Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones gets an update in the Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 18 Dec 2013 04:28 pm EST

After an official release of Twitter hit BlackBerry World yesterday, a new version for legacy devices is now available in the Beta Zone. Good to see that things are trucking along as this version has some great new features. There are some new additions as well as the usual fixes so it should be well worth the download. 

Updates include:

  • Photo Thumbnail size uniformity
  • In-Tweet media player card
  • Twitter 2-factor Login -- Temporary Password Support
  • Password Reset on Login/Add account dialog screens
  • Direct message Read/Unread tracking
  • Display number of Favorites & number of Retweets on Detailed Tweet Screen
  • Typeahead functionality on search function

If you a Beta Zone member you should be able to login now and grab the update.

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones gets an update in the Beta Zone


I think it's for BBOS legacy phones but could be wrong.

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Twitter on legacy devices works sooooooooooooo much better!

Same with Facebook! :(

Posted via CB10

I will also disagree.
Messages come faster on BBOS, you get notifications when someone follows you or so. on OS10 you won't

On facebook you can't create new locations and have more delay.

Posted via CB10

If you are on any Leak OS version then don't blame blackberry as those are betas and can have issues. No issues on any official version I have heard till now.

I agree with Slash82 those two things I miss the most from my Legacy Device Facebook and Twitter they was so much better don't understand why they're so behind on BB10...

Posted via CB10

Same here! Well still use FB and Twitter but not nearly as much as before

Posted via Q10 - C002C90A7

Since updating yesterday Twitter won't open. Running leak. Downloaded android version, problem fixed.

Posted via CB10

My Twitter is still screwed and I'm on 10.1 official.

Is there a fix?

I'm using Neatly for now...

Posted via CB10

Has anyone been able to download this beta for BBOS? I think they posted the wrong one. Its the same version as the one posted in Blackberry World.