TuneIn Radio Pro spices up on the go radio with tons of features - 50 copies to be won!

By Jared DiPane on 1 Jun 2011 04:11 pm EDT

TuneIn Radio Pro

Having music in my pocket with me while on the go is definitely something that I find to be a necessity, and while I don't like to load my SD card up with tons of music, I do like to have a variety with me in case I am in the mood for something different at that time. Some local radio stations play quite a nice mix of music around me so at times I find myself wanting to listen to the radio, but while not near a car or a desk it can be a bit hard -- that is until TuneIn Radio. We have previously talked about TuneIn Radio, but they now have a Pro version which allows users to record the radio content or to pause the live radio if they wish, which are pretty handy features for users on the go. Whether a casual radio listener, or a music lover, this is a must have for all BlackBerry devices!

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Contest: We have 50 copies of TuneIn Radio Pro to give away courtesy of TuneIn! To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person please, contest ends this Sunday at Midnight. Good luck!  

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TuneIn Radio Pro spices up on the go radio with tons of features - 50 copies to be won!



The only thing better than TuneIn is TuneIn Pro. I drive 350 miles several times/mo to head home from Fort Bragg. I stream TuneIn to my radio all the time and would love to use Pro to have some saved tunes to play.

Got the basic, would love the pro. Helps me train for my upcoming position with the police thanks to the scanner function.

what a great application and a fantastic contest! i would LOVE this!!! you wouldn't believe my TuneIn addiction lol....please pick me!

This would be great to have. I am always listening to my tunein radio and am wanting to rewind to get something I missed.

TuneIn beats I heart radio hands down. Much better variety of stations -- including dozens of internet-only stations, which aren't a feature in the aforementioned app. And podcast listings are pretty stellar as well. I can finally listen to KCRW no matter where I am.

omg...my mom would love this!! She always listen to the chinese music radio on the computer and would love the ability to listen to it on the go.

I love this app. Super thanks to the developers for being so dedicated to bring this to the masses. Cheers!

I have TuneIn Radio on my Torch. If you like music you need TuneIn Radio on your BlackBerry! Enough said.
Thanks CrackBerry & TuneIn Radio!

Been rockin' the beta Pro v2.0 build 208. Would love to try the latest release. Please pick BCMike

Been using the free version. It is very good. Would love the extra features of the pro version.

I'll throw my hat in :)

I've been useing Tunein free version for months.
Great app, will always be with me now.
Would luv to win a free slice of Tunein Pro.
Thanks Tunein, CB. :)

Please enter me so I can upgrade my existing Tune In account. I use my 9700 as my primary source of music. Thanks.

The free version of this app is a must have! I have this app on all my BB's. The Pro version would be very convenient!

I would love a copy of this app! This is great and the best way to spread the word to paying customers is to give things like this away for free! Let me do that for you! I can be your marketing investment and your walking, talking advertisement! lol

I use the regular app like crazy, would really love to get the pro version. Thanks TuneIn and CrackBerry for a great contest with an amazing prize.

I downloaded the free version a couple of weeks ago and would love to take the Pro version for a ride. I travel alot and it is a nice app to have

This app is my most favorite! I can listen to the world via its simple and direct interface! I run it everyday, I love it! Thank you CB, goodjob!!!

indeed nice app...i'm usig it coming back home.....and...this is wowwwww! mobile world fm tuner...i would love to use the pro....

OMG! I so wanna win one of these. I listen to tuneIn over 8 hours a day whilst i'm working, doing homework, or in the vehicle! It's the perfect app for me and to win a pro version would be the absolute greatest!

Withe being on the road all day and having a broken car stereo, this sounds like the perfect app for me, so that i can pause it whenever i like so i don't have to miss my favorite morning show or song.

didnt win anything from long time, would definitely love to win this one, using this app from day one of by bb purchase... and also recommended it to everybody i know...

I love the current free version. It works amazingly... There is however one downside, it eats up my total bandwidth 1GB a month. The Pro version would solve this issue by simply recording several hours at night while sleeping on wifi then play it back during work the next day.