Twitter client Blaq soon to offer light theme and personalization options

By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2013 01:55 pm EDT

The popular Twitter client Blaq may soon be getting some long-awaited personalization features. Word on the street is that Blaq will soon give users the ability to personalize some more items within the app, most notably adding the option for a light theme. 

I for one am a fan of lighter themes across all my devices so I'm welcoming this one with open arms (and I've been begging for it all along). This marks the first time Blaq is going whyte as well since the trademark dark theme has been a part of the app since its initial release. 

We're not quite sure what other options are in store but a new beta should pop up soon (we hope) with plenty of juicy details. Blaq received a big update a few days back so if you haven't yet checked it out, be sure to do so.

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Twitter client Blaq soon to offer light theme and personalization options

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How is it nice? It's called Blaq for a reason. The lighter theme will just make it fugly.

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It's choice. Not everybody likes the dark theme, so these people can switch to a light theme in the future, those who'd like to stay in the dark, can do so.

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Keep up the good work Blaq. Would love to see landscape mode and a better active frame best 2.99 I ever spent.

They Type... I Flick (get it).

+1 more for landscape support. Also, how about other color options besides green to go with the black background??

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Why are people getting angry about light theme. Who cares if it's named "Blaq". More options always means better.

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I, personally love the dark theme. Be it Blaq or on my BlackBerry but it's good to have options for the many different tastes. Good stuff

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Will they be removing the tacky stringy background when viewing user pages and other things?

..because other than that this was my favourite twitter client heh.

I this gets a major update soon, recently purchased this app and was very disappointed with UI.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

For models with an LCD panel (such as Z10), it actually consumes more battery power for the screen to make black pixels than white, so a lighter theme will subtly help with battery life. (Note that the opposite is true for models with OLED panels -- Q10 and Z30.)

I recently started using Blaq and there's a learning curve since the icons on the left and right of the timeline that do the various actions aren't always intuitive (nor labelled, nor pop-up/fly-over-assisted).

However, now that I'm used to it, I really like it, and wish they would add Facebook into the app or build a FB app too, since the one from BlackBerry is awful. (The two biggest lacking features in my mind being not remembering where you were in the timeline it refreshes data or you reenter the app, and the inability to share your friend's posts to your own timeline.)

I love this app... definitely gets the most use on my Z10. I love that the company pushes out updates pretty regularly also. Keep it up guys!

I hope one of those upcoming features could be tweets displayed in 'Active Frame' as the Twitter app just did.... that would be nice....

Love Blaq, hate the side icons with no text or popup descriptions, at least give me a help screen showing what they do! That's UI 101. I can't find a help doc on their site either, crazy blind spot on the devs part for that if they want happy users. Yes I've figured out what most of them do, but should I have to?

I prefer white backgrounds, but in one case I prefer the dark to white and that's with Neatly, strangely enough. I think Neatly in black looks better and more legible than Blaq in black. Will be interesting to see if Blaq looks better and more legible in white.

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+ 1 for the better active frame. Would also like to see notifications for People favoriting your tweets. Funny I thought about landscape mode the other night while tweeting in bed w/the charger connected. No gripes about the white theme either, options are always nice. The developers have done an awesome job updating the app kudos to them.

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Blaq is way too buggy for me, crashes even with the new update. I gotta use the original twitter app

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I hope it could compete better now with Neatly, when the update comes. Just re-downloaded it yesterday and uninstalled it as soon as I found out the UI and some features like social stats are still no better compare to Neatly.

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