TSN Mobile: Blackberry Edition beta now available for download

By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2010 05:10 pm EDT
TSN Mobile: BlackBerry Edition

Into sports and looking for a great app to keep up to date on standings, scores and more? Why not check out the freshly pressed beta of the TSN Mobile app for BlackBerry. Previously only available to iPhone users, the TSN Mobile app has made the leap to the BlackBerry platform with the release of the first beta.

TSN brings all the sports information in its number one iPhone app to the Blackberry.

A beta test of the application, featuring thorough coverage of the five major leagues (NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB and NBA) was released in early October 2010. Many more sports will be added throughout the month, with a final release slated for early November.

Having tried it out on my 9700 the new app is great for all the essentials. However, installing it on my BlackBerry Torch led to some not so poitive results. I'm sure that will be corrected over time as TSN never claimed it would work on the Torch now anyways. Be sure to check it out though if you are looking for a great app to keep track of sports scores and more.

Reader comments

TSN Mobile: Blackberry Edition beta now available for download


I think I'll stick to The Score, I watch it more than TSN anyways...more basketball on The Score haha. Can't forget Cabbie On The Street either :D

I have the Torch as well Bla1ze and was wondering how The Score app & TSNs will stack up against each other.
I guess it is a good thing I didn't sell my 9700 yet! Although I guess a comparison isn't so fair as TSN is still technically a 'beta' app

TSN is to basic, I feel Score is more Blackberry based and better for Blackberry Users :)
P.S. I have a Torch

Really slow when u click on a sport or anything on my Bold 9000. And u can easily tell its from the iPhone edition, basic and all. So I think i'll jus stick with theScore app even though I still like TSN's SportCenter more than the theScore's.

This has been out for a little while now, i think it has a long way to go before i would consider using it. scoremobile is so much better. if your looking for hockey thehockeynews is even better

I love tsn a lot more than score mobile, i watch sportcentre on tsn almost every day and the score maybe once a week. However until they fine tune this app (i haven't downloaded it, going from a friends thoughts and what i can read here) i believe scoremobile will be what im using. Scoremoible is true and tested and it will take the same thing if not more for me to switch to the tsn app. I would love to see this app turn into something great as i love getting the News storeys tsn provides rather than scoremobiles' news storeys in a boring list, but scoremobile has the live score updates down to a science which is what i use scoremobile most for

It looks nice
It only ups the score in the news since it uses pictures
But u can tell its a dirty iPhone port
It hasn't been blackberryize
The score is still a better app, and channel
Its the only canadian network that isn't hockey crazy and I can get basketball coverage