TweetBook for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

TweetBook BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 25 Aug 2011 09:50 am EDT

If you're looking for a new Twitter app for your BlackBerry PlayBook, TweetBook might be the one for you. This new client from Smarter Apps brings Twitter to your PlayBook in grand fashion. It's multi-pane design lets you access DM's, mentions and full timeline as well as your camera, search, multiple accounts and much more.

TweetBook is designed to feel and function as a native Twitter application for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This provides the user with a high quality, full-featured Twitter experience: search, browse, send images, messages, follow your interests and friends while tweeting to your heart's content on Twitter® with ease and simplicity.

TweetBook manages all of Twitter's content within sleek, rich graphics and multi-pane windows, supports multiple accounts, and receiving notifications on your PlayBook home screen will keep you on top of your friends, mentions and interests. TweetBook also takes advantage of the BlackBerry PlayBooks built-in camera, allowing you to directly take and upload images to your tweets - it couldn't be simpler!

TweetBook sells in BlackBerry App World for $4.99, so while it may be a bit steep for some, it's definitely a great option for Twitter on the PlayBook. We'll have a full review coming up so stay tuned!

More information/download of TweetBook

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TweetBook for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available



That's £5 in the land of RIM currency conversion.

That's a lot for a Twitter client, no matter how good it is.

Still waiting for a freebie. I'm sure RIM will eventually release their own. Can check on my Bold or through the browser until then.

5.00 is alot for a twitter client. I guess it makes sense. People want twitter and your the first and only guy on the market so you up the price until others show up.

Looks a little Compared to the HC and ios twitter apps but that should change real soon.

RIM or Twitter, since you have access to Twitter's mobile site from PlayBook, has significantly improved Twitter UI recently. However, I have problems with putting cursor in the end of the tweet to add hashtag for tweet fo be sent to FB and Linkedin.

I suppose people really can't get over that minor difference of using the web bookmark on the homepage and an app.

Admittedly there is the minor benefit of getting notifications about tweets, but that is NOT worth 5 bucks.


i tried Blackird for a while but didn't like it now i'm using Blaq and it's great...i will wait and see the full review on this before i download it

THIS is the first twitter client on PlayBook you can really use for daily work:
* landscape and portrait
* fast view of sites linked to tweet in embedded browser
* autocomplete @...
* adding media
* support of camera
over all: it's really fun to work with

Does Blaq to rotation or autocomplete? I don't think so, or at least it didn't the last time I looked.

5 bucks? Who do they think they are EA games?

I'll stick to Blaq for Playbook. It does everything this thing does (uploads photos, multiple accounts, DMs, Mentions, shortened URLs, @ auto-complete, view linked sites in and outside of the app, even searches and lists) and its free. The only thing it doesn't do is switch between portrait and landscape mode.

So I guess the 5 bucks is to switch between landscape and portrait. Hmmm...

Check out the app itself they used CB screenshots and or the developer is an avid follower of our very own blogger, Bla1ze!

If you click through to the screenshots on the AppWorld site, you can see that it has a nice, large input area, which would be much easier to edit than the tiny one in Blaq. I like Blaq, but even at five bucks, I may give this one a shot.

Twitter in the browser is terrible, the javascript just doesn't run fast enough. My browser has crashed so many times doing it that way. I keep hoping for a native twitter app from RIM, I don't really want to spend $5.

I just deleted this app and demanded a refund from RIM. They did indeed refund me. On my PB 16GB, the app was slow, unresponsive and froze several times. I was flabbergasted that such an unreliable app could be touted as 'the best Twitter' app. It's certainly the most expensive one, at £5! You've been warned.