TweetCaster - New Free Twitter Client for BlackBerry Smartphones by Handmark

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2009 09:35 am EDT

There are over a dozen Twitter clients for BlackBerry and new ones are popping up all the time. The newest player to the Twitter game is TweetCaster by Handmark. It doesn't boast any revolutionary features, but it does get the job done. Multiple account support, URL shortening, GPS and trending topic list are just a few. The layout is a bit rough and needs some work, but the app is a good start. TweetCaster is free, and to get it all you need to do is head to this page and send a Tweet. You can also check out a demo video here.

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TweetCaster - New Free Twitter Client for BlackBerry Smartphones by Handmark


Tried it, liked the layout and GUI but the fact that it would not update me to new tweets was disappointing. Holds promise for future dev. Deleted and went back to UberTwitter.

I downloaded it made one post and deleted it. I will stick with Ubertwitter.

Tweetcaster looks like something that just came out of a cartoon or something, like it was thrown together in about 20 mins

Sorry handmark

Not a fan of it right now. If they were to update it to auto refresh and support alerts I would use it over UberTwitter, until then UT remains my #1 app for Twitter.

Looks terrible.
I like the multiple account option, but that's not going to get me to download it. Sorry. Ubertwitter all the way.

UberTwitter definitely wins in my opinion however I;m going to keep this application simply because it posts the pictures to twit pic! lol UberTwitter's picture posting is odd..

Im gonna keep my ubertwitter still but these is a pretty cool app. Im digging the using multiple accounts it was a huge issue switching between my accounts on ubertwitter.

I'll stick with ubertwitter. The control bar at the top is way too small for my fingers and some of the UI is not intuitive - maybe I'm slow?

its a bit too slow for me. I'm in Australia though so I dont know if that makes a difference? I'll stick with ubertwitter... until tweeteev comes out that is :D

Started out on Twitterberry, then moved to Ubertwitter, just downloaded TweeterCaster and am very impressed. Lot of versatility. Nice job.

I downloaded almost immediately after I discovered its release. Unfortuately, it never gave me updates to the ppl I was following. UBER TWITTER, please forgive me for cheating on you with another Twitter app... I'm coming back to you ASAP because you are the truth!!

I downloded this app on my Curve 8330 & I LOVE it! Well worth "tweeting" about.
* Looks great.
* Is not any slower than the other Twitter apps that I have tried.
* Has a lot of cool features & gives you access to multiple accounts.

I don't love the way this looks and I do like Uber, but bottom line is more of these apps need to support multiple Twitter accounts, so right now Tweetcaster is the only game in town. That's enough for me to give it a whirl...

TweetCaster is ok for a free client, and if you want support for multiple accounts it's great. It works well and looks good on the Storm, but it doesn't auto-refresh which can be annoying. Also, the photo feature is pretty useless, as you have to go through the file directory and choose a picture by filename alone, rather than being able to send it from a thumbnail or the picture itself.

it's slow tho on my Curve 8320. Like the poster above me said, it's fine. Not GREAT. But it's fine. I definitely preferred UberTwitter and I would love it if UT supports multiple accounts soon. I guess I'll try SocialScope next. Or TweetGenius. What's going on with TweetGenius, is the new version out yet?

I never used Uber Twitter so I can't compare the two. But I do like the interface on Tweetcaster. Although it does not automatically refresh, it provides a big button top-center that says REFRESH. I'll stick with it until after giving Uber Twitter a shot at my business.

I cannot get the app to work. The email for feedback is defunct. This app blows. It will not work on my Blackberry 9800. I could really cuss Seesmic out for leaving us Blackberry users hanging.