TweetGenius Officially Released (Again) - 50 Free Copies!

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2009 02:59 pm EDT

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It seemed like it came and went. TweetGenius, the first premium Twitter client for BlackBerry, swooped in and then in a poof it was gone again. If you didn't get to purchase it upon the initial release, you were sadly out of luck for the last few months. Well the good news is that its finally here. The minds behind TweetGenius teamed up with BeeJive (makers of the amazing BeeJive IM) and have finally dropped a crazy new pollen-infused version of TweetGenius. The early version had some struggles on older devices (like my 8330) and people had some complaints. Well no comments went unnoticed, and the new version of TweetGenius is much improved, faster and ready for the world again. 

Get TweetGenius: TweetGenius is available for all devices except for the Pearl and Pearl Flip for $7.99. It may seem a bit steep for a Twitter app, but it is well worth the price. It has been overhauled and works with OS 4.3 or higher. You can buy it now from

Contest: We've got 50 free copies of TweetGenius to give away for free to the CrackBerry Nation! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count!

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TweetGenius Officially Released (Again) - 50 Free Copies!



Here's ya chance to prove that TweetGenius is better than SocialScope. I am a loyal SocialScope user but I may could be persuaded to TweetGenius with a free copy. hahaha

I had thought about buying the last version of this, but it kinda sucked on my friend's Storm.

Now (hopefully) I can try it out for free!

Got my 1's berry 2day and not really like the other options for twitter. Before I had a windows phone and used pocketwit which I really liked.

I've tried for months to get TweetGenius. Either it is super-rad or BGR does a damn good promoting stuff. Oh yeah, they do. Dammit.

Give me a free copy and satisfy my curiosity, please.

I'm so sick of Ubertwitter, BerryTwitter, and all the other no good Twitter clients! I would definately appreciate this app and it would definately make me the envy of all my friends and family! Thanks TweetGenius BeeVibe and Crackberry!

I would love to try out this software. I have already used Twitterberry, Ubertwitter and Socialscope. It would be nice to evaluate a premium Twitter software for the first time.

I had purchased this more then a few months ago when it came out and they just continually kept upgrading it with each upgrade getting worse. So i also had to keep UberTwitter on my phone THEN I got a new BB. Since then I was NEVER able to transfer my pin, I wrote in their support forum, did all the things they stated and nothing. I have been more then fed up with TG and their support as I also had over 5 of my friends get it and pay for it and we all ended up wasting our money because the application continued to freeze our BB's.

I really do try and give new applications the benefit of the doubt but if support was just going to keep ignoring me and the tons of other ppl that couldnt transfer their pin for all these months...then how could I actually think any good of the product. Ive lost $5 and use a free Twitter application, looks like ill be sticking to Uber unless im selected for a free copy to give it another try. Either way, their support suxs. Hope you all have a better experience then I did.

I loveeee twitter, i tweet constantly and this app is perfect for me! soo please please please give me this app :D

Although I do not tweet yet, I have really been thinking about doing so. This might just make mind up on the subject. Thanks for considering me in the contest.

I've been waiting MONTHS for this! I've heard it's worth the wait and now I have a chance to get it FREE?!?! Make my dreams come true!!

I'm still new with Twitter and it is easily confusing in a pc, so maybe if you were to pick me for a free copy, it might be easier for me to nativigate in BB. thank you

I saw the video run down the first time around, definitely want one. but yeah 7.99 a bit too steep there.

I loved using this app when it was first released. I hope all the bugs are fixed, because when it worked correctly, it was the best twitter app out.

Twitter is my canvas and my Blackberry the brush. Allow me to create masterpieces and share them with the world with TweetGenius.

I heard about Tweet Genius right when they stopped making it available. I've been trying to get a copy ever since. Help me out Crackberry.