Turn Off the Very Annoying Camera Shutter Sound on your GSM BlackBerry Curve or Pearl with BerryAnnoying!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jun 2008 03:34 pm EDT

BerryAnnoying A lot of BlackBerry Users and Abusers out there are going to be happy to hear this... it seems you actually can shut off the shutter sound on your BlackBerry Curve or Pearl's camera.

BerryAnnoying, just released by Zaventh Ventures, sells for $3.95 and allows you to take photos with your BlackBerry silently. BerryAnnoying installs a new camera shortcut onto your BlackBerry homescreen. Launch the camera by clicking that icon (you'll want to hide the standard camera launcher) and you'll find the shutter no longer snaps! It's simple and it works. Note that it *may* not work on CDMA Curves and Pearls - 8330/8130.

Zaventh also sells a simple flashlight app for the BlackBerry called BLight, and just today have launched their latest utility, called AutoStandby. AutoStandby installs a shortcut onto your BlackBerry which allows you easily put your device in standby (better battery life savings over locking your keyboard). As always, you bring your BlackBerry back to life by holding down the mute key

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Um, can't you just put it on vibrate or silent and save yourself $3.95???? Just a thought.


BlackBerry has specifically designed the camera app to make the shutter sound no matter what profile you have active. I once read something about privacy laws in Japan or something like that. Keeps the people from snapping pics of people without them knowing.


You know, I've heard about that law before, which I find kind of funny, since I can turn off all the sounds on my Sony camera, which was just released February 2008.

Maybe it has to do with my camera actually looking like a camera...


once I installed berryannoying, I am now no longer able to zoom when I take pictures, is this just a coincidence or does it have something to do with the app?


i just tried putting it on silent vibrate and turning sound off completely and it still makes the sound.


What it does exactly is lower the sound of the shutter. If you listen closely you can still hear it.


These two I have seen are really great. I think most users would love them.


It shows that this may not be compatible with CDMA XX30, has anyone had success with it on an 8130 or 8330?


I see that too... i'm not going to chance it, i rarely take pics anyways... and even more rarely at times when the shutter sound would be unacceptable.

However i did not know about AutoStandby... which i am VERY intrigued by. I like the sounds of it alot.

New Blackberry Owner

The apps from Zaventh Ventures are very handy and worth it. I particularly like the flashlight app. It helps when I am looking around in my purse for smaller items. Two thumbs up.

New Blackberry Owner

The apps from Zaventh Ventures are very handy and worth it. I particularly like the flashlight app. It helps when I am looking around in my purse for smaller items. Two thumbs up.


This is great news. IMO this should've been an option in the camera menu from the get-go. It's not RIM's job to police the world!


I call my voice mail and turn the volume all the way down, then take a pic. No shutter tone ;-)


Genius! Just saved me $4


niiiiiccceeee!!! thanks!! =)


Does not work for me. 8350I
states that camera will not work with a call in progress or something like that


works for me with the blackberry pearl flip. love it!


Actually, this doesn't work that well. If I call my voicemail and turn my volume all the way down, I can't hear a shutter tone. With the BerryAnnoying software, I can still hear a slight shutter tone. I kind of want my money back now =/


Hello and thank you all for your comments and e-mails. I am pleased to hear many of you are enjoying all of these applications. BerryAnnoying specifically aims to resolve a long desired ability by many users to mute the camera shutter sound by offering a convenient and extremely simple to use application. All you have to do is replace your camera convenience key with BerryAnnoying and you never even know you are using it.

It is true that a very slight shutter sound can still be heard, but because there is no lesser volume than what BerryAnnoying uses (RIM calls it "mute" even) and because I feel the sound is so faint you'd really have to be holding the phone next to your ear or in area of very unusual silence, I felt comfortable describing BerryAnnoying as effectively muting the sound. I think most people will find that even in quiet places such as libraries, meetings, etc that they will not hear the sound.

At $3.95, or cheaper than many themes, I really wanted to make this very useful application available to almost anyone. Plus, if you have multiple phones, you are free to install it on the devices you own. I apologize that I did not make this as clear earlier. Please feel free to contact me via Crackberry or the support link anytime.

ricky peinado

hey email me back please


It didn't install an icon on my homepage, it went to my Downloads folder and I transferred it to my Applications folder. Dunno how to put it on my homepage in lieu of the Camera Icon. Is this why it doesn't work on a storm? I launch it and the shutter is as loud as ever.
Also, I take pictures that are far from perverted and the shutter sound just sometimes makes people turn their heads with that stupid look or sneer that all photographers have to put up with.
Can you help me, I'd really like to get rid of this highly annoying feature.


Well I'm out $4.00, it doesn't work at all on a Storm. As a dumb newbie, I didn't take time to look and check out compatability.


Thanx a77boy. Your cure really works. Have a Corona on me!


Just letting everyone know that you can put your phone on standby by simply holding the mute key. Then, you hit the mute key again to bring it back.


Seriously, who other than someone taking photos of people without their knowledge and/or permission would need to defeat the shutter sound? Sounds like this is a product invented specifically for pedophiles, upskirters, and other such degenerates.


People wanting to take a picture of a sleeping baby would probably want the sound off.. don't want a screaming kid just to get a nice quick shot for the relatives..


I love taking pictures of my sleeping Pug but she always wakes up from the shutter.


taking photos of documents in a library?

Sounds like you're the pervert with their mind in the gutter.


I was just at a funeral and the noisy berry made it almost impossible for memories. Weddings too. And many other NORMAL type picture takings. Come on RIM. It's not good policy to frustrate your customers with something so NORMAL on all cameras.


Thats exactly the problem I have - my sleeping 6 month-old...that shutter is a killer...of course, I discovered the voice mail trick about a month ago.


The warning rings true for cdma users, at least sprint. Oh well, can still use the old voicemail trick without problems. Cdma users, you need not download, it will not work. Thanks for the app though.


The warning rings true for cdma users, at least sprint. Oh well, can still use the old voicemail trick without problems. Cdma users, you need not download, it will not work. Thanks for the app though.


Oh no! Now most pervs are going like this feature.


Why does everyone think that it has to be a pervert taking a silent picture? Ever been to a wedding before where you may not want everyone turning around to look at you taking a picture? Or sleeping baby? I don't think the problem lies with the people who want the shutter sound off but more likely than not the perverts who think of reasons it should be mandatory.


I have a Blackbery Curve 8330 through Alltel, and BerryAnnoying does not work on my phone.


Does this work with the blackberry storm???


I agree with annoyedcrackberryuser(unverified)...WHY does everyone try to make this about being a perv...at a wedding..a recital..at work..in church..the movies (previews)..taking pics with a clicking noise is rude and annoying and I don't feel like having everyone look at me and my g/f take a picture because they hear the noise... END of story..everyone isn't trying to take dirty pictures... I question the people who keep making those comments.


I'm going to purchase a Crackberry Curve 8300 CDMA phone when it's released on Metro PCS in the spring. I don't want a shutter sound simply because it's annoying and I think it's my right to mute the sound if I want to.

On an old CDMA phone I had, I was able to get rid of the shutter sound by using BitPim and uploading a modded camerasound.dat file to the phone. Does anyone have anything like this for the Crackberry?



I have a Curve 8330 through Verizon. Took a photo once and there was no shutter sound. I don't know how it happened. Tried the voicemail trick and it did not work and ideas?


Never knew about the Voicemail trick - tidy!


Voicemail trick worked great!


Confirmed using a BB Torch running OS v6.0.4.45

Put phone on "Silent". Not Vibrate but Silent, then dial Voicemail and hit Mute. Either on-screen Mute, or top-right Mute key.

While Mute will turn off the Shutter sound, if the phone is NOT on Silent you'll still hear an audible tone as the phone dials the Voicemail system. Having the phone on Silent silences this "dialing Voicemail" tone.

Press the Torch's sidebutton to activate the Camera, then hit OK to confirm "Continue Call & Exit to Camera".

You can now take photos without annoying the rest of the audience, waking the baby, scaring the dog, or alerting your far-too-cute children that “I’m taking photos of you being cute & adorable!” which always results in them stopping whatever cute thing they’re doing and either mugging for the camera (nowhere near as cute) or standing there motionless (not cute at all).

If you find it distracting you may also want to turn off the LED Flash.