TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 6 Available!

By Bla1ze on 27 Apr 2009 09:49 am EDT
TwitterBerry Beta 6 Now Available!

Ahh, there once was a time when I questioned how come there were not more applications for Twitter available on BlackBerry? Such is not the case any more as it seems applications for Twitter keep popping up, each one trying to better the other in functionality and now everyone has their favorites.

One of the first Twitter applications I tried out was indeed TwitterBerry and in the world of Twitter apps while I do have other clients installed, I keep TwitterBerry updated just incase one of those other applications all of a sudden stops working (it happens, no one can say it doesn't) and recently TwitterBerry got some nice updates to its beta stages which included some new features and bug fixes. Read on for the changelog!

 TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 6 [April 24, 2009]

        New features in Beta 6:

  • Support for Twitgoo! Set your media provider to “Twitgoo” in the Configure screen
Bug fixes in Beta 6:
  • Font size configuration only affects the timelines, and not the whole application
  • More work on improving robustness of picture uploads
  • TwitterBerry removed from the BlackBerry “Options” screen
  • Properly identify the OS version when installing from the ALX zip package.

TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 5 [April 15, 2009]

New Features in Beta 5:

  • Support for yfrog! yfrog is the default media provider for TwitterBerry.
  • Set font size for TwitterBerry in the “Configure” screen.
  • MUCH improved list loading times and caching.
  • Media URLs are sent at the end of your tweet if it begins with “@” or “D ” (direct message)
  • Following and Leaving users is fixed.
  • Relative timestamps on tweets are updated when the timeline is shown.

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TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 6 Available!


Excellent news, just updating now :)

One thing i've just noticed, you used to be able to click on the persons name & it would take you to the reply screen directly - can't do that now, you have to click the post (although you dont actually know that because nothing highlights) then you have to press the BB button & then select reply.....Don't like having to do another 3 clicks to get to type a reply.

Having trouble downloading. Keep getting "Invalid Browser Detected" message. I completed the fix "How to set your browser settings for OTA installation", but it did not change anything. Any ideas?

I keep both Twitterberry and UberTwitter on my Bold. Now I seem to be using Uberberry the most. I think now the only reason I'm using TwitterBerry is that it's integrated to the BB so that I can send images to TwitPic from my album.

Thanks Bla1ze and, I'll be giving this a try...

whatever it is I will still stick with twitterberry just because I trust it more then I trust other apps such as UT.

whatever it is I will still stick with twitterberry just because I trust it more then I trust other apps such as UT.

I'm just glad I can finally post pics from my phone. I thought they'd fix the problems with the message you want to reply not highlighting, but I'm sure that stuff will get ironed out in the end.

I love this it works great and the resolution of pictures are better, liking the integration and you can send to twitpic and all in all it's way better than the previous version