Twitter and Facebook concept user interfaces for BlackBerry 10 devices revealed

Twitter and Facebook
By Bla1ze on 6 May 2012 10:16 pm EDT

Some new concept images have turned up for Twitter and Facebook running on BlackBerry 10 devices. As it stands now, RIM builds the Twitter and Facebook apps for BlackBerry smartphones and it looks as though when BlackBerry 10 rolls around that may not change.

Looking at the Twitter concept images above, you'll notice it looks much like the iOS and Android versions but that's not such a bad thing as there is a few different concepts there. Plus, in order to say it's an official app, RIM has to comply with the UI guidelines put forth.

When it comes to Facebook, RIM has again implemented some of their own vision there with the addition of "glances" to help control notifications and settings but overall, the look is kept the same as other platforms. Let's just hope it works better because right now, NO Facebook app on any platform works as it should.

All in all, we'll have to wait and see what ultimately ends up in the hands of users but this is good look at some concepts and thoughts that are being put into BlackBerry 10.


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Twitter and Facebook concept user interfaces for BlackBerry 10 devices revealed


The icons on the bottom of the screen look similar to those found on the "leaked" redesigned Blackberry London (the black, rounded one)

I hope RIM makes their own FB and Twitter apps. Twitter for BB is my favorite of the 3 official Twitter Apps. I never liked the iOS one and Android is worse imo.

Wow looks promising. I say they open up beta zone so us with the playbook can test these for Rim :D

Let's be honest the playbooks Facebook app is ummm lacking and the twitter app for playbook is ummmm.....wait a minute! where the heck is the Twitter app???? jk I love blaq :D

I think this is why RIM has a fighting chance when everyone says RIM is going to die. They are still willing to use their own resources to give their users the social experience they want even when Facebook and Twitter won't develop an app for BB.

I think it's more of the integration that's done in those apps that has RIM to developing the app. If you notice, there's absolutely no integration whatsoever on the Facebook for iOS app. Want to upload a picture, well you have to do it from the Facebook app, whereas on BlackBerry, you can do that right from your camera pictures gallery; just go to a picture and select Send to Facebook (or Twitter). Same goes with message integration. That's what makes these apps, in my opinion, better and more powerful on BlackBerry, even though there are a couple of missing things like Events.

Yeah I'm currently on iPhone & sucks that we can't directly upload from our picture albums. But we can tweet directly from them though. But still, FB would be nice.

I hear they are adding deeper FB integration into iOS 6. I have had all three, and so far BlackBerry has done it better than anyone. Excited to see how this develops. This might have been one of the reasons BB10 is delayed. To make sure all of the OEM apps work as they should, integration wise.

One of my favorite things about WP7 is the integration of social sites in the OS. Much better than the official apps for it. Nice to see BB Doing it too.

Actually, RIM does build the entire Facebook and Twitter app, according to UI guidelines. Folks forget that the BlackBerry experience has been to create superapps -- apps that are tightly knit together so the user doesn't have to quit one app, search for another app, and launch it.

The superapp concept RIM has been developing has made jumping from one app to another seemless -- you can focus on what you are trying to accomplish, and the BlackBerry moves the process and related data from one app to another. Makes for a more advanced user experience. Sorry Apple ;)

I like how RIM is designing BB10 to be used efficiently with ONE HAND! That is amazing. It appears to be a subtle UI innovation, but as Kevin and others will note, it is a huge advancement from a user interface perspective. I'm a one-handed user too, so sophisticated gesturing is not all that useful if you've got a bag or briefcase in one hand and a phone in the other.

This isn't unique to RIM. any platform that wasn't iOS or android wrote their own apps.

Palm made the webOS Facebook app
MS makes FB and twitter for WP
Nokia wrote the apps for MeeGo, Symbian and their dumbphones
Mozilla probably doing the same for b2gecko...

Maybe RIM will have a good selection of apps available for launch of bb10. Hope they will match that beautiful UI with some spectacular hardware and the major apps at launch.

Unless they can outspend MS in getting the attention of major devs (presuming they finally allow native code lol), then I wouldn't bet on it

Facebook is such a MEH social network right now. I haven't closed my account because I have too many good contacts on there (mostly friends from back when I was in college). The Facebook app in every platform is of inferior quality. Twitter on the other hand is my favorite social network and the twitter app on Blackberry my flavor of choice. I have an iPod touch and a 2.2 Android phone (which I don't use). My 8520 is king when it comes to tweeting and it's also my main phone. I'm impressed with RIM's work on the twitter app. I can't wait for BB10s with physical keyboards so I can start tweeting away.

I wanna see OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc...not just the dedicated app that comes with the PlayBook. I hope we finally see these on the phone too...

What is Yahoo! Messenger? Seriously?

I want Skype because it is popular and cross-platform. I know only a few people that still use YM.

People say RIM is going to die 'cause they're AFRAID it won't...
It all looks so good.
The apps will be there (the ones that matter ).
Keep lookin' hard to your right or you won't see what the other guys look like as we blow by...

Forces tried to kill RIM to steal their technology, assets, and patents. They're still trying hard and they won't give up. Let's be honest here: RIM is fighting to stay alive and to remain relevant in the wireless space. I believe they're putting up a great fight and will eventually overcome if they continue to persevere and focus on winning the fight. Just being in the ring isn't good enough -- you can't just be taking shots to the head and gut. They must start swinging back!

I think what we see at BBW is RIM swinging back. The opposition isn't taking any hits yet as BB10 is still months away, but they're starting to pay attention and be wary of RIM again. Indeed RIM has been bruised but they have a great deal of arsenal left in them (QNX, TAT, Torch Mobile, etc.), and they have a lot of determination and will-power left to win this fight.

It would be such a shame to see Thorsten direct a sale of RIM to someone else, especially at this stage of BB10 development. They can literally re-invent themselves and the mobile industry. I don't think Thorsten would allow a few angry shareholders to dismantle this great little company!

All well and good but will you be able to view pages and groups without having to open the browser? As well as the ability to open links right there in Facebook?

Not sure what you mean by pages, every facebook app I've had allows me to see "pages", but I guess you haven't been paying attention because groups are already viewable in the latest facebook beta v3.1.0.7

Internet links, I'm not sure why its a problem that clicking them opens them in the browser, makes sense to me

Yes :)

I think RIM is realizing that they need to invest more heavily in the social media apps, tighter integration of those apps, as well as with the BB10 core system. BB6 was a big step in that integration, but BB10 must take that concept much further.

To make it plain and simple: BB10 MUST be the best social media experience. If it is, BB10 will have found their killer app! Except it won't be just one app -- an entire set of social media apps, all working together with video chat and the entire PIM data -- emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. BB10 needs to be that glue!

Certainly, I do hope RIM will respect our privacy by giving us the option to connect apps together and to limit what an app can see of our PIM data. That is super important in protecting one's privacy.

It depends if you're wearing Depends underpants -- if you are, then you're ok. No one has to know!