ATT's New Commercial: Funny... And Familiar! Can You Say BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test Deja Vu?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jan 2010 01:59 pm EST

AT&T started airing a new Luke Wilson commercial promoting their 3G Network and since it went live we've received a bunch of emails on the tip line alerting us to it. Why? Because the premise of the commercial will be all too familiar to regular CrackBerry readers. Remember our BlackBerry Messenger Stress test? Watch the video above and you'll know what we're talking about (see our BBM 5.0 stress test aftermath video below). Solid commercial AT&T! We won't bug you for any royalty checks, but how about you send 20 BlackBerry Bold 9700s to us for the idea inspiration and we'll hold a contest to give them away to our readers?! Sounds like a GREAT way to start off 2010! :)  Thanks to everyone who sent this in!'s BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test

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ATT's New Commercial: Funny... And Familiar! Can You Say BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test Deja Vu?!


I saw the commercial yesterday or the day before for the first time and I thought of the BBM 5 stress test here. It really was deja vu.

Nice commercial, much better than their last one with the headless Verizon guy. Though this one would've been better with Kevin :D! I knew AT&T Employee's visited the site a lot but c'mon. Yes, I think that deserves some free BB's :)

The Blackberry was stressed cuz it can't handle the request or coverage like Verizon. They're telling Iphone users to stop going on the app site b/c it interfere with thier networks. Too much traffic. This all out media blitz won't work. AT&T is lame.

I know some of you are locked into your contract with Verizon. For that I'm sorry, but please don't take it out on us AT&T users.

I'm sorry, I must disagree with you about Verizon. I can literally have and had any phone and any service I wish, thanks to my wonderful career. I've tried them all.

Hands down AT&T's service is far better and faster than any other's out there

Dedicated Blackberry user since 2002. And I'm not that old.

For what ever reason, you apologized twice in a very small post.... either stop feeling bad for others or stop believing AT&T's lies... I have two people in my family with AT&T in very different parts of the country. They both have dropped call symptoms with connection issues as well...

I know in my part of Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh, Verizon is the way to go. As much as I complain about Verizon, no other service even holds a candle to Verizon's coverage in this past of the state, and if you have AT&T, you might has well pack a lot of quarters along for pay phones.

As for which service is faster or better when you have coverage, I do not know, because there IS no AT&T coverage in most of this area.

Same thing on the north of Pittsburgh. Very little AT&T coverage. (I've played with iPhones several times, both at the store and with a friends, as well as a few AT&T BB, and neither have come close to Verizon's network. Slower and less coverage.) Not to mention the 0 AT&T service anywhere near my camp in Sigel, PA.

Here in CA my experience is different. I've been a Verizon customer for about 8yrs and suffer a lot of drop calls and dead zones.

In contrast my bother has AT&T and seems to have better coverage than Verizon. It's kind of embarrassing that I have to borrow his phone when I'm the one that is suppose to have the better coverage.

The reason I've stayed with Verizon is strictly due to their customer support which is excellent.

My question is when is BBM Stress test revision 2 with the 9700??? :D

I wanna see how long it takes for that to blow up or spontaneously catch fire :P

i saw this a few days ago and said to myself..."why does this seem so familiar"

then i said OH SH!T...crackberry!

lol i wonder if someone involved in the idea/production of that commercial is a crackberry member/reader

seriously? if an att blackberry got that many alerts at once it would crush their fragile 3g network.
i kid, i kid. lol

great vid, yeah - prime time here we come lol

sounds like a casino with all the dinging ! haha

Did anyone notice at the end of the commercial they were pushing the PanTech phone, not the BlackBerry? What is that all about?

that's just their current national offer, although i don't understand why they havent advertised half price bbs that much

I wanna see att compare (3G!!!!!!!!!!!!!) maps.
And for the record, if there is more people on 1 cell tower that limits the range of a tower, correct?

The first sentence in the fine print is "3G not available in all areas". Lol @ AT&T. Regardless, AT&T should owe those 9700s! This is Kevin's idea. Haha

AT&T has a great data service but don't think you will be able to make a call without being dropped !!! Verizon is the only way to go for Blackberry !!!!!!

My problem with AT&T was dropped calls all the time, and constant edge and not 3G when I traveled. Verizon's 3G may be a bit slower when compared to AT&T's, but it's way faster when compared to AT&T's edge which is what I mostly got when traveling.

Largest world wide network, best 3G srvc...can't remember ever having a dropped call....VZW customers be gone! this commercial!

I have sprint and att and I must say hands down sprint is way better than att. Don't know about verizon on the account of I can't afford two lines with verizon for what I get with sprint.

Verizon is still the best for 3G coverage, in fact I was with some friends today, both AT&T customers, in a rural area just north of Metro Phoenix and neither one had any bars. Of course I showed them my Storm2 with it's 3 bars and the 3G symbol, it was great!!

one of the worst commercials i have seen in a while it must take them about 3 minutes (at most) to come up with these commercial ideas. I mean the one with the guy with no head? what a joke

I would never own a cdma phone, therefore I will never ever be a sprint or verizon customer unless they go gsm.

3g. The speeds r not fast enough to allow u to browse the net and talk on the phone @ the same time. I use this feature all the time while i'm on speakerphone with a client and this feature is the only reason I care about 3g.

Perfect. Now that they made the commercial, I'm waiting for someone to throw some lawsuits their way for false advertising; you know, since they insinuate BBM can hold that many contacts :)

I was in the Military and unfortunately in some of my "Locations" aservice with any Carrier Sucked. I have had Cingular, AT & T, Verizon and Sprint. Currently with Verizon and have far less problems than with other carriers. Am I biased, No! Am I being honest, Yes. I go with the best, it is very simple. Now I am not sure how many people listen to Howard Stern but over the past 5 years I have found him to be extremely honest. He was an avid AT & T user and recently condemned them due to their crappy service. He is now with Verizon. Hey believe what you want, if you are happy with Sprint, Stick with them, if you are happy with Verizon Stick with them, if you like AT & T Stick with em. It doesnt matter who you have just realize every company is robbing us blind.

I've heard Howard talk about his BB problems with AT&T and dropped calls. I think he finally got Robin to switch too.

I think, AT&T or Verizon, it is not the matter of which is superior. There are pros and cons for both. I don't live in rural area but not in a major big city either. AT&T reception is not good - because of my job, I travel to Wyoming & Montana. Only Verizon works at most areas. If I lived in Denver (40 miles way) and travel only to major cities, I would love to try AT&T, though and compare what difference would be.
This TV ad shows the Blackberry but what they advertise at the end of commercial is for regular phones? LOL.
And "CDMA is garbage" comment - cell phones are not a life time commitment. If it is gone, we all can switch so no worries. Thanks for your concern, though :)

.....To laws prohibiting cell towers from being built to close, meaning one company has towers in an area they have lock down on that area. So if other companies are talking trash claiming to "Soon" have coverage there and if this law is true then there is really no way they can erect a tower. Damn right I said erect. Which leaves them not having more service area.

IDK much about this at all. I did a google search and this struck me as key to the whole "My service is coming to xxxx area"

They never address Verizons 5x more coverage...just a bunch of bull about everything but their 3G coverage or lack thereof. AT&T you still suck for coverage and your commercials are a joke!

How about AT&T making another commercial and having the background of the phone have a giant CB symbol???? Now that would be cool...

Watching football on fox and they have this commercial looped! Its obviously based on crackberry.coms video. They should donate some 9700's to giveaway. They could donate (1) 9700 for every 20 times its played during an hour, it would be a great giveaway.

I'll be happy when it isn't Luke Wilson on their commercials. I like some of the movies with him in it, but he just drives me nuts in these commercials. I know they're trying, and I'm a loyal AT&T customer, but these commercials don't seem too convincing to me.

Hopefully there's a big rush behind the scenes to expand 3G coverage. They have a good amount of the population covered, now it's time to cover the less populated areas, and fix any issues in large cities. Either way, I can't complain, I have 3G coverage in the most populated area of my state, and rarely an issue.

Firt time I saw it i said to my fiance that they stole it from the crackberry BBM stress test. She thought I was crazy. Thanks for the ammo to show her I am not the only one who thought so too.

So CrackBerry does that pointless BBM v5 stress test and later we have to put up with service outages that were blamed on BBM v5. Coincidence?

i dont get it. how is that copying CB's stress test? the commercial did not meantion a stress test, he was just asked to friend request all of AT&T 230mil users... it never said anything about BBM5, being a stress test, BB5 having a limit, or anything. So anytime someone talks about mass adding friends on BB5 they're copying CB? come on now you guys are pull and stretching at something thats not even true.

As of the last census there are 308,424,421 counted Americans.
Verizon is America's largest network. If AT&T covers 230 mil how many Americans does Verizon cover? So how many American users are there?!

Would be nice of AT&T to pass along 20, and for me to win one! I'm not eligible for upgrade until 2011 cause I jumped on the curve 8900 when it came out,..I can't justify $400 for a 9700 when they're $49 for new customers,..can't they just extend my contract?! I need 3G, help!