Turn Your BlackBerry's Camera Flash and LED into a Customized Flashlight with FREE FlashOn App

By Robert Loblaw on 24 Feb 2010 06:37 pm EST
FlashOn for BlackBerry Smartphones

So it's not exactly a "Super App" by RIM's definition, but you can't deny how handy it is to use your BlackBerry as a flashlight when you need to find your way in the dark. Better than just letting your homescreen wallpaper light the way, ShaoSoft's FlashOn app is a lot more full featured, allowing you to: set the color of the front LED or turn it off, set the colour of the screen, use the video camera flash LED as a light source and customize the duration of the light. For full description, instructions and to download, follow the link below.

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Turn Your BlackBerry's Camera Flash and LED into a Customized Flashlight with FREE FlashOn App


Anyone figure out the right settings to make the camera led come on at startup and the video camera shutdown on close?

I have increased both delays as high as 195, but the light never comes on, and the camera never closes. I'm on a 9700 running .442.

Be sure to turn the video light on in the video camera options. but I'm with you in that the camera stays open, and I've increased the delay to 1000...

I just realized that this works. I guess there is no need for a separate app. Thanks for the info.

when i launch the app it turns on camera with flash and a blue led, but i cannot change the color of the led or the color of the screen, is there something im missing here but but when i try to access the menu for this app it just closes the app and leaves my camera on.

Are you able to get to the options screen? Also all permissions must be set to allow for it to close the camera.

Read the instructions... I had the same problem for about 1 min till I read em... You have to access the options menu when the first loading screen opens. Do this by pressing keys. Then y can Chang color and what not.

Good free app for damn sure ... It gets the job done... but I already have the jared company's "one touch flashlight v2".

but i messed the app up, tried to see what would happen if i change the delay settings to zero, this wasnt a good idea as now everytime i run the app, it will not let me into the settings anymore and all id does is freeze up my phone, pretty much all it does is turn my screen white, and the "starting up....getting settings" stays on till i do a battery pull!

Ok, I downloaded it, why does it turn on my video camera? I don't get it. Guess i'd better read the instructions first....

I just updated the instructions on the product page, let me know if you still have any problems getting it going.

Just noticed that when you turn the Storm to portrait it turns the light off... Just something I noticed

I need an app to do what I can already do manually, and I need to let this app bypass all device security in order to do so? Thanks for trying but no thanks.

You could, but there are a few extra features in FlashOn, first if you just use the video camera the light will turn off when your backlight turns off, in FlashOn you can set how long you want it to stay on, also you can turn on the front LED and change the colour of the screen. I agree it's a basic app which is why I made it free.

The camera light still turns itself off, I found it takes more time to fire the application than pressing the button for camera and switching to video to turn on the flash.

Don't get me wrong, thanks for the free application, I really appreciate it; yet I don't find a reason to use it, unless I'm missing something.

I found that out after paying $3 for a "Flashlight app". I've since deleted that app. I can't tell you how many times I've used my 9700 as a flashlight.

FYI, I got the spacebar tip from RIM via twittter @BlackBerryHelp

I have Allowed all permissions, but I can't seem to get the Options to come up when I "press any key" at the start up of FlashOn. Just takes me to the Video Camera and the Options in there seem different from the options for the app...

Figured it out!

Turns out you can't click ANY key. it has to be on the QWERTY board I guess. I was just clickin the trackpad down and tried the menu button. So I'm guessing nothing on the Home Row can start the Options when launching the FlashOn App.

This app is garbage. All it does it turn on the video camera, I expected it to do something else, not this....tried it ounce and deleted it.

I may be a newb because im not sure how to allow permissions from all apps to allow this app to work. Am I supposed to go through each app one by one and hit allow for connections, interactions and data? I mean it seems like a bit much to disable security on everything just to use this app. I gotta be honest I really just liked the idea of changing the color of the LED light. Does anyone know of any apps that do that?

I had the app. then had a huge problem with the letter "q" typing on its own when trying to bberry message, text or dial. Took my phone back to carrier for service and had 2 keypads changed and still had the problem. Loaded the app to my wifes phone and she had the "q" issue...uninstalled it off both phones and now have no "q" problem.

I was hoping this was going to change the color of my LED indicator buy only when I am in camera mode? I couldn't get it to change the color when I get emails or BBM messages.

I have a BB 8530 running OS 5.0. When I go into the Video Camera Options, I only have the option to change Color Effect, Video Format, and Setting Convenience Keys.

so i was just messing around and wanted to see what would happen if i change the delays to zero, turns out this was a bad idea because it just freezes up my phone, i've deleted and reinstalled the app about 3-4 times now and now by default it saves the new delay settings, and it WILL NOT let me into the setting to fix, anyone else have this problem? or am i just the only one?

was an awesome app for the 5 minutes that it was working till i decided to mess with it, looks like i will never get it working!