AT&T's myWireless App Gives You Quick Access to Your Wireless Account Information

By ObiGeorge on 3 Feb 2010 07:40 am EST

If you have a BlackBerry on AT&T, you may want to check out their new app released to keep you up to date on your wireless account. myWireless gives access to your bill, usage details, and your devices's current and available features. You can even break it down by phone number if you have an account with multiple lines. Hit the jump for details and link to mobile download.

Bill & Pay

Bill & Pay

You can view the current amount owed on your bill, as well as make a payment. myWireless gives you all the same options as paying online or by phone: Previous card used, new checking/savings account, and new credit/debit card. I personally tested this out paying my current bill today. It was very fast, taking only 5 or 6 minutes. It would have been even quicker if I would have used the same credit card that I usually use.



This section allows you to check detailed information on how many minutes you have used, as well as how many you have left. You can also view how many text messages you have used up on your billing cycle. For some reason they seem to have left out information on the lines mb usage for data enabled devices, not really sure why.



In this section you can add any features that are available for the selected line, such as BIS service, text messaging, and tethering. Unfortunately you can not remove current features associated with your account, for that you will have to login to your account via PC, or call AT&T directly.


Overall I think this is a very convenient application, giving you quick, easy access to your AT&T account. I have found that AT&T's online account access has always been extremely slow, taking an unusually long time to access each page of your account information. Because of that, I think I will stick with the myWireless app for the most part.

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AT&T's myWireless App Gives You Quick Access to Your Wireless Account Information


since they released the 9700. and i know the Android devices support it... but i'm not sure how long ago they started it with the 'droids.

I noticed this new little app for T-Mobile when I got my 9700 too. The UI is pretty slick and over all it's just a nice thing to have on any device.

I downloaded the app and it says the service is temporarily unavailable right now. So hopefully it gets fixed soon cause I loved this app when I had my iPhone.

Hey Guys, as soon as bell implemented the official OS it came with "Self Serve" which is very similar to this

AT&T sent me a message withj the link to this app in it yesterday afternoon....I downloaded it, loved it....I'm sticking with this versus having to wait until I can get to my laptop

You said it would have been quicker if you had used the same credit card. For me it would have been if I could paste my password. There's no way I'm going to remember it so I copy it from KeePass. The app doesn't use the menu button so I can't paste that way. I use Shift-Click and the password is inserted twice in plain text and I can not manipulate it. As soon as I move the cursor out of the field, it goes blank.

This is a deal breaker for me.

'nuff said.

ok, maybe not... the worst someone could do with your account password is pay your bill for you. so use a simpler password.

This app is perfect for me! very easy to use interface.
Able to see all usage combined or per line, very nice.

Would recommend to any one one att, matter of fact I have twice already.

I know this wont work on Telus, but i was looking for an app just like this for my Blackberry and i cant seem to find one. I want one that will show talk time and data just like this one. I have 500Mb a month but id like something to monitor it and my time. anyone ideas? or anything Telus has out already?

This isnt working for either my wife or myself. It keeps erasing the password that I type in when I go to click on the login

On my AT&T BB Bold 9700 I was able to finally enter a password once I turned off 'Predictive Input' under Input Options.

Once this was done the phone number easily entered in a phone number format (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

The password converted to asterisks after a short pause when the individual characters were entered and remained in the field.

After this change the application works as described and looks to be a handy utility.

Thanks! I was having this problem and I couldn't figure out why it kept deleting my password. I called in and they told me I had the wrong password which was untrue. Anyways I can use the app now....Thanks again!

I got the text as well since I had a 9700 on my account until recently. I tried to download it on my Storm2, but it won't download. If I switch back to my Bold at any point I'll give it a try, it looks pretty well done.

do explain... b/c I can't get it to work either.
I try logging in to app using my # and my premier password. I get an error that my # isn't registered for "My Account" and it gives me the options of "Done" or "Register". Register takes me to the browser app where I can check my number for eligibility (under Personal section shown up top). Entering my number takes me to the premier site where I can log in just like I do on my laptop. I tried clicking the Premier section on the check eligibility screen but no go there either. Yes, my # is listed in my premier login profile.

I have a personal BB on BIS, but through a Premier account. I have not been able to log into this app since I downloaded it this morning. It says "We're sorry, but this service is temporarily unavailable."

batrad You stated it doesn't work for Premier lines. Where did you get this info?

This is a good help for us because you can see how much do you have available in your data and also minutes, Rogers has the same option

I got the following message:

If you are receiving this message, you are attempting to access an application that is not supported by your BlackBerry device.

If you received this message in error, please click here to see all BlackBerry devices supported by the AT&T myWireless Mobile application.

I got this message too on my 8900. Just follow the link on that page that says click here to see all BB devices supported.

I selected my 8900 there, installed and works fine.

AT&T has had this app for the iPhone for some time already. I hope it works better for you AT&T BlackBerry users, because it's slow as molasses on the iPhone.

The Verizon app on my Storm 2, however, works quite well.

Regardless, kudos to the carriers for making these apps available.

I have a Bold 9000 with OS 5 and I get an wrong PW error. however the same PW works fine on the website. :-(

I'm running the Storm 9530 on AT&T, so here are my results.

I am on a Business account so I cannot login.
I used the Bold 9700 download, as it shipped with OS 5.0 (same as on my Storm).
I disabled Compatibility Mode and it seems to navigate the login screen well; buttons would highlight when I touched them, etc.

I really like this convenience, but WOW this is slow. I'll still use it because I like having access to my account like this.

Also I'm running on an 8900, I got the message saying my device wasn't supported but used the click here for devices link and downloaded fine. Also my password saves fine and doesn't seem to erase like others were mentioning.

For as many things there are annoying about AT&T (customer service, iPhone exclusivity, poor reception, pre-loaded software), this is something useful that we should have on our phones. Very easy to locate text, call time, and data usage information, for either the group or individual phones! (And it graphically shows you how much your plan provides)

It's too bad it's 1.3 MB, but (a) nobody put a gun to your head forcing you to download it, and (b) for as many apps out there that are fun but totally unnecessary, this is one that has a practical purpose. Definately check it out if you are AT&T.

Also, for those saying that it is "slow", I really didn't feel that way. The AT&T website is terribly slow, and I was able to get to my information much faster with this app. It's certainly not a speed demon, but auto-login is easy and it's certainly not as slow as something like the Facebook app.

BIS premier account holder and it loaded up fine on my 9700, although it seemes to run fairly slow even after a battery pull.
Easy access to information though, its a keeper

"We apoligize for the inconvenience but this service is temporarily unavailable" This is what I got after 2 attepmts. If the 3rd try is not the charm, I am removing it from my bb

After retrying & retrying, I got my data, but SLOOOOOW, let me tell you sloooow, and not worth the 1mb space usage.......ATT fail...

I just downloaded this and after logging I can't do anything - all I get is an error that says "We're sorry but your session has timed out. Please login again."

I deleted and downloaded the app again. Now it just tells me "We apoligize for the inconvenience but this service is temporarily unavailable"

Nice idea but needs some work. Very slow. Crashed on me once. I had to change my password to get it to accept my sign in. To exit you have to go through several screens and then it asks you if you really want to exit (bush league!)

Good to see that AT&T is finally catching up with Verizon on this. Hopefully it works out for AT&T customers. I'm suprised to see that they have to download the app. I noticed I had Verizon's version when they sent me a notice through SMS. I just think that it file size is a bit much for AT&T.

The myWireless Mobile for BlackBerry is only for Consumer users and does not support Business Premier users. Also, it is only compatible with BlackBerry Bold and Curve and for obvious reasons will not work with competitor BlackBerry models.

I installed the Mywireless from ATT and it seemed to bog down my BB Bold. I uninstalled it and my Bold is running smoothly. I think I will stick to checking my account on the computer.

I have a 9700 and after numerous attempts at getting this thing to work I have given up. Has anyone tried contacting ATT to try to resolve any issues? I don't know if its even worth trying.

Personally, I much prefer logging onto AT&T's full site using BOLT to access myWireless info- compared to that the app seemed ridiculously slow & didn't provide enough options. .

For those of you who attempting to login but see your password being cleared when clicking login button, are you running BB9700 and do you have predictive input enabled?

On my AT&T BB Bold 9700 I was able to finally enter a password once I turned off 'Predictive Input' under Input Options.

After this change the application works as described and looks to be a handy utility.

i'm one of those that liked the app. worked well on my curve. am curious to know if it being adapted/developed for the torch? my fingers are crossed.