Tweet with a punch through the new UberWarrior theme for UberSocial

By Jared DiPane on 24 Sep 2011 04:56 pm EDT


If you have used or read about the Twitter client UberSocial, odds are you know that many users love the ability to change themes on it. 50cent himself even had a custom Uber50 theme made for the application. Today the folks at UberMedia have released yet another theme for the application, this time a martial arts styled theme named UberWarrior. The theme has a custom martial arts background, with a grey, black and red color scheme, and is available as a free download. You will need to be running the latest version of UberSocial for it to work, so be sure to hit the source link and get yourself all set up.

More information / download of UberWarrior 



First! And let's go Jones, kick Rampage's A$$.


GNARLY! Never have tried UberSocial thought? Might give it a whirl with that theme


Seems Jared DiPane was an ex Blackberry user that jumped ship to Android and now back on Blackberry? Or just writing blogs for Crackberry?Seems he also wrote blogs for Android Central ( Hmmm, think Crackberry Nation deserves an answer as they have been wondering just who Jared DiPane is.

Adam Zeis

He's a CB writer that also writes for AC. Uses multiple platforms like most of us - myself, Bla1ze and Michelle included. 


I'm impressed with Uber's resurrection.

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...


Bold is beautiful. I got my 9900... it's so sexy. :P


Has UberSocial mantained their standards? I used to use it a couple of years back when it used to be called UberTwitter and I remember it being the BEST twitter app on the bb... I haven't used it in a while so I'm just wondering if it still is?


If you ask me.. It's still is the best one out there for Blackberry :)


Nice theme just wish the red wasn't so bright.


Nice theme, only the red selection is a deal breaker for me...


That looks great wonder if they have this theme for android as well

Jared DiPane

They sure do. It is available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS versions of UberSocial.


Still the best twitter client for BlackBerry IMHO, however their themes leave a bit to be desired.
Tried this one and not impressed. I still use the ole "midnight' theme, very easy to read, and easy on the eyes too.


Anybody knows if you can dissable the sound when tweeting? It's annoyingggggg