How to add multiple Twitter accounts with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

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By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2014 04:36 am EST

Most 'normal' folk that use Twitter more than likely only have one account so this post may well be of no use whatsoever. However, some of us - business users in particular may well be managing more than one Twitter account - most probably a work one and personal one. If that's you and you didn't realize you can run multiple Twitter accounts on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you've come to the right place. 

With the native Twitter application you can have a primary account - which will be integrated into your BlackBerry Hub and then secondary accounts which you will need to actually be logged into in order to see mentions and direct messages. You need not miss out though on notifications as Twitter can email you when you get a mention etc to any of your accounts. 

Getting secondary accounts set up is nice and easy. Just follow these simple steps: 

  • Open up the Twitter application
  • Pull down from top bezel and enter settings
  • Tap 'Manage Accounts'
  • Tap 'Add Secondary Account'
  • Fill in your username and password and sign in

And that's it - simple. To jump between accounts just dive back into settings and choose the account you wish to use. Twitter is pre-installed on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but on the off chance you've deleted it you can grab it from the link below. 

More information/Download Twitter for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

How to add multiple Twitter accounts with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


I hope someday blackberry will bring back notifications for public tweets from people you follow.

From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...

Why didn't you mention Blaq or Neatly for secondary accounts?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Have known this for a while and yes I've got 5 twitter accounts. What's wrong with me? lol

Posted via CB10

Been able to do this before 10.2.1.. i don't think it has anything to do with 10.2.1.. just the twitter version.

via CB10 on Z10STL100-1/

That what I had noticed too; I recall it being an update to the Twitter app sometime ago that enabled this feature.

To get notifications for both my work and personal Twitter accounts in the hub I just Blaq for one of the accounts.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the info. On the other hand, I am using for my personal Twitter account Z10's native Twitter up, and it's fine. For my second Twitter account, I am using Twitter Lite, independent from the main original Twitter app. Result, I can use them both at the same time, each with visible icon on my Z10. Try it, Twitter Lite works!

Posted via CB10

Good for you! Just maybe there are some people who were not aware and for whom the article is useful.

I wish I could see both accounts in the same time line like the old SocialScope app did.

Posted via CB10

Having multiple accounts is easy, the problem is the app and how it works with the hub.. you should be able to have the notifications from each twitter account on the hub.. twitter on my old 9900 works so much better.. by far, twitter on the z10 is the worst thing about the z10... I really think that twitter needs to give you the ability to have each account on the hub

Posted via CB10

We should be able to have multiple primary accounts. They shouldn't distinguish between primary & secondary. It's also that secondary twitter accounts won't show up in your Contacts.

I have my multiple account even before 10.2.1

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