Twitter. Better than BlackBerry Messenger? The next SMS?!!

Twitter the next SMS?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Dec 2008 07:50 am

Of all the other site editors taking part in the Smartphone Round Robin, I'd have to say Rene gave the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry "lifestyle" the best shot, going so far as to even load up BlackBerry Messenger with every friend/colleague he knew or could track down that had a BB. He liked it. But as he pointed out in his final review, he was also scared of it in that constant connection/looking over your shoulder kind of way.

On our second Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable podcast, Rene relayed his "like" for BlackBerry Messenger to the crew, but our pal Dieter had a different take on it. While he had nothing against BBM per say, he raised a very valid argument that what he has something against are platform specific messenger/communication apps. To him, the best way to stay in touch with people is to communicate via a platform that is available to all. Enter Twitter. We've talked about Twitter and BlackBerry Twitter apps on the blogs before (heck - TwitterBerry just got reviewed yesterday), so I wanted to point out the awesome follow-up editorial Dieter wrote on this subject. He's writing from a Windows Mobile perspective (no BlackBerry Messenger for those folks!), so he compares Twitter to SMS and gives 5 compelling reasons why Twitter is better than SMS. He also provides the counter argument, but I've gotta say, I think his Twitter reasoning has merit. Check it out and post your reactions!

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Does TwitterBerry come with Mobile Notifications?

If so, where?


...when you install the software, go to profiles, and then edit the respective notifications there. Also, there is another type of notification from the web site, too.


No but Twitter itself has an option for mobile notifications. You can also send updates through SMS.


Contrary to what Dieter thinks...NOTHING is better than Blackberry messenger- it's ESSENTIAL CRACK -




Maybe I do not "get it" but why would I want to bother people I know with "What am I doing now"?

I am going to work.
I am working.
I am going home.
I am eating dinner.
I am watching a movie/playing xbox360/on the computer.
I am going to bed.

Why would I bother people with that nonsense? Why would I want to be bothered by other people telling me their nonsense? A SMS/BBM is a quick note ... I send one to my daughter when I pick her up from her mom's .. "Hey be there in 3 minutes" I need to have her set up a twitter acct for that? So everyone knows I will be at my ex's house in 3 minutes. With BBM my GF and I can send a quick note to each other throughout the day, "need to stop after work for gas/groceries." Why would I want to "twitter" this?

Like I said, maybe I don't get it, but I cannot see this as a replacement for BBM or SMS.


this one of the most lame things i've ever seen


SMS/BBM and tweets are completely different beasts IMO. I mainly use tweets to announce things like "humors" or "release of X product I am developping". Tweets are targeted to the "mass" sending one information to X people at once.

SMS is really a personnal thing IMO.

Both are useful in this respect.