by someone else earlier. I may have to switch back to v0.8 for the time being =P

On BB Storm: Links work for me, rotation to landscape was fine, but same problem as listed above... can't tell what tweet you have clicked on if you want to reply to it. Needs to highlight that tweet.

Ive never been able to send pictures from my Curve 8330 to TwitterBerry... Any ideas why?? Is there some kind of setting I need to change??

I finally figured this out when using version 0.8. Make sure your connection setting is set to TCP. I've also found that the picture has a better chance of being uploaded if the picture is zoomed in.

I'm hoping the 0.9 beta gets rid of the zooming necessity.

when tweeting a picture using the send to twitterberry hit see the scrolling bar...your get super excited that its working...and then at 100 percent

your blackberry storm will reset...sad

just me?

Nope, me too. Damn. Sending a pic through TwitterBerry didn't work at all before on my Storm, now it's just teasing me.

Well, at least it's progress.

used to work fine for me in .8 ...
now it reboots the phone.
funny part is that my pic made it to twitpic, but the tweet never made it to twitter.

I have the same problem. The easiest way around it (and also a faster way to post pics in general) is to email it directly to your TwitPic account. You can find your TwitPic email address under the settings tab on TwitPic. I ran a test on it and it works though the Twitter update will take a few minutes.

For TwitPic I have mine set to TCP (this version and the previous one) Same as above, I can't click links which is a huge part of my Twitter experience. I can live with the scrolling of tweets where I kinda know, what's going on.

Selecting a link for now will be painstaking, select, copy and paste into BB Browser manually.

I'm intrigued with the improvements otherwise :-)

It has frozen up my phone by taking away app memory, I assume, but I'm not sure. Even immediately after a battery pull the screen was VERY laggy. Also, ALL of my calendar appointments are gone. I'm pretty sure this happened after I loaded TwitterBerry.9. As of right now, I'm searching for a new Twitter app. Heck, I'm hoping the whole "TweetTweet " plan comes to fruition. But for now, I'm going back to my policy of not testing betas.

After the first few minutes I'm a HUGE fan of the upgrade! The Tweets are MUCH more readable, and the "background on close" option is great!

More importantly, I had previously been having trouble with the notifications... if I got a reply it would keep notifying me every time it refreshed until I restarted the app, now that problem seems to be fixed!

Only issues I've noticed so far:

-Can't click on the name of the person sending the tweet (but @names within tweets as well as other links work fine) to view their time line, but you can do so through the menu, so no big deal, really.
-As mentioned before, highlighting the selected tweet would be helpful
-Screen lags a bit when switching from the "update" screen to time line screen.

For a beta, I give it an A+

Downloading it now. I love 0.8, TwitterBerry is my most used app. With new RT function (as in TwitterFox) the addiction will only grow more. Thx @crackberry

Downloaded and installed fine but however when ever I try to open the application it totally freezes my phone up. I did two battery pulls before I finally got rid of it.

Am I missing something? Or doing something wrong?

This beta version kept making my 8330 freeze up each time I'd open Twitter. Had to reboot each time and finally put the 0.8 version back instead.

The url's in tweets are not highlited and can not be clicked. In the process of deleting and rolling back to 0.8. Will try it again when there is an indication the problem has been corrected.

Same issue as above. I like the new layout, and see promise, but need to have the hyperlink, and @username clickable.

I liked that it showed promise, ie: whole Tweet viewable & RT, but with Hyperlink being unclickable, it's a dealbreaker for me. I can retweet quite easily in 0.8 by copying tweet, then going back to the tweet, click reply, insert an RT infront of the twitter'ers name and then pasting the text behind that.

As I type, 0.9 is removed and I have 0.8 googled up on my BB Bold "Twitterberry 0.8 download"

At first this .09a looked awesome but as I used it disappointment set in. Hyperlinks were not clickable and when clicking on Get Replies the app would freeze. I could escape and go back to the Update screen but could not get my replies. I did several battery pulls and deleted and reinstalled twice but these problems persisted. The new interface is wonderful and very friendly but the functionally just is not there. This was on a Bold running

I just got a crackberry yesterday and downloaded twitterberry and cannot figure out how to do the pics. Can someone help? Thanks!!

Downloaded, tried it out and uninstalled within 10 minutes. Locks up on my 8330 curve. Also, links were not clickable. Back to .8 for me. I guess there is a reason they call it beta.

I think we've given them enough feedback for .9a ... lemme know when the next beta (or rc) is available and I'll try again, but I'm back to .8 until then.

its a improvement since 0.8 i'll stick with it cause its one small issue but its slow to bring up my tweets/replies and follower/following's tweets.

0.8 was almost instant, 0.9a seems to freeze for a split second then brings up updated lists of tweets.

I hope a new update is issued out soon to resolve the slowness.

I downloaded this, and I really like that you get the whole tweet on screen now, instead of having to click on the tweet to read it. A friend of mine complains that TwitterBerry doesn't do the reply function right, because it doesn't provide a link to the list of replies, but otherwise, I'm happy with it!!!

Every time I try to go to the download area It only gives me version 0.8???

How do you get the new beta version???

Same here, Reefman - I only see v0.8. I have shortened the ota download page to to speed things up a bit in future and to get my colleagues to get the update with making them bookmark it. I'm mostly looking forward to 1.0 if they ever dare.

Experiencing the same bugs as above. Sometimes @username and web links are clickable, sometimes they are not. Very inconsistent.

Other than that, I'm liking the new UI and features.

... to .8. Even after removing and restarting 2x, I still have these issues:

1. no friends timeline appears whatsoever
2. replies re always old, and if i go down it takes me to 39 days old and i have to exit and get back into replies.

i have great signal so it's not that, going back to .8

the only links that work are tweets that also contain an @username. If the tweet is not a reply to someone, any link present will not work. this is a huge problem since at least 80% of the people I follow always provide links.

on 0.9 my picture is huge and takes up the whole space, it takes three track wheel rolls to get over it.

on 0.8 my picture only shows the top right hand corner of the picture that shows up perfectly on


i downloaded the 0.9 and froze my phone up and i couldnt do nothing!!! is there a fix or anyone had the same problem??

i have a curve 8330 and it will load the update screen but when i try to load the friend's timeline it completely freezes -- it just finally unfroze and said that there had been a network error im about to go back to 0.8...

sometimes this app worked great for me and sometimes it froze my blackberry... so i downgraded back to 8. :)

This TwitterBerry will have mobile network charges for posting fotos coz it's sent via TCP not BIS. That's awful. But the RT feature is not bad at all.

i downloaded the current version of twitterberry on my blackberry cure but it doesnt let me post a pic? it says network failure! what does that mean? how do i fix it? help me please :)

Doesn't work on the BB Curve 8330. Couldn't even open the app after install. Some funky error message. Guess I'm stuck with 0.8 which wasn't all that great: can't find people, can't follow or unfollow ppl, can't block ppl, can't click on ppl's usernames as clickable link. Basically is only good for sending and receiving tweets. Period.

Does anyone know if/how twitterberry uploads pics to twitpic in portrait? Pics that were taken landscape upload just fine, but I can't get my portrait pics to upload right. They show up in twitpic sideways. Help?

I hate the fact that every new update makes the LED blink like fucking CCRRAAZZYY!!!! that needs to be FFIIXXEEDD!!!

tried 0.9 isn't working for me so i wanna go back to 0.8 but i can't find a working link :( they all wanna make me download 0.9 again. help?