Tune into our T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 event from #CESlive!

John Legere
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2014 02:07 pm EST

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere is gaining quite the notoriety for being a bad-ass CEO. This week he crashed AT&T's CES party here in Vegas... and got kicked out. Seriously, he does the kind of stuff that I would do if I were a CEO. Crazy guy. Gotta love it.

That said, he's taking to the stage shortly to talk T-Mobile, carriers and other good stuff, and we have members of the Mobile Nations team there to witness it and report it back here live. Tune into the action below. The show starts at 12:30pm PT, 3:30pm ET, 8:30pm GMT. Given his recent past performances, he's sure to say something that will cause a stir.

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Tune into our T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 event from #CESlive!


Kev - If this guy is so "bad ass", maybe, he will have the cojones to carry the Z30 in TMob stores or, at least, online..... Why don't you ask him....

CB from the Z30

Well said, my friend! Put the BlackBerries back in the stores & let people experience the awesomeness of BB10.
With that said though, BlackBerry has got to put the pedal to the metal to market & advertise their products to the people & make them seek out & demand that the products be available in the stores. It would help also to lower the pricing when ordering direct from BlackBerry.

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10.2 came out for the Z10 Christmas Eve. It's already available.

Hopefully it won't be too long for 10.2.1.

If you are in the U.S. and cost is important to you, T-Mobile is the only way to go! You get Moore than what you pay for IMO.

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T-Mobile isn't perfect but what in this world is (except for Eva Longoria...LOL). T-Mobile offers the best pricing for the services & is the only one to give us Wi-Fi calling. My loyalty stays with T-Mo even if I'm still waiting for my OS update.
AT&T is threatened by T-Mo. That's why they made that desperate switch from T-Mobile offer recently.

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TMo > Longoria, who's just another Hollywood balloonhead with a good body that ages daily.

There are thousands of those.

Wifi calling is a definitive plus for those of of us deep inside concrete cages. +1 on that as well!

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Just use a leak, I have no idea why people don't use them instead of waiting for an update. It's. Not going to change, carriers will always be behind so stop complaining. Use BlackBerry Link and back up your phone and success. There's even instructions on how to do it, god forbid you have to learn something.

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You need to take it easy & word your posts a bit more respectfully. Some people don't want unofficial leaked crap on their phones that may not run everything they want properly. Your comment is offensive. I don't install leaks but that doesn't mean I have a problem learning something or that I'm lazy either as your comment implies.
The carriers should just get their acts together & release the updates as soon as they become available. It's poor customer service & then they tell people they have no release date for it. These official updates are tested & approved by the creator...in our case BlackBerry. There's no reason the carriers need to sit on them until they get their bloatware added into the update.

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I started installing leaks in spring the week after I got my Z10, so I bothered to learn something.

I stopped installing leaks the moment TMo released WiFi Calling for the Z10.
NONE of the leaks support WiFi Calling, so I don't install any more leaks.

We want the real thing from TMo - 10.2.1 with WiFi Calling.

Usually leaks don't include wifi calling, something that can be important if you are on T-Mobile. Do I load a leak, or do I continue to use a service that gives me phone coverage in more places?

He pretty much dodged that question, saying something to the effect (my perception) that "if we're acquired, we'll have more resources, more spectrum and we'll stay the same gang of usurpers."

Problem is, NO company stays the same after acquisition, and they may very get acquired to be squashed.

I don't think acquisition will happen. T-Mobile has got too much excitement stirred up & momentum to sell out to anyone. They will be the #1 carrier soon enough. The only thing is that they need to offer more phone choices & I'd personally like to see them totally commit to BlackBerry like Sprint once did.

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I like what they are doing with service plans. Today's new is good, but probably something that was expected (especially after AT&T jumped to announce their plan last week). I'm guessing AT&T already knew this was coming.

Their data plan makes me wish my PlayBook was the 4G version.

Good bye forever Sprint! I left for my Z10 now my other two family phones with one year left on contract are heading to T-Mobile with me!


Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

This is great news...it will be even better if TMO releases the 10.2 update and carry the Z30

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Agreed with the guy who wants you to ask about the software update!!

Tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He got his butt tossed out of an AT&T party!! He's so awesome!!

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Well N4BB is reporting TMO will no longer carry BlackBerry phones in stores or online. Screw TMO USA.

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