Try out Pacemaker free for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2012 02:51 pm EDT

Pacemaker released for the BlackBerry PlayBook a few months back, but until now was only available for full price at $19.99 or $4.99 for the lite version. Good news for aspiring DJs as Pacemaker is now available as a free trial as well. The cool thing is that there are no limitations to the free version so you'll get to try out all of the amazing features for a full two weeks before having to purchase. Pacemaker features great effects like auto beatmatch, scratch, time stretch, pitch speed and many more. Check out all the version in BlackBerry App World from the link below.

More information/Download Pacemaker for the BlackBerry PlayBook 

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Try out Pacemaker free for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Tried the free version and it's very cool to play with, but since I'm not a DJ or aspiring one I'm not sure I would shell out the $20 for full version. If I were I definitely would spend the money.. will most likely buy the lite version, I can see it as a fun party toy for people to play with... lol

There is a free version to download and use.. Not sure how long it's free for but I'm on day two of using it free.

Good thing there's a trial now. I'm sure most didnt wanna try it at full cost as you'd have to have rocks in your head to spend $20 on an untried app.

Tablets are incredible

Maybe for people that are into that business and have an understanding of what they're looking at, it might not be so much of a gamble. But for the totally ignorant, such as myself, or those who like that kind of music and might be toying with the idea but aren't quite serious yet, I can understand the hesitation. I couldn't say if $20 is too much, since I don't have the knowledge to make an informed comparison of this kind of software.

This is cool. I've been wanting a pb and finally decided to pick one up in a week or so and I do dj. I can try this, and check it out. Really the only reason why I wanted one but now I'll be able to check it out.

I DJ'd a party with the full version a month ago. Got LOTS of compliments on the music and mix.
Just downloading the new version that came out today. I wonder what the changes are. This is a killer app!

With the prices they are selling the Wifi PlayBook at, you'd think every DJ and every aspiring DJ would be all over this. I mean a 64 GB PlayBook @ $199 plus Full version of Pacemaker @ $20.
Can you normally get that kind of DJ setup for $220 + tax?

Where can I find a 64gb at this price? I was gonna buy a 32 and its 199$ at best buy and office max. If I can score a 64 for that price it would be great since all I really was going to buy it for was this app and try to find a killer drum machine/ mpc. Since its at this price point alone it already pays off. But if I can score a bigger storage I'd be mo' in love

"The Source" stores here in Canada are selling them at $129, $149 and $199 respectively. For how long I don't know.

Well, I tried it out and I definitely won't be giving up my day job. This is not a slur against Pacemaker, but more of an assessment of my skills as a DJ. :D A very cool app, but I'll leave the DJ business to those that have the talent and the desire.

Have had the premium version for a few months now and I've gotten better but not nearly near the public hearing my chicken scratches. It grows on you when you have nothing to do and want to listen and mix a few songs.

Anyone know if we can upgrade the version we downloaded at BB World? AppWorld doesn't recognize this as an installed app.

Anyone else having problems loading their own library of music into this free trial? I can only choose between 6-7 tracks that seem to be pre-loaded