Try Amazon Prime Music on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone right now

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2014 06:30 pm EDT

By now you've likely read a headline or ten about Amazon's new Prime Music service. If not, it's a new service from Amazon for Prime account holders that offers up what Amazon claims to be over 1 million songs from their music catalog at launch. It's available for Mac, Windows, Kindle, Roku, Samsung Smart TV's, web browsers, and of course, iOS and Android. Missing from that list is BlackBerry 10 smartphones but no matter.

If you really want to give it a go the Android version of the app works perfectly fine on BlackBerry 10 devices including the downloading and caching of songs for offline use. Something a lot of other Android music services seem to have trouble with. (May be 10.3 related though) All you need to do is download the APK file which and install it. From there, login to your Amazon Prime account or if you don't have one, try out the free 30 day trial and you're up and running with Amazon Prime Music.

You can grab the APK directly from the Amazon App Store which I know at least some of you have installed and if not, you can download the Amazon App Store APK directly from Amazon themselves and install it directly to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Additionally, if those options do not work for you, you can find the latest Amazon Music APK file right here via APKMirror.

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Try Amazon Prime Music on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone right now


Nothing is available in Canada, lol. You can get it though if you have a US Prime account and live in Canada, it doesn't do region checks.

Serious? Does that include the movie lists? It doesn't restrict based on IP location? Do you need a US address at all?

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There's plenty of online services that allow you to order a US debit card which is generally accepted for check out. As for IP's, you still need a VPN for movies but there's a billion and one of those available as well with minimal effort. Most aren't even true VPN's, they're just DNS switches. You can even use Hola on Chrome if you want.

You don't even need to do that any Canadian credit card can be used in the USA with the zip code trick with your last few digits of a Canadian credit card.

Here's one approach:
take the three numbers that are in the postal code of the credit card billing address in the order that they appear, and then add two zeros onto the end in order to bypass the US zip code

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

anyone else having trouble downloading songs to device? The old version of amazon mp3 downloaded fine, but now doesn't seem to be working. Songs are plying fine through app though.

Same for me on Z10 running Had to delete and go back to previous Amazon MP3 in order to be able to download purchased songs.

Nope tried it through 1mobile on my z30 and I have amazon prime, won't let me download the app, bummer

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Is it called Amazon Music? As I cant find anything with prime in title. And Amazon music doesnt look like this new app.

Q10, running

Already had the "Amazon MP3 app" working on my Q10, went to the Amazon Appstore and it "updated" it to "Amazon Music" great!

Timely post, thanks guys! Amazon music app worked on my's a bit laggy but working

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Awesome. Might make me drop Google Play music because this will work on ALL my devices.

Posted via CB App from my Galaxy S4 Mini with an LED CrackLight ;-)

It just doesn't make sense to me why more companies don't rally together and try to support BlackBerry by making apps.

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I already had Amazon store installed and have a Prime account, but I don't see options for music.

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I live outside of the U.S., and I could download the app from amazon appstore, It works, I can play the songs from my cloud, but I can't play songs that I added from the prime music service, it keeps saying error every time that I try to play these songs.

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I have a problem with Amazon, since I know I would never, yes... never buy anything from the site (no android app will I ever pay for, I do pay for apps in BBW though) I didn't fill my credit card details, so everytime I download a "free" app it returns an error message saying "unable to purchase due to incomplete information". why they say "purchase" when i'm clicking on free apps and why they even need payment info when there is no payment to be done? I don't care whether it's "standard procedure" to check for such even when doing free downloads, but they just made me delete this Amazon app from my QTEN.

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Amazon wants permission to see everything on my phone!! And thhe permissions can't be turned off. I am a big Amazon Prime customer, but this is too much. No Amazon apps for me at this time. I will go through their web site.

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

Unable to download song onto my phone. Was able to do that with the previous Amazon mp3 app. Deleted and reinstalled twice.

Sent from my Q10 or Z10.

Just like other Android apps, it wants access to my shared files. Picture, music DOCUMENTS. Why does an app need access to my documents and all that, even stored at a remote location. Not installing. Not downloading any Android apps. The ability to do so is no longer a benefit to me. Luckiy I love BB just fine without Android support.

Apple, Amazon and Google have their own music services. BlackBerry needs to get back on track with cross platform BBM Music. Google is considering getting songza too. These things are happening and how will BlackBerry respond?

So sad seeing those articles that you can download "put your hype app here" on your BlackBerry. Like you can visit your BlackBerry World and downloading it as we know.

No! Again, you must use a Android snap app or converter. And the best part are the comments. " Yay! Works on my Z10 but laggy". Wow. Listening to laggy music, but I have this great Android app on BlackBerry. Yay!!!

Come on and give me a break. No more major apps are coming out anymore for BlackBerry. Devs are seeing this! Where is the incentive? Why developing for BlackBerry when Crackberry is hyping Android apps since 6 on a hardcore basis????

So sad.

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I was able to add a new device directly from my prime amazon web page using my Z10 browser. A link to download the appstore can be sent to email or texted to phone. Then you can install Amazon Music Store. I already had a Prime Music Cloud playlist selected by my Android tablet. First album played 6 songs then my Z10 screen froze then turned off. Same thing happened a second time with battery fully charged.

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Downloaded through 'Snap' and everything seemed to be working fine, so tried a trial purchase. I bought one song and it displays and plays from the cloud storage, but it won't download to my phone. All I get is a message to say the song is 'queued' and the download stays at 0%. I tried on a number of occasions (all the while on WiFi) and still no joy. So, I un installed that version of music store and downloaded it through the Amazon App Store and all went well. It found the song I have in the cloud storage, but still 'queues' the song for download and stays at 0%. I have the app on my windows laptop and downloaded the song to my hard drive with no problems so I know that side of things works ok. Any ideas why I can't get any further than showing 0% of download on my phone??
I have the Z10 with the latest OS from Orange UK......Very strange :-(

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Yea, I tried installing through snap and through amazon app store and purchased songs won't download now, just stay queued. Worked fine when the app was amazon mp3.

Totally bummed

I'd like to know if anyone has been able to download "prime" music to their phone. Just like the others, I have the app installed and can stream music, but it won't download.

As per my previous posts......I still can't download music to my phone. Laptop is fine. Without sounding too cynical....Bla1ze made it sound so easy, saying, the app works perfectly....Well, could he or someone else from CB show us how it's done! There is obviously an issue here as I am not the only one having the problem. I've been away on holiday so haven't been able to contact Amazon...has anyone else??

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The previous version worked fine but the updated version is not allowing me to download the songs

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This is still a problem on my Z30 running

If there is anyone trying it with 10.3 it might indicate that that is the reason Bla1ze said it worked, as I believe 10.3 has better Android integration.

Same problem. Can stream purchase but when I download it just stays queued. I have to download it to my PC and then transfer it to my phone.

It's too slow and clunky! Maybe they need to update it, downloads don't work, streaming quality is terrible and it hangs very often.

Totally forgot about this service though I've been a Prime member for years. Really glad this is native on BB10.

I have a classic and I was unable to download the app. It doesn't show up in the amazon app store, and google play says it isn't available for my device. Does anyone with a Classic have it or know a workaround? Thank you.

Just now trying this. Might replace my Goolge Play music app. We will see.

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