TSN and BlackBerry team up to expand F1 coverage

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2013 06:32 pm EDT

BlackBerry is going hard with their sponsorship of Formula 1. Aside from the Mercedes Formula 1 partnership deal, BlackBerry has now teamed up with TSN to offer expanded F1 coverage across the network.

"We are thrilled to partner with BlackBerry and confirm the addition of live practice coverage to TSN's broadcast schedule throughout the entire F1 season," said Shawn Redmond, Vice-President of Programming, TSN. "F1 racing is immensely popular worldwide and has a passionate and loyal fan base here in Canada. With BlackBerry on board, Canadians can turn to TSN for complete F1 coverage all season long – from practice, to qualifying, and the race itself."

The practice coverage will be available live on TSN and TSN Mobile TV throughout the F1 season.

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TSN and BlackBerry team up to expand F1 coverage


Ah good. Was wondering where I was going to get practice this year with Speed being denied the rights to F1.

And a TSN app = Mobile TV a Bell exclusive which annoys the hell out of me.

That's absolute garage if true (not doubting you)! TSN should be available to anyone, just like how I can download CBS Sports on my Z10. Bell strikes again...

Right but there's no way that TSN is going to be doing the coverage themselves. They'll likely mirror BBC, but the BBC only has half of the races live (Sky F1 has them all). So for most of the sessions it will just be mute wont it?

Doesn't matter much to me anyways, I'm in Canada but I find a way to get the Sky coverage ;)

They've always brought the BBC coverage as far as I'm aware. Though strangely its BBC even for races the BBC does not get. But its defiantly the BBC commentators.

And honestly, compared the coverage that has actually been done by Canadians I'm much happier with the British coverage. Much much happier.

The Beeb uses Radio5 live commentators for practice and the TV crew for qualy and the race. Wish we could get some of their prerace show. The old TSN one was not great.
When we go to the Canadian GP used to rent Kangaroo/FanVision and get Radio5 live for all weekend. No contract this year, so no FanVision. Sigh.

Thanks for the update! I gave up on watching F1 on Canadian TV back when they mirrored SPEED coverage, which was god awful! I don't usually get the chance to watch races live though, but when I do I'll try out TSN again.

I've seen races in the last couple of years where they have their own commentators, I guess it's the Sky F1 coverage that they do this for.

Caught FP2 for the first time post-SPEED today, hooray and thanks, BlackBerry! It looks like FP1 and FP3 aren't available this weekend, any idea if they will be going forward?

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Yeah, TSN is all over talking about downloading their Masters app "For iPad and IPhone" but nary a word about BlackBerry. Thanks to Crackberry for providing the masters link. It works great in the browser. Still this kissing Apple's butt by TSN is grating.

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Well Apple earned their butt kissing, dont worry BlackBerry will earn their an very soon too.

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Thanks Blackberry for bringing us at least one practice session. Had little use for Speed commentators, but tolerated to get all the F1 I could.

Wasn't these offered be for in previous F1 seasons I'm the days or Alan Prost, Ayrton Senna, and the young non champion Micheal Schumacher?

I swear I recall watching practice, qualifying, and race - Friday, Saturday & Sunday's growing up! Unless Speed vision channel had it in laye 80's or early 90's.

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Hamilton just won Poll position for tomorrow's Race! Blackberry sure picked the right team to partner with

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Thats awesome!!!! To my suprise when i got home from work yesterday they had the practice session running live!!!


On no fair we have to pay for sky if we want to watch all races, the uk have been screwed :(

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