Tweet To Win: A new BlackBerry 7 device and a trip to Toronto for you and two friends!

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2011 04:04 pm EDT

RIM has now kicked off their #BB7FanNight contest on Twitter and up for grabs is a brand new BlackBerry 7 device plus, a trip to Toronto for you and two friends to hang out with plenty of other BlackBerry fans (if you're not in the TO area, you'll have to get there on your own). If you look around Twitter, plenty of folks have already entered but your chances are just as good as theirs so  -- get tweeting. If you're looking for the full contest details, they can be found via the source link below.

Full contest details

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Tweet To Win: A new BlackBerry 7 device and a trip to Toronto for you and two friends!


Bla1ze - I think your tweet in reply said it all; would be nice if there were some BB7 devices available to be fans of!

*sigh* the "deets" that tweet referred to now turn out to have been for BB Fan Scam or whatever it is.

So l;et me get this straight.

You have to sign up
You have to post 7 words on twitter to say why BB is awesome for doing things on it

You then have a chance at winning 1 of 40 phones running OS 7 (once in the market) and you MUST show up to the BB Event in Toronto on Wednesday Aug 3rd.

You are required to pay your way to the event, and you MUST attend to collect your prize....

RIM literally just ran the worst contest/promotion ever. You think someone from Alberta is going to go "oh gee golly, I won a $650 Blackberry that I wont even get in hand until they start selling them, but I also have to pay my own way to Toronto to accept my prize"

What are those marketing goons at RIM smoking?!?!

Its hilarious that a lot of the "submissions" aren't really following the guidelines AT ALL. However, I did miss the pay your own proviso...and that's extremely stupid!

Yes, which means that if someone is going to go to the event they are likely a BlackBerry fan. It's a treat for fans that live in the cities where these events take place. If they just awarded them to random people it would defeat the purpose of thanking the community. If you weren't so determined to criticize them it would be rather obvious.

And you are forgetting that is only for "legal residents of Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec) and the United States".
And the rest of the World?

Yeah, I tried to sign up with my Montreal address.. No go... Damn you stupid contest!!! Whatever, at least I can go to the corner store to be my beer...

Pretty sure, Kevin, that the "RIMPIRE" can only "STRIKE BACK" with some new phones gracing the shelves of ATT and Verizon. Where are they??? Didn't some RIMM agent post, yesterday, that we would have "DEETS" today??

That tweet turned out to be referring to the "deets" on this BB Fan Night business, not on the phones. Bla1ze got snookered in by this tweet, DIDN'T YOU BLA1ZE??? ;)

So did Adam with the supposed FB 2.0 release news -- that FB post was referring to BB Fan Night.

How about a retraction, and perhaps a slam of the semi-coherent type who's tweeting for RIM?

FYI, it's not "a trip to Toronto" that you win, it's three tickets to the event. You have to get yourself there. And according to the contest rules, if you can't get yourself there, you don't get the prize pack.

Save up for your plane tickets...


Yeah, this is a horrible horrible contest. RIM, I have faith in you... please fire whoever came up with this idea thinking it was going to swoon people to using your devices.

Seems more like someone who thought "win a trip to Toronto" meant "win a trip to Toronto"...

It would be great to win. I want to know what's in store with BB7. I'm a fan of handset security, mobility, functionality. It RIM keeps delivering I'll still be a true blackberry user.

So here come a "CSI Moment".... Are we to assume that if you can pick up your new OS7 BB on Aug. 3rd, does that mean OS 7 phones will be released on that day - or in the general vicinty of that day???? Are these the friggin DEETS announced yesterday???

This new marketing team at RIMM should be called "TEAM SPHINX" - this is sad....

If the potential Winner resides in Canada, he/she will be required to answer a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, which will be administered by Sponsor at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time, before being declared a winner. - wtf?

As always, the contest is for north americans only. Every contest or campaign they've launched in the recent past (at least the once I'm aware of) simply ignore the rest of the world.
Don't get me wrong, I love my BB, but I'm not married to this brand. As specially not, if they constantly discriminate some of their customers.

They hold similar events in Europe and Asia. They have a Meet The PlayBook event going on in Germany right now.

Are people really going to bitch about free events now?

Exactly how is it free for anyone outside the Toronto area? I'm in the US and it would cost me about $650 for a flight and hotel just to claim a stupid $650 prize. Really? My company gives away $1000 prizes in a random drawing and does it all the time. This is a really stupid promotion.

Did you ever stop to consider that maybe the world doesn't revolve around you? RIM put on the same tours in major cities for the PlayBook. If you don't live near one of them then that's just the way life is. And please name your company because if they don't have give-aways in my city that means they are garbage and don't know how to run a business.

Yeah, I didn't say it was bogus just for people in the US. I said anyone outside the Toronto area. That's not just the US. Maybe you have a case of US-envy, where anything not about Canada is automatically about the US. I would if I were you, cause you know we could come up there with a few horses and girl scouts and take over your country.

Look at the contest rules.

NO HANDSETS will be given away that night!

You have to wait until they start selling through carriers, THEN you get one shipped to you.

Dumb promotions/contests are dumb

was super excited about this contest til i read the rules, what a waste of time, can we just get some phones already

If the potential Winner resides in Canada, he/she will be required to answer a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, which will be administered by Sponsor at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time, before being declared a winner. --Thought that was funny enough to repeat. Could I use my fingers?

That is required under provincial/federal law.... But at least unlike in the US, we don't pay tax on prizes or lottery winnings.

read the rules.... I think you need to tweet 7 words describing stuff BB helps you do.

"To Enter, tweet a fun message from your Twitter account including 7 words that describe how BlackBerry helps you get things done on the go, or how BlackBerry helps you collaborate or socialize with others (“Entry”)."

For instance, "I like BlackBerry because Twitter is great on it, the Camera rocks and the Screen is shiny"

Obviously the challenge is writing a 140 word sentence that uses 7 descriptive words as to how BB helps you do what you do.

So they are running a Toronto fan night, and then nothing else?

Are we to presume there will be a Vancouver and Montreal fan night? will there be a Chicago, LA, Miami, etc Fan night?

I bet you'll find this is one contest, and it is being promoted poorly.

They told everyone "oh hey we got a crazy announcement"

And they come up with "We're doing a party in Toronto but everyone in North America, excluding Quebec is more than welcome to enter to win and then pay their own way to get there to "accept" the prize that we won't even give them that night.

It's a stupid promotion... Must be nice if you live in Toronto, for everyone else it's a huge let down.

They've had many parties and events throughout the world! Where have you been? Did you miss all the BBM Lounge Parties they held in California? What about the PlayBook launch party in NY? They're all over.

Just like the announcement of the 9900 back in May and we are still sitting around with our thumbs up our a$$es waiting for it, this announcement was equally as stooooooooopid.

I would just like to "win" the opportunity to buy a 9930 at full price. How about that contest.

So you have to have a twitter account and send out messages to enter this contest? Disgusting! Just release the fracking phones!

OR guess when the BB7 phones will be released contest?

Closest one to the exact date wins a chance to be in a raffle to win more chances to win!!!

Bla1ze since when did the Toronto area change from GTA to just TO, i must've missed the nomenclature change.

For everyone else that is unhappy. I don't think it's right to complain about a contest where they give you things for free, albeit that you need to get to Toronto for;. Is this this par for the course now? Honestly if you don't like what they're offering, then don't participate, leave the slots open to people who actually want the devices.

But specifically for the people doing all the BWC, when did crackberry stop becoming a site for people who like blackberry, and turn into the home of whiny douchemongers?


I'm wayne, and thats your new opinion.

-Sent from my iPhone on AT&T

I was looking forward to it as well. But they aren't to blame, just blame this retarded province's way of doing contest that requires the Quebec Gaming and Lottery commission for wanting a portion of the value (or was it 50$ per contest or something I can't remember exact details) of the contest.

Sad, we are always excluded. I'm still going to end up buying a 9900 regardless. :P

What is it with Canadians eh? Tom Green and now RIM... so the announcement today is that there will be an announcement on 8/3. Thats right the "deets" of todays annoucement is that we'll be giving you "deets" on August 3rd..... I wonder what the annoucement on the 3rd will be?

Let's win this .... This is amazing .... I really really wanna win this ... Help me out .....
WOW , hoping positive answer ..