TSA will check to see if your device turns on for international, U.S.-bound flights

TSA will require devices to be charged on international, U.S.-bound flights
By Chuong H Nguyen on 6 Jul 2014 03:02 pm EDT

As part of new security protocol at foreign airports, the United States Transportation Security Administration will require cell phones and select electronic devices to be fully charged with the ability to be powered on when going through security screening. The TSA says that devices that won't power on will not be allowed on flights headed to the U.S.

The increased security measure arises amidst concerns that al Quada may blow up a jetliner and Agency officials fear that phones, tablets, and laptops may be used as bombs. TSA will be asking travelers to power on their electronic devices at security checkpoints to verify that they are safe on board a flight.

The increased screening will be for U.S.-bound flights originating from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. So if you're headed to the U.S., be sure that your phones and electronics are fully charged before headed to the airport.

In addition to electronics-related safety concerns at airports and on planes, TSA will also be closely checking the shoes of travelers.

What do you think of the new security measures? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: NBC News

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TSA will check to see if your device turns on for international, U.S.-bound flights



I don't have a problem with it. Makes sense that electronics could be explosives. But I hope there's some kind of contingency to xray the device or something if the battery is dead. If my flight is delayed and my phone dies I don't want to have to leave it behind.

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The problem with that is that the density of the battery makes it impossible to see anything else in the x-ray image. X-rays don't depict what an object is made of, only it's density.

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You obviously haven't flown. The scanners at airports color code objects based on their density. It's a very basic physics principle, atoms have consistent density.

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Turning on one's phone is not an inconvenience. Everyone that is protesting and crying out that they're losing freedoms why? The only people that would object to this new regulation are the terrorists. Looking through the comments, there sure are a lot of complainers. And people say America is paranoid. It's not paranoia, there are millions, even billions of potential terrorists out there.

On another note, if I carry 10 spare batteries, what keeps then from being C4?

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No, not really. Border control is governed or rather NOT governed by certain Constitutional protections. The recent case only deals with domestic search/seizure by police. Can't cite cases but you have much fewer protections trying to enter the US from outside even as a US citizen. So the next legal issue will be on border inspections!!!

Now, as someone else noted, what about all the spare lithium and other batteries folks carry these days. I have extra batteries for my camera and my bb. I have a slew of adapters. I can imagine with the right wiring, someone could short out or heat up a lithium battery to create fire or small explosion.

Didn't know they did this now as I don't travel much. Noone will break through that fortress of security...

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It begins with these little things. Today it's this, and tomorrow it's total population control. The reason why so many Jews died in Nazi Germany concentration camps is because they had the same mindset as you have right now. These Jews didn't go to these concentration camps fighting because they thought that it was only temporary, and that they will be free to go after. Many millions of Jews died in those concentration camps. You can call me whatever you want, but I refuse to give up my freedom without a fight. Have a nice day!

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But these measures are to protect you from TERRORISTS!

Jewish people weren't given a CHOICE whether or not they wanted to go to concentration camps.

The only way terrorists win is if you let them. More drone strikes!

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Terrorism breeds terrorism. The only reason that these people commit acts of terrorism is because you go into their land and occupy it. You give them a reason to terrorize the rest of us folks. Frankly speaking, I consider YOU a threat to our national security. Freedom!

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Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
- Matthew 5:38,39 (KJV)

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
- Matthew 26:52 (KJV)

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Violence breeds violence, and there is no end... unless one party stops and the other realizes the error...

These terrorists have no love in them, and think they are doing God a favor... how sad!

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Ah yes, because terrorists can't ever do things because they are just bad people--it must be someone else's fault. This is how people try to rationalize evil acts because they cannot accept the fact that evil exists in the world. And the way it propagates is by preying on this human weakness, this innate desire to presume all people are always good and that good people only do "bad" things because they are forced to--as if it's all just one big misunderstanding.

To your specific point about occupation, it's naive to think that terrorism would stop if "we would just leave their country." That's what they want you to think. But, it's a fallacy: terrorism will just find some other reason to justify its existence. That said, *I* personally have not gone into any land and attempted to occupy it. So who is this "you" that you're referring to? The U.S. government, of course--the government of a sovereign nation.

Terrorist organizations are not sovereign nations nor do they represent sovereign nations, or at least they shouldn't. If the citizens of a particular country are unhappy with a foreign presence within their borders, then those citizens should try to effect policy changes through their government--a government representing a sovereign nation. And there are vehicles that government can use to resolve international disagreements.

What the citizens of that country can't do is decide to take matters into their own hands and wage war with another country. Or they can, but then they'll correctly be labeled as terrorists--just as I would correctly be labeled as a terrorist if I myself decided to invade, say, France because I, personally, am unhappy with U.S.-France relations.

Best thing ever said. No surprising here tho since Americans also allowed wire tapping against "terrorism". Rarely anyone digs deep and look at the bigger picture. To other countries, Americans are also terrorists.

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I actually dont care as long as im safe and have my life. Mericans can f... those terrorists in guantanamo or anywhere they like. I dont have anything to hide and I dont have any problem in sacrificing bit of privacy for security

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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

- Benjamin Franklin

~ TheRealFixxxer 

If people outside the U.S. are unhappy with their countries' respective foreign policies, then they should take it up with their own governments. And their governments, in turn, can use the proper channels for international diplomacy to resolve any conflicts.

Given the choice: Would you rather get on a plane with 200+ people who haven't been screened, or would you prefer to get on a plane with 200+ people who have been completely checked out by security...you choose. I would prefer the second one, even if that means I was inconveniencrd a bit and that some of my "freedoms" were trampled on... I would have undergone a security check but I would be alive. With the first option, you have total 100% freedom but you die on the way to your destination. You choose :)

My destination: Heaven.

Theirs: a place they can't imagine...


(May they receive mercy... )

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Statistically speaking, I really don't care. You have a much much higher chance of dying in a plane crash not caused by terrorism than you do of dying in a plane crash caused by terrorism. And then we all know that you have a higher risk of dying on your way to the airport. So am I fussed whether everyone on board has had every electrical item in their possession checked? No, not at all. I'm more annoyed at the additional inconvenience.
Logically speaking, do all those people who have said they are in favour of every imaginable security risk being checked at airports, are they also in favour of governments checking that every driver of every car is completely sober, or maybe every train should have 2 drivers, perhaps we should have to go through metal detectors before getting on a bus.
Life involves risk, always has, always will.

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Call me a terrorist then, but I don't want to waste 5% of battery just to turn my phone on, especially when I know I definitely need them at my destination.
The thing is, only few planes have chargers on board and about 0% percent of them are American. If they put chargers in all the planes, no problem!

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I guess if you are carry 10 spare batteries they are going to make it stick it into your phone one by one to make sure it is a real battery. That might be pretty funny actually..

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There's a new one?
AlQuada? Deng.. they have cells within cells.

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Tell that to the security dude.

"My laptop has 6 sleeper cell battery pack". Reckon that will get you through? ROTFL

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'wait a sec. i'll just boot my BlackBerry'
-15 minutes later-
'almost done. check this out! if you press the screen, you can see how far the...'
-we are sorry, but your plane has departed without you-

So if someone is unaware of this new security measure put in place and it doesnt turn on are they going to attempt to take ur phone??? Bumrush u and accuse u of being a terrorist?? Lol good luck with that. Personally my phone will not be handed over.

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If you don't hand over your dead phone, you won't get on the plane. This is nothing new - we've had to power on our laptops since the 1980's.

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Who's had to? They sure didn't ask you to power on laptops before afaik. Unless you are referring to another country in which case you should state which country, please.

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Yes they did for laptops and I remember having to do this. It became part of the routine, then it became intermittent.

It still exists, but is rare. Rarely if you are taken to the chemical test machine they may ask you to turn on your PC. Happened to me only once in about 15 visits to the test machine ( out of countless trips).

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I fly very often and I've almost never had to power on any electronics (laptops included). They always need to be scanned apart, however.

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Except laptops will work from straight electricity. My old laptop battery wouldn't work at all and I wasn't paying for a new battery for an old laptop. At the airport, I would just plug it in to show them. With my old phone, if the battery was dead, it would take about 10 minutes of charging before you could boot it up. I've seen that with an iPad as well - when it was totally dead, nothing happened for about 5 minutes until it had enough of a charge.

It is entirely possible to be returning from vacation with dead devices. My book reader wasn't exactly getting charged when I was in the Amazon.

Good thing BB10 phones only need approx 1 minute from complete deal before can power on using a charger

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Definitely not a minute but it's not 10 either. My Z10 powers on in under 3 minutes

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PlayBook is like an hour to power back on from dead!
This article says required to be "fully charged" - So what if you have 90% battery? can't board the flight??

Yup! Was wondering if anyone else (Canadian?) would say this. When 9/11 happened, this was only heightened and became more mandatory to turn on your laptop and electronic devices at (canadian (I know for sure) ) airport security.

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Bad news to iPhone users I guess it the ride to the airport last longer than 1 hour. =0)

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Q10 battery lasts about as long as my playbook (it's battery is bigger in mAh), or longer.

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Yeah Q10, Q5 and Z30 are on par with a 5S. Unless you use any Android apps, some of those will drain a battery in a couple of hours.

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Not in my experience. Q10 is about the same as 5S and the Z30 outlasts 5S by a wide margin. On my devices anyways.

How is he using the 5S? Brightness on its default setting with any phone makes a big difference. For me both have LTE, wifi and blutooth on with brightness at the same level. My Z10 needs a charge by 5PM with light use, checking email and weather a few times throughout the day and the iPhone is still well over half when I go to bed.

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Good point. They better have chargers on hand then. Tied down too (especially the lightning cables) lol

Good. Don't need to be putting everyone else's life at risk.

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You won't be going on the plane then. Think they care if you give then your phone or not. Good luck getting a new flight in time

Curious how you will deal with this request instead then. Choose not to fly? I don't think you have many choices in between but if you believe you do I'd love to hear what they are.

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Did you see the new Samsung commercial that ripped off John Chen's wall hugger quote about iPhones? Lol


Yeah because I am sure that John Chen was the first person to ever call iPhone users wall huggers. I have heard many people call iPhone users that long before Chen was CEO. No they weren't CEO's of other companies but that's irrelevant.

Clearly John Chen has never used a Z10... I love my Z10 but the battery is garbage and BB10 has memory leaks that can cause rapid battery drain.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

- Benjamin Franklin

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Al CIAda, created by Western intelligence agencies to replace the Soviet Union as the bogeyman and maintain profits for the military industrial complex. What a crock!

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You're right but most people choose to ignore the truth and believe everything their government tells them. It's amazing how much the baby-boomers rely on the 6 o'clock news for their truth. Unbelievable ! Try telling your parents that they've been duped for the last 30 years. They will think you are the nut case. Lol

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

I believe the terrorists "threat" was created to have major changes in Legislation. Just look at the bills passed since 9/11 all across the world.


^ This is exactly what it is!

Why doesn't Canada fear terrorists? Because they don't cause crap with other countries and try steal their oil.

The Gamer's Network - http://tgnsa.net

Yeah, you got your Crap Sand Oil which has polluted 1/4 of the country, but that area is only populated by the native Canadians so no one cares.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" Keep Bold Alive, would Apple Kill iPhone? 

Right, but the 'crap sand oil' is on Canadian land... noone is invading / destroying other countries to get at it.

I dont see a lot of aboriginal terrorists around either..

And exactly what is the essential liberty given up here?

"More incredible than the misinterpretation/twisting of centuries old utterances/dogma, is the ease with which those who lack insight, will latch upon the same."

- This guy

People who say this have never had any freedoms that matter taken away from them. I grew up in the former Soviet Union, and the few security related restrictions we have in North America are nothing compared to the restrictions on expression we had to endure there.

Powering on a cell phone is an infringement on your liberty? That's insulting to people who were jailed for reading a book - and I don't mean one about making bombs.

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+1. I'd have given you a heart if we could do that in news comments.

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+2. Preach on! I'm sure most here are now using e boarding passes or e tickets. Hence phones need to be powered up anyway so it's a moot point. Power them up and enjoy a safe flight.

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Probably run into one of our carrier battle groups or subs. Will be more brutal, but far more professional, than T-Jesse!

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Here's a simple solution for people who don't like the rule: Don't fly into the States.

I'm not an American, but understand the need for security. Just make sure your phone has enough power to turn on.

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Yea but I am an American and there should be a better way. Someone somewhere is going to not be allowed onto a flight because their phone died. That's just idiotic. The level of inconvenience to the regular man is getting a little high don't you think? Anyways its not like you can't just carry a lithium ion battery onto the plane and wack it against a hard surface until it explodes. If someone really wants to, they'll do it anyways.

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Dead batteries aren't the problem. Live batteries aren't the problem either - a single LION battery won't have the devastating effect you suggest. "Phones" that don't work because the battery/circuitry have been replaced by C4 and a detonation mechanism are the problem. If your phone powers on, it's less likely to have been compromised in such a way.

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How many does it take?

You could have asked the same question about shoes and underwear a couple of years ago.

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Come on! Have we become this stupid/ ignorant? How difficult or expensive is it to build a damn timer circuitry into it and a dummy screen to show the apple logo, if you have gone through the difficulty of filling up a cell phone with c 4?

Filling a plastic case with C4 is quite a bit easier than what you are describing.

Regardless, just because a security feature is not 100% fool proof doesnt mean we should abandon it, right? Why does every door have a lock, when nearly every lock is pick-able?

No, some people won't be able to get on the plane WITH their phone. The same way you can't get on a plane with liquids or swiss army knives or guns.

The choice is yours whether to throw away your item or refuse to fly.

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I think they're overreacting. But then again, if you go around pissing off people you kind of have to. I just hope they give you a charger in case your phone goes flat.

Small price to pay for safety I for one have no problem Z30 too bad for IPhone users.

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Will have it changed but won't get past photo password

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" Keep Bold Alive, would Apple Kill iPhone? 

By having to go the all this foolishness is showing the terrorists have won, the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

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Sorry but people against all this and calling it loss of freedom are idiots. By your logic you shouldn't need border guards or passports.

They don't want to look at your phone. They just want to make sure it is a real phone that turns on and not filled with C4.

Those who think this type of action let's terrorists win are stupid too! So your idea is less security and more terrorists taking planes down and that's us winning?

After 9/11 we had to power our electronic devices before security staff to get through. No big deal for...

Obviously there is some new or tangible threat that the US is aware of that they are reimplementing these screenings.

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Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790)  

It's all a waste of money and time. Freedom comes with risks. Sorry but you can't have both.

Posted from my awesome Q10

Haha yeah? So turning on your phone is a lack of freedom? You must also subscribe to the "no shirts no shoes no service" as also an infringement of tour rights!

Let me make it really clear to you. Air Travel is not a right it's a privilege and an airline has "the right" to refuse whomever they want and have to abide by regulation for the safety of the many over the comfort of the few.

People have a real hard time differentiating between rights and privileges.

By the way I don't care what Ben Franklin had to say. It's a quote and a good one but it can't possibly apply to every situation.

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The airline doesn't choose.

The easiest way to screen is to treat everyone like a potential threat. Our military service members must go through this same screening coming back from combat deployments.

It's okay for people to be upset about that.

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I live in EU fly on regular bases yet I do not have to give up my shoes or buy a new phone after every flight when I have been too busy to bother with charging it before boarding the plane. EU no problem, USA a Big Problem - give it a thought.

I'll take that when I can say, "no quality service provided, so no taxes will be paid to uncle sam"

Air travel is NOT a privilege. Its a goddamn service that you already paid for. And the airline is being forced to implement these procedures by the US govt.

I'm sure if an airplane blew up with members of your family aboard you would change your tune in a hurry. And then people like you would be screaming at the government for not doing their jobs. A government that becomes too 'nice' to do its utmost to protect the people it was created to protect has failed completely.

Exactly. I bet that if the no liquids rule was implemented before some guy nearly brought down a plane with a contact lens solution bottle, people would be screaming their heads off. "OMG, I can't take my orange juice onto the plane, I feel violated it's so unfair and unnecessary."

No one complains about the rule now.

If someone can blow up a plane with liquids, I'm damn sure they could do it with a phone, as the explosive or as the trigger. Right now, there's no measures in place to safeguard against them. Do you think that is wise?

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This is quite ridiculous. You can bring liquids. They can be in no more than 3oz containers. You can bring as many 3oz containers as you want. Simply put your explosive liquids in more than one bottle.

By the way, the TSA now has a service by which you can sign up, pay a healthy extra fee, and be expedited through security screening (called TSA Pre). No removing your laptop, no removing your shoes, belts, etc. If this isn't the definition of a racket then I don't know what is. Furthermore, if the regular screening line is becoming too long (which not by coincidence happens often), agents will filter "regular" passengers through the Pre line (Pre customers supposedly are background checked). Imagine that, regular folks walking through less tight security.

If you think that the myriad of TSA regulations are protecting you from determined well organized attackers then go right ahead. I suppose peace of mind is just as important as actual security. For sure, if you didn't "feel" safe then you wouldn't fly. That's bad for business.

Also by the way, small sharp objects are now allowed to be carried on. Hope you are good at protecting yourself from a knife attack. Explosions do seem scarier than dying by knife though.

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Haha OoooooK!

Even by your belief it was still an act of terrorism! Terrorist doesn't mean Muslim fundamentalist it means someone who uses terror to illicit a result (usually of terror). Haha

Enjoy your theories put forth by an ex WWF wrestler! ;)

Posted via CB10

Oh an old forgot to mention. Where did I say 9/11 and terrorists in the same sentence?

I used 9/11 as a time reference for when turning on laptops and cameras became a regular mandatory thing.

Posted via CB10

Hey. I have an idea. Let's create a Lil paranoia and tell the American people that the terrorists are using ipads and smartphones to hide bombs! Muahahaha Then, after a few months of this made up threat they will gladly hand-over their devices at the airport screening so we can scan all the data on the phones and truly find out who the terrorists are. Ya ya, that's a great idea. But I don't think the American people are dumb enough to fall for that Mr. President. Son, all we have to do is convince the majority of the people the threat is real. Majority rules in our country son. You'll see...

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

I... am just going to stay out of this conversation... It looks like it'll be a fight between the gung ho and the tin-foil hats. I'll just let you guys fight it out...

No you are an idiot. They have xray for c4. Please brain more. If you can hide an undetectable explosive in a phone then you sure as hell can hide it in any number of other things like a box of Lego blocks.

Posted via CB10

Sorry but the tsa are a bunch of thugs that go way overboard with the searches and attitude. It isnt about security, it's about conditioning you to submit to whatever the benevolent government wants whether you like it or not.

Posted via CB10

I'm just going to request you look up the definition of benevolent, edit your post, and then I'll get back to the point you're trying to make.

So you think this is oppression? Five minutes at an airport check? Before you can go on and continue to have freedom of speech and democracy?

Americans take their government for granted. They don't see how great and powerful the country they live in really is and why it is that millions of people fight to live in their country. They just enjoy their rights while getting more and more paranoid by the second. Stop believing that your government is trying to kill you, or strip you of your rights, or trying to turn itself into Nazi Germany because frankly, as a person living outside the States, it just sounds completely ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for your empathetic remarks. You sound about as understanding as an American.

Think about this for a second: questioning government policy and action may actually be a healthy exercise of rights! It's perfectly commensurate with the U.S. founding documents (whatever your thoughts of them) drafted over 200 years ago. It's in line with thousands of years of residents questioning the power of those that reside over them.

I'm grateful for those that question power, everywhere. It's a wonder that those outside the States submit so readily to U.S. hegemony. I suppose Iraq, Afghanistan, BNP, Angela Merkel should thank the U.S. for spreading freedom and democracy.

It's too bad that U.S. governments aren't more grateful for their citizens.

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This is ridiculous. America creates terrorists, then takes measures like this to "secure our safety". Smh. Such crock.

Posted with Imohtep. The Egyptian Z10

"America creates terrorism" - that is a strong accusation. It is like, whatever terrorist do, it is because of America.

Posted via CB10

Look at the facts! US government funded O bin Laden run group in Afghanistan who fought the Soviet Union at the time. Later turned against USA. In Libya French initiated NATO led campaign killed M.Gaddafi and later US ambassador gets killed there. US wants to fund Syrian opposition who wants to eliminate Christians in Syria, out of there comes ISIS(absolute lunatics).

I AM SYMPATHETIC TO REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY! But US Government is making too many mistakes and does not want to take the responsibility for its actions.

I've been having my feet closely monitored over the last week every time I went through security. I guess now I know why. I hate that they think that pilots need to smuggle a pair of nail-clippers ect. To crash the plane. All I have to do is push forward

Posted via CB10

Yeah, security checks on pilots are somewhat silly. I guess the concern would be that someone could break in to wherever the pilot's carry on is and go wild with the nail clippers (or something that might actually be useful as a weapon).

Posted via CB10

I feel bad for iPhone users thank God BlackBerry for that awesome battery life

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

I was talking about my q10

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

Bit pointless if it isn't! So does that mean that you won't get checked when boarding in the states to fly to other countries?

Posted via CB10

There is a back story. This is concerning what is believed to be a credible imminent threat of an attack, originating outside of the US

Actually it has been in effect for some time now, just not really in forced. I have seen stun guns that look just like a phone, so an xray and power up of electronic equipment will not impede travel. Besides, who actually turns off their phone anyways? I'm looking right now at a security clearance line and counting me, everyone's phone is being used.

Posted via CB10

They are going to check every piece of electronics? I fly with all of mine. That's gonna add like 3 hours you need to be at the airport before your flight. Total BS.

This is something that has screener used to do immediately after 9/11, so the practice is being brought back.

Security checkpoints don't mean the US is not a free nation. We have the freedom to criticize our government, which we do often. We have the freedom to elect politicians that pass the laws that we care about. One of the things that Americans ask of our politicians is that our government makes every attempt to keep us safe from external threats.

While we live in a free country (freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, & petition), we are also a nation of laws and rules. We do have speed limits. We have age limits on drinking & on tobacco use. We also have restrictions drug use.

Freedom doesn't mean no rules, no laws, & no policing.

Posted via CB10 using my Z30.

In the 50 years passed; did you count the number of murders, collective suicides, college carnages, and others fools snipers in USA?

You still think the danger is the outlander??? Look at you first; and ask yours politicians for an abolition of guns and riffles...

Ya your probably right. I know someone else who agreed with you!

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let's not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order." - Adolf Hitler, April 11, 1942, "

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I don't understand why some Americans believe if they don't have the right to own guns then the government will take all their freedoms.
This is why America is the only country in the world that has a mass shooting at least once a month, and I am not talking about gang violence, I am talking about a person having issues takes a gun and kills random/innocent people and then turns it in them.

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I'll let them see my phone. My assumption is that if they're being used at bombs, that just a phone shape would be a good place to hide it. If it's just a matter of powering on the screen to show them that it is a functioning phone then whatever. I'll still have a password on mine that I will make sure to conveniently "forget" ;)

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It's totally ridiculous, Americans have always been the ones to take an idea to the extreme. Less security would not be a bad thing, I would in a heartbeat give up some safety for less security, and I bet 95% of the population would too, maybe not for this exact scenario, but in some way.
As an example. I was at the Dallas airport and a typical, white, early 20's female with a approx 1 year old child, had to go through a whole process to get through security, the stroller was checked by hand, etc, etc. In a heartbeat I would have just let her walk onto the plane. Sure that may be a poor example to many and too clear cut for others but come on. Sometimes you have to get out of the bubble wrap and live your life.
I would estimate that the Americans are 2nd only to the English for screwing with other countries for some reason, usually resource based.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Run while you still can

I love a American. They will check your phone and laptop before you get on a plane.
It is odd in most states and cities your are allowed to walk around with a load gun or rifle.

All typos are from my Z30 BlackBerry

Cities are not planes. Cities are not loaded with thousands of gallons of highly explosive jet fuel. Cities can not be launched and use as bombs. That concept may be a little too difficult for you to comprehend.

Blackberry always.....

So you are saying it is safer for people to walk in public(cities) with rifles? That there is no danger as opposed to the risk of someone walking onto a plane with a bomb.
How many mass shootings have there been in the states this year alone?!

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It appears in one year there are more death in the USA caused by guns. Than 10 years of fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan and all terrorist attacks against the USA combined.

All typos are from my Z30 BlackBerry

The only security measure that usa should take, is tell their saudi allies to stop spreading their terrorist wahhabi in the Muslim world or else. They also should have normal relation with Iran rather with corrupt states controlled by corrupt families of Arabia. Once they do that, terrorists will have no more money to buy even a cellphone.

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If you're one of the "good guys", then think of it like this. They're keeping someone else from boarding your plane with a laptop/cell phone bomb.

If they need us to turn them on what's the point in having them run them through the x-ray machine? I thought that was the whole point, to check if there was a bomb inside the phone? Couldn't somebody just leave enough of the phone there to show that the screen turns on but have enough room for a bomb, or knife or whatever. Seems pointless. If we could just practice our 2nd ammendment right on planes we would be fine.


I agree on the x-ray part. Won't that show the insides in the phone or "phone". Shooting holes in the plane is just dumb though.

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The point is to get whatever identifying data from your phone when you boot it up. Smoke and mirrors.

Exactly, this inconveniences thousands of people and 1 terrorist and it's still not effective. You think some nut job is going to see this rule and think, "well I guess I'll give up now."?

Bomb making technology has apparently advanced a little faster than is convenient for the privilege of flying.

One day they gonna ask us to take off our clothes or open our a** for security clearance. Huh!

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Sounds fair. Thank blackberry for the awesome battery life on bb10 phones. Bad luck iPhone Ahaha

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The TSA exerts its influences all flights datined for the U S or over flying U S airspace. Long before the advent of the TSA the U S was doing similar things at overseas airports. If it wasn't for a radical element no one would have to deal with this bs. Sad, but there are a lot of third world crazy phuc*ers out there.

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They talk to other countries and share information. The wording in the article implies the TSA sets overseas policies, and that is utterly untrue. They have no jurisdiction. The UK is doing this because the UK has responded to the threat, not because they're doing what an American agency has told them to.

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Flew back to US from France yesterday. Had me take out my PlayBook, which they usually don't make you do. Never had to power on my laptop, domestic or international, and they didn't ask to power on the tablet yesterday. Don't think it is a big deal to turn your phone on.

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Thank goodness they didn't make you turn on the PlayBook because you probably would have been strip searched AND cavity searched by the time it booted up!

Yeah, the US sucks (but still leagues better than every country in asia [excluding japan], africa and south america)

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Your racism is stupid because you probably can't tell Asian, Black, or Espagnol people apart.

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To those quoting Benjamin Franklin:

Are you high? Showing someone your device is not a prop but an actual device, is clearly NOT "giving up liberties". Nowhere does it say they need to look at any personal information.
What they are basically asking is:
"Excuse me, is your electronics device a bomb?"
"Can you turn it on to prove it is a regular working device please?"
"Thank you, have a nice flight!"

You are comparing a few seconds of 'wasted' time to an actual loss of liberty? I am sorry, but no one is that important.

As long as people do ridiculous things like hiding bombs or weapons to look like every day objects, having a preventative measure is just common sense.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Jesus how many times are you guys flying into the States? Most of the time right up to the flight attendant telling you to power down you devices most people are using them. Just show them your phone/device and move along.

Benjamin Franklin was right; it's ridiculous...

Les USA feraient un meilleur usage de leur argent public, pardon, de leur dette collossale, en arrêtant de financer le terrorisme et les régimes dictatoriaux, en faisant preuve de moins d'Impérialisme, et en arrêtant d'espionner le monde entier; leurs citoyens compris.

Ce pays devient décadent; et pourtant je l'aime et ça me fait mal de le dire.

As a frequent flyer I'm wondering if this rule is fully enforceable. There are lots of people traveling on multiple legs with short connections and sometimes no possibility to recharge their phones in between.

So this could cause a lot of problems and arises the question of the necessity of a second battery again.

I personally don't have a problem with the security screenings, however, this might bring up a lot of trouble for some people.

I hope they have some chargers available just to plug it in to show it works so that you don't have to leave it behind in case of a dead battery

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all devices go through electronic scans, I do not travel to the US nor do I feel the need too, but in any event I have no issues, I have two batteries with z10 , the battery charger was the best thing I highly recommend it for any Blackberry user, America can screen before people travel to their borders but the who says the enemy is not within it's very own borders.

I guess if making sure everyone's phone turns on makes people feel safe and makes the TSA and government look competent, then that's great. Doesn't seem like it really accomplishes anything, I don't think smuggling a bomb in an iPhone would be practical. Has this ever happened or been attempted? The September 11th hijackers used box cutters because smuggling a bomb onto a plane was hard, even back then.

But it makes the TSA look busy and makes people think that they must be safer as a result.

Been doing this for ages. Every time I go to the US from Canada I've been asked to power up my laptop and tablet. Sometimes I've been asked to prove my phone works. It's become such a regular occurrence over the last 10 years or so that I always have all 3 powered up before I get screened.

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Exactly, this is nothing new. People need to chill out about any imagined infringement of rights. They aren't looking at the content on your phone, it just has to behave like a phone.

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Wasn't this policy in place from the get go? I remember always having to prove my game boy turned on and didn't explode before boarding flights as a kid

It's all designed to spread fear in the masses - makes people happier to give up liberties in the name of national security... How about revising foreign policy?? Not likely...

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The decline of Civilization is being documented in comments sections like this.

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So let me get this straight, if we take the premise that these "terrorists" hate America and the freedoms it represents. Then logically to destroy America, they will destroy our freedoms.

Our "leaders" counter this threat and defend our country, which essentially is just an idea, from attack by systematically stripping the garanties of justice, liberty and freedom from the very document which this country was founded upon.

So I believe I can safely ask, haven't the terrorists succeeded then?

Haven't they achieved their goal?

Since we have lost the very freedoms that made up this ideal we call "America"

So you (by showing that your phone is real) how lost your freedom?

Do you not still have the freedom of religion which extreme states like the taliban are against? Is your daughter allowed to go to school? Does your wife have to cover her face in public? No then I would wager to say you haven't lost to the taliban!

God...turning your phone on before a flight is not taking your rights away people.

Did you feel the same way about mandatory seat belt laws or distracted driving laws? Were those brought in as some government conspiracy too?

What does it say about society now a days when the conspiracy types out number the common sense people.

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How? Simple. Sept 10th 2001 we didn't need to go thru security. Now get to the airport 2 HOURS EARLY,we take of shoes, open computer bags, limit liquids. Jesus, you cant even bring tweezers on board anymore, we subject ourselves to random searches, Body scans. Do you get it now? How do you loose freedoms? One at a time, one at a time!

Cool it Fido... No where in my post did I mention anything about turning on my phone equaling losing my freedoms. 

 Actually I didn't even mentioned a phone in my post at all, because it makes complete sense to have people turn on their electronic devices. Just like not allowing containers over a certain size or knives and guns on a plane. 

 My post was directed to the people on these forums that have taken it upon themselves to respond to the misguided Benjamin Franklin quote posters with the angle that the loss of freedoms for the security of defeating the "bad guys" is simply a flawed premise. 

They don't out number them, they just make more noise, which to your point, is among the many rights they enjoy.

Excuse sir is your phone a bomb?
Please turn it on sir.

Bomb goe off,.

From my  phone

Exactly what I was thinking. I don't understand why the plane is so much more appealing to a person with bad intentions than the airport itself - considering you can walk into any airport with a whole set of luggage stuffed with an explosive material set to blow before ever getting to security checks.

Government is the problem, not the solution. Airlines should maintain their own security, period. If one airline runs lax security, people will stop flying it, problem solved.

In the entire history of the TSA, they have not prevented a single incident. Each and every close call was stopped by passengers. Wake the hell up.

Posted from my phone no one cares about on a network no one cares about.

What are you smoking?

How would you know what the TSA or any other security organization has stopped. You think they will make it public information?

How many morons may have tried or even inadvertently attempted to bring a gun or knife or some other contraband onto a plane for evil or other purpose.

At local airport I fly from the have a glass case of all the items confiscated from the security and you would be shocked at what people have tried to bring on a plane
(grenade, handgun, propane tank, machete, etc.) and this is from Canada! Haha

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TSA? Lol this is another made up move to justify government spending on this useless security state owned agency. These guys have no clue what they are doing, if you have been to the airport and seen those guys and gals their faces and posture tell you everything. Btw does this mean that phones cannot be used as a threat on domestic flights? Are they saying that American citizen is less intelligent?

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Are you aware of the back story behind this TSA activity. Become so - it will help you to address this issue intelligently

So if your devices aren't charges your not getting them Hmmm. Do t know where I stand on this one

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Bloody hell. Al Queda messes with us again

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!

The U.S. Needs to start profiling people. If I am married, have kids and I am catholic, what are the chances of me bombing anything? The lack of common sense in the US government is brutal.

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Honestly reading some of the comments here I think the US (and everywhere really)should take away the mind altering drugs some of you appear to be on! This is way more concerning to me than airplane security.

The conspiracies and out there comments that I'm reading are truly scary and feel more of a threat to our way of life than any bomb or terrorist attack.

Where did common sense go?

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I don't think the increasing prevalence of the security / police state can be called a conspiracy theory. Its an observation, and one that can't sensibly be denied. If this tiny extra infringement is some people's line in the sand, then so be it. Its intellectually dishonest to suggest that drawing the line here makes you a tin foil hat nutter, though. I suspect for many people, it is not about the phone check; it is the constant tiny extension of their powers. If you are suggesting that this can go on and on, and not eventually lead to tyranny, then it is you, sir, who lacks common sense.

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Negative! The problem with what I agree are ridiculous comments, is that it appears most of the zany comments come from those that have no idea what precipitated this change in TSA practice. You can't deny there are those anti Americans (domestic and abroad) that can't wait to load up the cliché machine any time the government or any portion of it makes or changes a policy - or suggests it will.