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A quick video run through of what's new in Twitter version 10.2 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Jul 2013 06:54 am EDT

We told you recently that Twitter for BlackBerry 10 had been updated quite significantly, so in true CrackBerry fashion it's time for a short run through of the best bits of 'what's new' in this latest version on video.

I'm not going to bore you too much with a ton of waffle but what I will say is that this update certainly makes using the native Twitter client a lot more fun as well as adding to its productivity uses. From my own perspective the two main things that I'm loving are the ability to now have more than one account associated with the app, and secondly the 'Discover' tab which adds some sweet new goodness that looks real pretty too.

Updates in this version include:

  • Multiple Accounts – Twitter for BlackBerry 10 multiple accounts With Twitter 10.2 you can now add additional Twitter accounts within the app.
  • Direct Message – Twitter 10.2 allows you to view, reply and send new Direct Messages right within the app.
  • Improved Refresh – Refresh twitter for BlackBerry 10 - Improved refresh always maintains your current location in the timeline.
  • Discover – Twitter 10.2 offers a new Discover page that delivers a stream of Tweets, accounts to follow and more. Simply pull to refresh or scroll to see more and discover even more fascinating people to follow. Plus the Activity page provides a view into what the people you are following are doing on Twitter including who they’re following and what tweets they’re favoriting.
  • Photo Save – Save a picture Twitter BlackBerry 10 - With Twitter 10.2 you can save pictures being shared on Twitter directly to your BlackBerry.
  • Search Improvements – Now you can view your recent and saved searches and with Type Ahead, search suggestions are provided for you as text is entered in the search field.
  • Refreshed UI – A wider timeline in all parts of the app provides a fresh new design and makes it easier to browse.

If you are thinking of making the move to BlackBerry 10 and Twitter is a key application for you I really hope this short video will give you some confidence. Nice work once again BlackBerry.

Download Twitter version 10.2 for BlackBerry 10



The app is working great for me so far. I hope this pushes Blaq to step up their game. It's only going to make it better.

Posted via CB10


The discovery tab is fantastic! I love how visual heavy it is. Wish Blaq will adopt something similar.


Took their time but this is more like a native client should be definitely using it a lot more now the discover tab is just sublime now

Posted via CB10

Plazmic Flame

Correct me if I'm wrong but... It looks like this is pretty much up to par, design & feature wise, with the native twitter apps on the other platforms, i.e. Android, iOS...


Design-wise, I'd say it's up to par with, if not a little better than iOS (Android's app is much cleaner/refined), though it looks like it's still missing a couple features.


Do you have access to any lists (if you use lists) ?

Posted via CB10


"Requested content not found"

Posted via CB10


I got the same error...

Posted via CB10


Yeah, multiple accounts! Who needs Blaq now?

Posted via CB10


People who like a different UI and UX. The native Twitter client might have catched up with Blaq in terms of features, but the latter one still offers a completely different user experience.

Another small thing: Blaq offers a dark theme on the Q10. The native Twitter app still doesn't.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10


Blaq still blows the native client away. When will we see list support in the native client? This is *basic* functionality.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.


Seconded! I feel like I am the only one using lists sometimes and as a feature it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

After being totally disppointed in Neatly, I have become pretty happy with the native Twitter app, and a browser shortcut to my Twitter lists page for quick access. Browser trumps crappy API limits and slow apps.

Poirots Progeny

Now this is the twitter app that should have launched! They're getting there - thanks!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


Amazing. They are definitely taking their time, but for me I am just glad I don't need to have different twitter apps to manage my different accounts.

Posted with my Z10

Posted via CB10


They finally fixed the bug so we can now download pictures!

Posted via CB10


Sucks not being able to specify which folder images are saved to.


Still would like to be notified when I get tweet say every hour

Posted via CB10


Everyone seems to be praising Twitter developers for that update. But come on guys, what we need first is neither multi-account nor a "Discover" tab. We need notifications to work properly whether in the hub or not. So far, they just don't !


10.2 go install please.

Posted via CB10


If 10.2 was out I would. But for one reason or another not everyone has that option.

Posted via CB10


Anyone else getting an error when saving a picture?


Change your permission settings it'll need access to shared folders to save

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Thank you so much. That was it.


BlackBerry (all the more BB10) is NOT dead!

Posted via CB10

omega supreme

this doesn't look that different than what we have now...someone explain to me the mulitple accounts it like uber social's "inner circle" where i get a separate thread with the users i'm more interested in? or is it simply for people that have more than 1 twitter account? to this day i miss the uber social i had on the bold and have forced myself to sideload the android version on my z10 for the inner circle buggy as it is, it's still better in overall features than the native twitter.


It's for people who have multiple Twitter accounts. :-)

Thank God they finally added this feature - now I can delete my side loaded app and just start using the native one!

Posted via CB10 on my AWESOME VZW STL100-4 Z10!


Thanks James. I hadn't noticed the discover tab. Nice improvement there.

Posted with CB10 on Z10


Multiple account. Welcome update. Thank

Posted via CB10


Didnt watch the video but the app is made by BBRY yeah? its not an app made by twitter. same as how facebook app is made by BBRY.

If this is the case, then other sites are definitely getting their info wrong.

please correct me if im wrong thank you :)


The Twitter and FB apps are developed by BB.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


The Twitter app on BB7 and below is by BlackBerry the one on BlackBerry 10 is by Twitter

Posted via CB10


Facebook by BlackBerry Twitter by Twitter. stated in the app page.

Posted via CB10


I am still not seeing the the new followers or retweets when in the connect section. From the video, I see that it is available now, but it is not showing up for me. Strange. Any ideas why that might be the case?


Still doesn't show pic thumbnails. Fail

Posted via CB10


Ah yes, it is all sorted out now. I deleted the new version. Installed Twitter again, and voilà, the application has all the goodies now. Weird stuff. I should have listened to Kris; he commented before that is what he had to do. This Twitter application is almost complete. Yay!

Pilot Prop

Now this is more like it! It was a struggle dealing with DMs in the HUB.

Posted via Pilot's Q10


Finally at full force!


This is fantastic! Anyone know how secondary accounts work in terms of alerts? BBOS could choose which accounts you got alerts for and if it was all mentions or just following. Maybe not in yet but in another update. This is great for now though :D

Posted via CB10


loving the improved refresh...


Still can not access camera file or media card. Any help? Otherwise much smoother and quicker.

Posted via CB10


So much better! Thanks!! The android uber was horrible!

Posted via CB10


Which one?

Posted via CB10


I LOVE BLAQ, but I must say the update is awesome, it looks more clean and it does not have some of the issues I'm experiencing with Blaq, like random closing of the app and I lose tons of tweets during the period of the app is non responsive. Starting to love the native Twitter app, good job thus far.

Posted via CB10


Requested file still not found. Have All permissions turned on.

Posted via CB10


I'm not on twitter, but I watched that video from James I can tell from the changes this is a tremendous fix. Let's go BB!

Posted via CeeBee 10 on that Whiteberry


I appreciate the small update sthe the twitter app, but personally it's still a glorified mobile application that sucks. Blaq is personallly still the best twitter app I've come across so far. I still wonder will titter give us a real app, if I wanted twitter mobile I would use the browser.

Posted via CB10


I like to be able to create and access lists as I do regularly on Twitter for the web.

Posted via CB10


Great. Can't wait for that!! I maintain a few a twitter accounts that I need to keep track of... follow me
@atstrategyus (main biz; marketing/design)
@mepowermag (online magazine)
@anthonytaurus (marijuana blogger)
@chefdepass (up & coming private chef)

Looking forward to pushing content like I did on my old BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10