Tune in to the CrackBerry Podcast tomorrow at 10am ET

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Oct 2013 04:08 pm EDT

I've been out of pocket the last few weeks, so we're firing things up tomorrow to get back on track. There's plenty to talk about including the BlackBerry Z30 (Read CrackBerry's Review!), Jam Asia, all the BBRY/Fairfax news and plenty more. We'll of course talk about BBM too. I know sooo many of you out there with iPhones and Android phones are waiting on it. 

Adam, Simon, Bla1ze and I will be going live around 10am ET so be sure to tune in and join the chat. We definitely have lots to cover and some things people want cleared up, so hopefully we can cover it all. Just hit CrackBerry.com and you'll find us.

If you have any questions or anything you want us to talk about, drop a comment here and we'll try to answer some of the bigger questions.

See you then!

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Tune in to the CrackBerry Podcast tomorrow at 10am ET


Talk about the 4 camps of opinion...

BlackBerry is dead, or must fail for me to be happy
BlackBerry is about to be split up
BlackBerry is being manipulated for cheap buyout
BlackBerry was protecting it's value while it got its ducks lined up

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If all your going to do is bitch more... and hurt the sales of the new Z30, then I would rather pass!

All I want is for somebody from blackberry to throw some light on their future...I can't see them die. Hey Kevin any solid cues about this..or we will just wait for that November day and hear out the riot act!

Posted from my superhuman Q10

BlackBerry plz don't delay thinks (BBM + 10.2) than it seems you are not interested in business.

Posted by Z10



Sorry for the caps lol, it's just interesting. Can't wait to tune into the podcast! :)

Yes! I must know what's in the box! Been waiting so time to reveal it on the podcast tomorrow.
Don't make me come up there.... (cuz I don't have the gas and right now.) :)

I think they're referring to the mysterious box of prizes that was up for grabs within the past week or 2.

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10

It's the box that you had in the background in the podcast you did before your trip to Miami. You forgot to take it to Miami....

I can't understand why almost 1 month delay to get back on track with BBM!!! DOES someone can explain this????

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All I want to know is when is cross platform BBM going to finally release. Lol...

Oh and what are you guys' thoughts on the possibility of BlackBerry being sold part by part?

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Say it vs Siri

I am the Using Say it App religiously. The App is awesome, with the recent updates. I do not need my Siri on my iTouch or iPhone.

Sure Siri is better but the Say It App is 90% there and that is fine with me.
On the Say It App you must remember to say "Search + your question " vs Siri where you just ask the question. I do not mind Say It Giving me the Google search items, i like the options.

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Maybe Jim and Mike will make another Go at it. Apple misses Steve Jobs .Well BlackBerry has the the founders ready and hopefully willing for thé next mobile computing and M2m.

But get a consumer marketing team

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Could you please comment on the possibility of BBM and Waterloo-based Kik joining forces to be a 150 million-user messaging platform now that the legal animosity between BlackBerry and Kik has magically vaporized. The Kik CEO claims to be "evangelical" about his Bold 9900 when traveling outside of Canada.

I'd live to know about the silence over the wireless charging thing for the Z30. Was a big deal, then it just wasn't.

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Can you also have someone from marketing there? Can you ask them if they plan on showing the general public (through marketing) how great the z30 and 10.2 is??? Can you ask them if anyone from marketing is alive, home, or even cares? Can you ask them why they would develop such a great product if they weren't going to bother marketing it. Can you also ask them why they let the media and press shit all over the company and its products???

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Kevin! What's in the black box? Please don't keep us waiting any longer! Lol

You guys could chat about what BlackBerry will do to solve it's PR woes, who's in charge of that?, could they bring someone in to help? They sure need it.. They need to get the media off their back..

Posted from my amazing Z10!

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Change out the batteries in your crystal ball - we all want the answers that no one can give.

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can’t wait...still waiting...still can’t wait...hell hurry up man, doesn’t time go so slowww when you’re waiting for a crackberry podcast!! man so slow (is the way to go, ur know :-) ....god am so impatient

Ok so we have a few ideas what might happen to blackberry but what about us the customers will 10.2 be the last update or will we continue to get support for our phones depending on witch way back berry goes?

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We lived and liked BlackBerry products for a decade (or such) without massive advertising or "marketing". Just because their products were superior [for the effective and real usage we had].

Does the "prosumers" and Enterprises focus leads back to this state of mind ? I mean spend $$ in R&D and services instead of costly "conquest advertising" that - anyhow - cannot match the two giants' massive budgets ?

What does it mean on the hardware side ? Can they afford to delegate the build to external providers ?

- What brand would be able to match their criteria in terms of a) quality b) durability c) differentiation ?
- By doing so, won't they lose (or loose) their "DNA" ?
- Isn't the risk (brand signature evaporation) superior to the reward (lower and adaptative costs) ?
- Would Mike's (supposed/rumored/etc) "return" re-inject this "DNA" ?

Edit : is that 6PM CET ? Damm ... I won't see it live.