Twitter Beware: Fake RIM CEO Accounts = Fake News (like fake leaked pics of QNX on a phone)

Fake QNX BlackBerry Bold and Torch
By Michelle Haag on 26 Sep 2011 12:56 pm EDT
It was a quiet weekend for BlackBerry news, but that didn't stop the rumors from flying on Sunday when parody Twitter accounts @MikeLazaritis and @JimBalsilly decided to have a little fun. Two pictures were posted to the accounts, supposedly showing QNX running on a future model of the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60, and a lot of people were left scratching their heads, wondering if these are in fact what they claim to be.

Fact is, fake Twitter accounts lead to faked statements and even faked pictures (although sometimes they might pop out some "real" news). To show you how easy it is to make such images, I went ahead and threw together a few of my own using my Bold 9900 and some screenshots from my BlackBerry PlayBook. And don't let the picture of the BBM icon being moved on the Torch fool you; I recreated that as well, minus the finger. ;)

Check out the rest of pictures after the break. 

Fake QNX on BlackBerry Bold 9900

Fake QNX Torch 9850

Fake QNX Bold 9900

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Reader comments

Twitter Beware: Fake RIM CEO Accounts = Fake News (like fake leaked pics of QNX on a phone)


even tho the photos of the 9900 running qnx was made by you michelle, it still looks like a slick set up, i would love that

The Bold 9900 screens are obviously fake. But the 9860 actually looks legitimate, with the reflections and such. If it's photoshopped then the fakers did an amazing job. Then again, couldn't it just be that the fakers took a screenshot from a playbook in portrait mode, and displayed that on the 9860 with the picture viewer?

very good!! you answered your own question... how do you think Michelle got the "QNX" on the 9900... was taking a screenshot of the playbook (pressing volume buttons) and displaying it on the 9900 instead... get it? thats what the parody accounts did as well........

damn that looks amazing... where is the damn os7 theme builder!!!! i want a QNX theme so bad after seeing these

at least they got the names close for once, i love those chain bbm messages from "Jim Balsamic" :D

Naa... they just take a screenshot of a playbook, with photoshop they resize them, and then they put it into both devices, thats all...

you didnt fake it well enough on the 9900. Why would it need a "Blackberry Bridge" section on the phone? :D

Not sure why you are questioning this. I have the Blackberry Bridge icon on my Torch 9800 and it is running OS6. You must not have a Playbook bridged to your Blackberry or you would have seen that.