Twibble - New Twitter App for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2008 12:04 am EDT


Many of us have been hanging onto our Twitter addictions with the use of Twitterberry or Tinytwitter in hopes of something more.  Enter Twibble.  The java application was designed for Nokia N95, but works flawlessly on most Java enabled devices (like my 8330).  Twibble adds much functionality and some fun features to mobile Twittering.  First off is my favorite feature - the auto update.  Twibble can be set to automatically retrieve Tweets which cuts down on the clicking I'm used to with Twitterberry.  The coolest feature is the ability to add your GPS location to your tweets if you desire, and to locate other users who have done so. 


Here is the full list of features:

  • post messages via your mobile network (WiFi, UMTS, GPRS), or using text messages (SMS).
  • auto refresh: twibble can retrieve tweets automatically after a given time period.
  • optimized to generate as little data traffic as possible. Only new tweets are fetched to reduce data traffic.
  • integrated timeline: Tweets and direct messages are displayed in a single list sorted by date. There is no need to retrieve tweets and direct messages separatly, or to switch between various lists.
  • open web links contained in a tweet (via phone browser).
  • re-tweet (forward) of tweets.With a few clicks you can re-send a tweet you received without re-typing.
  • quick @replies
  • you can add friends
  • mark tweets as favourites: Useful on the road when you want to mark a tweet for later reading.
  • cancel network requests (twibble is multi threaded)
To download Twibble head to on your mobile browser.

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Twibble - New Twitter App for BlackBerry


Ok so im a little confused does twibble use data or sms??? i know twitterberry uses data...but it really wasnt to clear to me as both data and SMS were mentioned in the application features...

I just got my BB Bold from Rogers yesterday .
Tried downloading it ., on 3G and Wifi .. no go

@twibble was notified


Twibble has a few areas they need to tweak before it becomes a great app. Mostly it's navigation. It's confusing. Especially when you press menu, and only get a menu that you have to select the choice for the actual menu...

thank you all for the feedback! As you know BBs are a bit special when it comes to menus, navigation, and software download/installation. Anyway, we have a new version available at which hopefully solves some of the issues. If you are unhappy with the menu you may also want to try the keyboard shortcuts. Pls see here:

I downloaded both Twibble & TwitterBerry to try them both for the first time. The newest version of TwitterBerry (as of 2/24/09) is much more funtional and easy to use then Twibble. You actually get to see the other users/friends pictures when reading their tweets. Additionally you can reply to them easily from the navaigation menu.

Twibble simply shows you the feed from Twitter. In the same amount of time I spent learning TwitterBerry, I was still unable to figure out how to post a Tweet, Reply or Direct Message with Twibble. Save yourself time and head ache and down load TwitterBerry.

I know I'm all late on this, but this app is AMAZING!! I've used TwitterBerry and TinyTwitter before but I think I like this one better!

My BlackBerry has data access both via BIS and BES. It looks like Twibble defaults to using BES if available. Of course the BES proxy blocks all social media (heck, who needs the 21st century?).
I've encountered this sort of issue before and having the option to override the data source would be really useful for resolving this kind of issue.

I am not finding twibble user-friendly. It often hangs on me. I just like it because you'd be able to upload pictures. I like Snaptu better.