Grab MyBucketList, ZombieBird, and QuickTape for free with this unlimited promo code!

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2014 05:40 pm EDT

While most of us know @DHabkirk his fantastic design work and the bit pieces of BlackBerry info he shares with us all on on Twitter and through his BlackBerry channel, did you also know he has several great apps in BlackBerry World? Like many other developers, he also has access to the new BlackBerry vendor portal and as such has created some promo codes for a few of his apps, namely MyBucketList, ZombieBird, and QuickTape.

  • MyBucketList - Want to go skydiving? Rock-climbing? Store it in MyBucketList! Finish an item? Check it off and let your friends know about your accomplishment with BBM Integration! Feeling like backing out of streaking with your friends? Chicken Out - and let your BBM Contacts know!

  • ZombieBird - ZombieBird is a great time passing game in the style of 'Flappy Bird'

  • QuickTape - QuickTape is a simple recording application that allows you to quickly record phone calls, voice notes, and anything else with your BlackBerry's built in microphone! Simply open the application, click record, and you're set to go!

This time around, the code is unlimited and as many people who want the apps for free can grab them until it expires by simply using the code DHDC0001DB0D in BlackBerry World from the swipe down menu and then going to 'Redeem'.

Update - This has now expired

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Grab MyBucketList, ZombieBird, and QuickTape for free with this unlimited promo code!


And the promo killed the BlackBerry World redeem system. Lol.

As mention by DhabkirkDesign's BBM Channel. Good on ya!

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Maybe they just pulled some of his apps. Like the ones that are just BlackBerry samples that he compiled and is selling.

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Great seeing these developers showing some love lately. I plan on returning the favour I'm the future purchasing some of their apps.

Love you BlackBerry channel too.

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Finally a developer that doesn't give a limited amount of codes that are gone under five minutes...

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Yeah! I mean WTF?!? Why only give away a limited amount of copies of software you've spent countless hrs working on. It's not like any of these developers are trying to make a living or anything.

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It's expired anyway so they're gone now. So much for all the hype created with the word "unlimited" yet others have lasted longer.

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I wonder if BlackBerry built in a feature to protect Developers from unscrupulous users leaking their promo code.

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I agree. For $0.99, I don't mind splurging on an app if I think it's worthwhile. I could buy three with what I spend on my favourite coffee at Starbucks.

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Considering he didn't actually write most of the apps, yeah, not terribly surprising lol

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Lol first time that I've seen this code 2 minutes after posted, and the code is unlimited!!!!

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I'm finally on time and it's unlimited lol

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Cool, picked up Quick Tape and MyBucketList, thank you developer! By the way you only have 24 hours to get these.


Ah no. You can get them free anytime.

It's BlackBerry source code for both of those in the samples. All he did was compile.

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i was bout to go off bout how i finally got one then i saw it's unlimited lol. That quicktape app's gonna come clutch tho. Thanks!

Thank you to the dev! QuickTape downloaded (didn't want to get too greedy). Promise a review once tried out. Anyone who's heard the Comcast "customer service" call to cancel service should appreciate the potential value of such an app. (It was the recording that forced their hand.)

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Thank you very much!!!!

Posted by my Z10. Technology given to me by the Leak Gods, or should I say the "Ancient Aliens"!

It's either one of two things: The system is experiencing too high of demand (over 5K downloads in the short period it was up) causing failure or BlackBerry decided to shut it down for whatever reason. I can assure you it was set up for 24hours, and it still says 'Active' on my end - hence my reasons for suspicion towards the new system.

Wow, 2 hours in and it's expired? Did u use the same 'unlimited' term rogers uses for their data?

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All 3 have expired, not sure what the 24 hour period means. This went quicker then when an app developer gives away 500 copies.....thanks Blaze1

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Probably got hammered by thousands, and they decided to take it down. Well, maybe the odd person might buy now...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Wait maybe it took Bla1ze 23 hours to type and finalize his post which only left an hour to redeem the code.

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Sorry, I call BS on these promos when there is no reasonable chance for average users to get them...

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Required? I don't think so. The offer is still showing as ended. I stand by calling BS on the entire series of recent "giveaways" being promoted on this site.

It is 24 Hours - BlackBerry has only recently introduced this promotional feature to devs. I am in the process of finding the issue, which is on BlackBerry's end. I will be redoing the promotion for those who missed out. Stay tuned to @DHabkirk or C0001DB0D for more details.

Meh. I understand SOME peoples suspicions - but it's too new a system to tell what went wrong. Any comments in particular?

For those who have downloaded, I'd be interested in your thoughts on how you like it. There's only three reviews on BlackBerry World. I'd like to see some more thoughts on it.

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What's your point? They were licensed out in an agreement for fair use - literally almost a year ago.

Nobody is "Cashing in" on anything that wasn't mutually agreed upon. They are good, utility apps that MANY enjoy, despite being based on source code provided from BlackBerry. I think it's unfair for you to "shame" someone when you don't even know the full situation.

If you have any "shame" towards developers, it should be directed at "Apps For" applications that plague the store - not apps that aren't duplicates upon duplicates.

I think an "App For" actually requires more effort than "export as BAR"

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Also I think his 'point' is that it's pretty lame to take open source code, chuck it up for sale and pretend it's your own :). Adding a dog and pony show of strutting your stuff while 'giving tthem away for free' really is kind of lame.

Of course you gave them away for free. You didn't write them lol. They should always be free. You contribute nothing to the world at the end of it :)

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Thank you kind sir for a business idea!
We can all make the same apps and sell them 10 cents cheaper with minimum effort.

Source code provided by BlackBerry is for helping purposes and not for the actual Copy&Paste->Export.

What a scam! Get Crackberry to advertise your shit and less than 3 hour later cancel the promo code!

Poster via CB10 Bitch!

Everyone should read the comments above. The developer has said over and over that it's not his fault. Its not a SCAM. Its a new system that BlackBerry has implemented, and apparently it can't handle the high volume of traffic. So please everyone don't just post to post negative stuff and call it a Scam when it's not. Be mindful and read other posts!

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I think most of the comments here are to troll the dev. Despite the devs numerous replies explaining the situation, lot of people continue to express their frustration. TeamBlackBerry, we're better than this!

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Look at the picture in the article. It says promo ends Wednesday on the phone screen...

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Wth!! I live in India n I just woke up and saw this article...It's 8 AM....when I tried this code, it said "promotion has ended"... c' can I ever use these codes while it's early morning n I'm asleep!?? The article should come out in day time or evening time!!! :(

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Promotion ended here as well :( too bad hope BlackBerry fixes it. Thanks for the info and the code Dev, very much appreciated.

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I'm going to say that's a NO. Since even my LONG comment didn't help. I do think the one comment posted about trolls is bang on. So i would just ignore them. Most of the people that are regulars read through. I think the Developer also understands this now. Some people just can be cruel.

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Unlimited? Not... sadly Europe is again fishing behind the net.
Promo code no longer valid... :-(

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Maybe Blaze could write a quick "UPDATE" letting people know it's not the DEV.

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10 hours ago it was here in the middle of the night, there are people who want to have such a deal are also in Netherlands

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Promo ended, no worries I will support the developer and buy it anyway not like we are braking the bank on this one


Wait, so this guy is selling apps that he didn't write but took from code BlackBerry put out for examples???

That's kind of low... -.-

Not impressed - "Unlimited Promo" expires. On the same day it's put up. If this is a fault of Blackberry World, i'm a bit disappointed. If the developer pulled the promo, it doesn't speak very well for continued support, business opportunities, or positive reviews. What's up?

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Promo ended and so I bought the app, unfortunately it would not playback.

OS - White Z10 on Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

Still showing the promo has ended. I'm sure the developer will give us a heads up when they think it's working again.

I just don't want to miss it. Just Sayin'!

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