The truth about the Q10 from a real power user

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jun 2013 01:25 pm EDT

We've seen plenty of threads in the CrackBerry forums lately about members praising the BlackBerry Q10. With the US release finally upon us (come on AT&T and Sprint!) more and more BlackBerry users are getting in on the Q10 fun. I've also been a huge fan since I picked up my device and haven't looked back since.

When it comes to loving or hating a device, everyone has their own reasons. It's hard to make judgment on a device from other people's reviews, and you really just need to pick one up to try it out and judge for yourself. You can read reviews all day long but until you actually put it through your own "real world" test, you'll never know if it's right for you. We always say that you need to use a new device for at least two or three weeks before you can ultimately decide.

"Battery is amazing. If yours is not, then there is something wrong" z10ma, CB Forums Member

That being said, if you don't have the means to pick up a Q10 but are still anxious to know what other users think of it, there are plenty of great threads in the forum with users reviews.

Forums member z10ma dropped the most recently review - praising the Q10 for business pros and "getting **** done". He notes the keyboard is amazing, the UI is "lightning fast" and is great for multitasking and productivity.

Some of the reasons z10ma lists for loving the Q10:

  • Battery is amazing. If yours is not, then there is something wrong. I took my Q10 off of the charger at 6am and I still have ~50% batter life left as I type this ... with my Q10 btw.
  • UI is great for multi-tasking and productivity. All I really care about at the end of the day is my bank account and so being able to get things done is the number one priority for me. I can effortlessly toggle between calls, emails, texts, and files simply by swiping up or left -- no buttons, no holding down on icons, no doubling clicking, just swiping up or left. 
  • Lightning fast. Now I know it's new, so we'll see how this plays out, but so far there has not been one hiccup in the freezing or restarting at all.
  • Keyboard is phenomenal.There is no way that I would not have given up by now on my previous touch screen devices...

Sunetos, a long-time iPhone user, recently picked up a new Q10 and has never used a BlackBerry before. While sunetos has a few issues at the start, summarizes by saying "almost everything has worked great for me (most of my problems were my fault and I needed more time on the learning curve)". 

There are a few threads downing the Q10 as well, however most come from users that haven't given the device a full go. After just a day of use, some are quick to put down the Q10 for screen size, lack of apps or the fact that they haven't taken time to get to know the device at all. While these are obvious differences between the Q10 and other devices/platforms, they certainly aren't the only things that the Q10 has to offer. 

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The truth about the Q10 from a REAL power user
Long-time iPhone user happy with Q10

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The truth about the Q10 from a real power user



It's good to hear people praising the Q10.. I've been on the fence about Z10 vs. Q10, but I keep hearing amazing things about the productivity of the Q10, and the bottom line for me is that a mobile device is for stream-lined communication.

I still lose tons of time when I need to copy and paste :(

Also missing hitting the menu button twice without even looking because BB already knew what I wanted being copy or send or whatever..

That is the reason like the review claimed, I put it down after a day. The track ball allowed for quick cut and paste. I hate having to place cursor with big fingers

Technically both have qwerty.. one just has it in physical form and the other as a touch screen

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My wife love her q10 like I love my z10 battery life is the main key we get at least 12+ hrs of battery use but I the q10 it goes farther than mine

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My sister, a moderate power 9900 user, has been suggested to get an iPhone a couple of times by her hubby who is an iPhone user. She's waiting for the Q10 to be available on AT&T. I show my Z10 to my brother in law and he was impressed. I don't think he will switch to BlackBerry but he doesn't think it sucks anymore.

...hmm does it taste like a BlackBerry?......though my Z10 has a bit of a machine oil taste to maybe it

I hear you loud and clear! I'm still waiting on Sprint too, and the only thing I HATE about the Q10 is that I don't have one to love yet.

Im thinking the same I want a q10 now ....I went into a verizon store the other day just to try one out and see how the hardware feels etc and its amazing!!!

I'm was a die hard ios user since it's inception. Briefly had a run with a 9700 which for me at the time was amazing.

Being that I was so young when I had it, I got rid of it because at that time, it was too serious of a phone for me. I was like 20ish. FF to late 2012/early 2013 one night I'm surfing youtube and I come across the demo for BB10, Thor showcasing the Z and the Q. At that moment I knew the Q was for me.

I didn't want to jump into another all touchscreen phone as I felt it would be a lateral move, as opposed to a move up. I searched around to get back into a BB. Luckily my sister had a 9700 she used to daily. I BEGGED her for it. When it finally came in the mail I felt "at home" logging back into CB felt really good, and jumped right back into pounding out emails and texts with the keyboard.

I manage to get wind of the 9900 and I knew that was going to hold me over until the Q dropped. 3 months after leaving my iphone, the only things I missed about it, was my tumblr app ( and the fact it plays off of my car stereo. Other than that, I loved everything about my 9900.

I picked up the Q about a week ago now, and I am glad I did. The UI is superb, super fast and intuitive. The word suggestion is one of my favorite features. Finally a blackberry that can compete with the best(not that I care) I catch a lot of flack for switching platforms until I show people a preview of what their ios7 is going to look ;) but seriously this thing is amazing.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a business person. I do a lot of typing yes, but it's mainly personal things (notes,text, social media etc...) but if you want a phone that feels good in your hand and can "get things done" the Q is for you. no BS no frills, exactly what one needs out of a phone. Do I have 800k apps? No, do I need a fraction of that? Barely. if people have an open mind towards the new software and understand nothing great happens overnight, they will love the BlackBerry and both phones they have to offer.

Long winded response yes, but I just felt I had to share my story. I love my Q and love the fact it can only get better from here.

Typed this all on my Q btw ;)

Love this community as well!

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I have a Q10 that I got 4 days ago. Day 1 was rough. As a long time BlackBerry user, I was discouraged (initially) at having to "learn" to use a new device and at having to give up my beloved trackpad. I just wanted a new BlackBerry--and, on day 1, this wasn't it.

Day 2, I was over it. This IS a BlackBerry. The keen minds and sharp eyes that brought us all our beloved shortcuts and super-easy productivity features we all know and love--and that are COMPLETELY alien to users of and-droid and iCrap--have embedded similar features into this new OS and lightning-fast UI. Even the voice-command system functions well. You may not be able to ask "Berry" if she's single, but she will find the album you want to play while you're driving.

If you are a BlackBerry die-hard, you WILL have to give this thing 24 - 48 hours of love (and hate!) to get used to it. Once you're in, though, you'll never look back. It's bad ass.

And, BTW, I used it all day yesterday and forgot to plug it in last night. Current battery: 57%.

All hail BlackBerry! Z for consumers, Q for producers. Yeah, life is good.

I love living in the future.


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In regards to "Z for consumers, Q for producers."

Kills me when people say things like that. Like the article states, it's really just a matter of taste, or what works best for you. The Z gets just as much done as the Q. It really just comes down to the person and their ability to use whichever device, not the device itself. That being said, the Z10 is more than capable of producing when there is work/business to be done. Both devices are total beasts.

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Good to hear about battery life. Have Z10, thinking about getting a Q10. You mentioned 50% battery life from 6am but didn't say anything about the time you were writing your comments. Please let us know how many hours you were referring to

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I use my Q10, Z10 and PlayBook for everything. I don't use anything else unless I have to use my windows laptop for BlackBerry Link or for side-loading (which I decided isn't even really necessary now). So, if you're seeking out power users, it doesn't get much more powerful than this combination. Makes me wonder how all these traitors who went out and bought "other phones", but still consider themselves "power users" of BlackBerry. It doesn't more dedicated than this, sorry. Apparently dedication to the brand I have chosen to support eludes other people. If you're a real BlackBerry user, you would not have given into the competition, even when things were bad.

Spoiled brats need every phone on the friggin market? sucka pleeeeze

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Are other platforms wack? Yep, very. Why's that? Because they ain't BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

After the initial annoyance of a squeaky spacebar (which I returned my device because of), I got a perfect Q10.

I had a Z10 since it was available on T-Mobile, so I knew all about how to use BlackBerry 10 when I got my Q10. That really helped. The keyboard plus BlackBerry 10.. it doesn't get any better in a device for me. I have the hardshell case on it, and everything old is new again from BlackBerry...just way better.

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I am constantly switching between a Q10 and Z10 for app development. The steps involved in completing one example task on both phones sums it up why the Q10 is THE BlackBerry 10 phone for me:

Switching on development mode on Z10:
- Find the Settings icon (or pull down from top of the screen)
- Tap the Settings icon to launch settings
- Scroll down to "Security and Privacy"
- Tap "Security and Pivacy"
- Tap "Development Mode"
- Tap on the "Use Development Mode" switch

Switching on development mode on Q10:
- Start typing "Devel"
- Tap the Type-and-go result
- Tap on the "Use Development Mode" switch

You can do the virtually the *same* thing on a Z10. Tap on the search icon on the home screen. And then start typing "Devel".
- Tap the Type-and-go result
- Tap on the "Use Development Mode" switch

Still love my Z10 as well. I'm never going back to a controlling company like Apple again. Woooo

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I have had my Q10 from T-Mobile for about two weeks. I came from a 9900 and even though I am familiar with the gestures from my Playbook, I had a hrd time with the Q10 for the first couple of days. This was due to the fact that I had my 9900 so perfectly tuned, I could complete virtually every task without even looking at the phone. I even used Vlingo Pro to read and respond to all email and text commuincations. I could do all this with one hand and not even need to look at the phone. Not so with the Q10, but I am discovering something new about this phone every day. One thing I realize is that the new OS has so much power and potential while the other phone operating systems are approaching their limits.
If Blackberry continues to refine this OS, I can see that future BB phones have the capability to replace many other computing devices such as a laptop. I hope they continue to develop the incredible potential of this OS.
On the fun side, I get a strong LTE signal from T-Mobile where I work and I have endless fun using the speed tests to determine download and upload speeds againt IOS and Android phones. I often achieve download speeds over 30 MBS and enjoy an amazing fast and fluid browsing experience. It will take me a little more time to tune the Q10 to where I will be more productive that I was on the 9900. Not only am I sure this will happen, but I am confident I will be more productive on this phone that any other phone currently available.
I base my opinion on the mix of phones currenty used in my family that include the the Nokia Lumina (good OS),
Samsung S4, and HTC One (IMHO the best Andriod phone). Fortunately everyone in the family is cured of the Apple affliction.
PS I had my 9900 on BES and recently got my Q10 on the new BES. It makes a big difference in how it interfaces with my Exchange server.

Q10 is a very very good phone! There is no doubt of that! It's the best BlackBerry ever... the problem with it is some of the software... it looks like was design and thought of by a non-blackberry user... why do I say this??
I challenge anyone that loves their Q10 to copy and past quicker than me using my 9900... I mean, has anyone noticed how many times you have to touch the screen before you can copy and past something?? And that is if when you touch the copy function, it copies anything, because most times it doesn't, and you have to keep touching the copy function several times until you succeed... or how about trying to resend a text message again to the same person or even to a different person. Yesterday I tried to resend a text message and I ended up screaming at my Q10 because I had to touch the screen several times before it actually decided to resend the text... but I think what annoys me the most is not being able to just long press a keyboard key to call someone without having to click in phone icon, then click on dialling pad and finally click on the keyboard key to call my speed dial contact... And has anyone noticed of how many people are complaining in the forum's about SMS text being sent and charged for as MMS? Well, it happened to me as well 9 times last month... that's 9 SMS texts that were sent as MMS... and before anyone says that you need more time to adapt to the new phone... I have used the Q10 for 4 weeks now and I have all the correct SMS/MMS settings and latest OS... BlackBerry said the BB10 was designed to keep you moving... I think they meant for us to keep moving our fingers to get something done... Like I said... Q10 is a very very good phone! I still think it's the best BlackBerry ever... but the software? No... not yet! Needs urgent fixing, so, get it fixed BlackBerry... after all, we have waited a long time for this!

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Completely agree with blackrud's post. The software on the Q10 really take a step backward on simple features like cut and paste and ending a call on the bold 9900.

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Great article, Adam

I, for one, can say there are many things i absolutely LOVE about the Q10. I've been a longtime BB user (Since the Pearl 8100) and as most BB users, my keyboard experience has only improved with every BB upgrade. The Q10 is the Mother Ship of keyboards to me. I was a bit concerned given my love of the 9900 but this is even better. Like many of the BBfan, i gave in to the Z10 at launch for BB10. The Z10 is absolutely phenomenal. The keyboard and flick typing cant be matched on ANY touchscreen on the market. The UI is just breathtaking and very easy to master. Where my love of the Z10 was met with disappointment was the battery life. I'm always on the go and get a minimum of 40 emails a day. Meeting after meeting, I need a my phone to be reliable enough to last me a work day. Sadly, I couldn't do that with my Z. Since the updates, however, i now have double that lifespan but still found myself having to charge my phone between drives. Enter the Q10. EVERYTHING i loved about the Z10, minus what i didn't. I now found the easiest solution of all. Q10 (Work) Z10 (Personal). I work about 12+ a day and have found that the Q10 would be at about HALF the battery by the time i get home with lil to NO CHARGE. I would advise anyone thinking of getting bought to give a serious look at T-Mobile's plans. My bill actually got better with their new plans. So which should you pick if your have no need for 2 phones?... Its a matter of preference. If you're a longtime BBuser, the Q10 is what you've been waiting for AND more. But the Z10 can also be that change that you were looking for w/o given up the BB experience. If you're coming from a other platform (iOS, Android, WebOS), I would say the Z10, given the screen size, is perfect for you. The point is BB10 is amazing no matter what road you choos (Z10 or Q10)... But if you're a workhorse like me, i HIGHLY recommend the Q10.

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The Q10 with 10.1 is OK for heavy users or corporate users, but not for power users or small business owners.
The hub needs work, even the 9900 with it's trackpad is more efficient at dealing quickly with emails or simply writing new ones.

On BES, the Q10 is doing a good job and limitations will mostly come from the corporate environment, but for small business owners who don't use BES or power users juggling with multiple information streams, the Q10 falls shorts due to outdated or incomplete apps (email, remember, maps, etc.).

I think BB wanted to please corporate customers with the Q10 + BES and the consumer market with the Z10 and its media features. For people in between, it's really not there yet.

I had the Z10 for about 5 months (tragically i lost it) I really liked it a lot, but i always felt that i was missing a keyboard. So when I ended up losing my phone I decided to give the Q10 a try. Excellent keyboard, the gestures are not difficult at all. The only difference is the small screen real estate takes a bit of getting used to, such as surfing the internet or playing games, This was definitely much easier on the Z10, but there are trade offs for everything. I would say that I am definitely happy with my Q10, so nice to have my keyboard back in my hand :)

I love my Q10, but copy/paste. Holding down the BlackBerry button to bring up recent opened apps, is something you can't really replace, you need those physical buttons. I'm sure there is a way of creating some kind of "function" key and then do some functions easily. I still miss my trackpad.

The predictive typing is still something I love.

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Love my Z 10 but would like to try Q10.
Playing together with pictures aps, Twitter, web and BBM Channels in active frames makes BB10 a fun device.

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I had used the Z10 since lanch in Canada and can say it's a awsome device but the Q10 is the best phone on the market is all I can say! If you need those big ass screen size phones then get a tablet but the Q10 screen size is great to play games and much more! I have used iphone 4, iphone 4s, iphone 5, and Samsung S3 and can honestly say this phone rocks!!!

I originally got a Z10, recently I purchased a Q10. I have to give the nod to the Qwerty. I came from an Iphone 4. I love the Q10 and hope many others out there will give it a shot.

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I got the Q10 on launch day t- mobile, used it for 5 days and took it back and got the HTC one.After useing the one for another 5 days i can say i want my Q10 back. i liked the one but the size and keyboard of the Q just fits me better. Am i nuts,you tell me.

I love my Z10 so much but I'm torn between it and the Q10. I love the one hand use of Z10 but miss that physical keyboard goodness.

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I have the Q10 for almost 2 months now. You have to get used to it first, the learning curve. If i'm not typing, i operate 99% of the Q10 with only 1 finger, mostly my thumb. Now that's easy. Its light, well-made and you don't have a surfboard in your pocket. Overall, an awesome communicator and that's why i use a smartphone in the first place.

Love it!!! Besides battery all I have to say this is why I need real physical keypad! Shortcuts! No other device can do what this bad boy can do. "type n go" "actions" alone make this the fastest gettn it done smartphone ever

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Best keyboard ever on any device. Huge battery life. The screen is smaller than most phones, but it's the perfect size for this phone...and I mean perfect. I don't even remember what multitasking means because, for the first time on any phone, it's seamless and you forget it's going on. 10.1 (finally for me!) is so much better than 10.0 was on my Z10. Instant Actions? Wow, efficiency unequaled. Simply, the best communication tool ever created. So excited to own this phone. If you've never loved a phone, prepare to.

I was a long time BlackBerry user then had switched to the iPhone 4 when it came out. It was different being my first touch device. From the iPhone I went to try some of the early Android devices out Samsung HTC LG and at the end of the day they were just all touch phones that seemed like toys to me. I always missed having a blackberry physical keyboard just as it to me added some sort of professionalism to the device so I went and got rid of my touch screens and got the 9900. Loved that phone and still do as I still have one as a backup phone. I used the 9900 until I made the stupid choice to go back to a iPhone 4S this time lol so recently I tossed the 4S and picked up this lovely Z10 and I love this phone but I'm looking forward to purchasing a Q10 very soon and that way I can have the best of both worlds having a physical keyboard and a modern OS system. From trying out the Q10 I feel a lot more comfortable with it in my hand over the Z10 even though this Z10 is great there's just something about the Q10 that is amazing. At the end of the day they both are great devices and whichever one you do pick up I'm sure the user will be happy about it. BlackBerry Life.

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I have to say, I love everything but have to agree with the many how email composing / editing etc as well as the switching between accounts to copy and paste on the fly is brutal on the Q10 for me. I miss my 9900 for this. I know it will come and improve. I just hope sooner than later as it's killing me. I'm a business power user and use it for personal as well.

That's my gripe, because it is a BlackBerry, I was hoping I'd be able to be as laser fast, if not gfaster at these tasks but alas, I am much slower do to its limitations (for now).

Last complaint is please fix the damn issue of not being able to send emails with Telus home account. It's not Telus fault on this as we all know.

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Can't wait to get mine from CrackBerry so I can be a Q10 user. I have been a long time physical keyboard user and I have played with a Q. One of my favorite things about the keyboard has always been the shortcuts (power user)so looking forward to the ones the Q offer and the long battery life.

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I wanted to love the Q10 but I hate how TERRIBLE the screen quality is.

The colors are completely inaccurate along with pentile grain is one of the worst I've seen since the RAZR series.

If they would just have out a non pentile amoled it would be fine. Or an LCD. I love the quality on the Z10.

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Have a Z and recently a Q. Love the Z but struggled a lot with the keyboard. Thought the Q was for me. Having the Q I miss the Z. I love the screen size. I got through my keying nightmare with the Z by letting the predictive text help me. I learned to keep typing through mistakes as the word I was trying to type would most often appear on the space bar. Usually before I had typed the whole word. And sped things up on longer words as you would only need to type a portion before they appeared. But Q keyboard rocks.

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Having used every version of the blackberry bold since Bold 9000, I strayed away to the iPhone 4s for about 2 months, back to the bold 9900 and then the iPhone 5 for about 2 weeks then back to the 9900. I just got the Q10 on T-Mobile & I regret the time spent/lost with iPhone! I just can't put my Q10 down!....
With the aggressive updates (10.2 already underway) no phone can compare to the Q10...Not even my wife's Z10!

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Love my Q10, the best qwartey keyboard BlackBerry phone with the best use of BlackBerry 10, made my life and work so much more productive and organised!

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I've had my q10 for about 2 weeks and so far, I'm really happy with it. I like the design and multi-tasking. Of course love the keyboard. Watching YouTube or playing games is fun and some games you can use the keypad. Checking emails is a breeze in the hub. Updating your fb or twitter is fast n easy without waiting to load the app. I had a bb9000 years ago and the q10 really brings back memories. Lol.

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I have had my Q10 less than two weeks, picking it up the day T-Mo launched it for non-business users. Battery life didn't seem so great the first couple of days where there was heavy use getting it set up. I also did two complete discharges and recharges as some users recommend for conditioning the battery. I get through the day with no problem on a single charge despite heavy use. Includes some email (mostly reading), fair amount of web browsing (finally worthwhile on BB--wow is that better!), lots of podcasting and internet radio. Considerably better on a charge than my 9930--no doubt the much larger battery more than making up the difference for more powerful device and larger, higher resolution display. I haven't completely gotten over absence of menu key and track pad yet but BB10 is a far better experience in almost every aspect of how I use my device. Q10 was definitely worth the wait!

The hub is the most addicting aspect of BB10, not to mention the overall fit and finish of the Q! A very unique look and OS experience!

I have more than average amount of emails to respond to daily and my previous android device with touch typing was NEVER accurate and derove me nutts to no end. The constant backspacing to correct text input was maddening. That is a major flaw with android and ios.
I am a power user and having an qwerty key board is always more accurate and precise for typing.
It took me a better half of a day fiddle faddling with the gestures and I learnt it quickly without any hitches. I also did a device switch with a previous bold 9900 and agian everything transferred through correctly without a hitch.
I love this new BlackBerry and is right on track. I will never use any other device again. Me n BlackBerry are in it for the long haul.

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"Battery is amazing. If yours is not, then there is something wrong. I took my Q10 off of the charger at 6am and I still have ~50% batter life left as I type this ... with my Q10 btw."

Really? What a generic useless thing to say, can you please do better? How many hours is that? I thought you guys would be better than this.

Don't hate me because i say this. If no one critiques these guys they will never try to do better.

Love almost everything about my Q10, except for selecting and editing text. Cursor placement, text selection, and copy/paste is a serious pain in the ass. I hope they address this in a timely manner, because dealing with text is brutal.

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I'm going to get the Q10 when I got money but I'm wondering if the "applications shortcuts" available? I noticed that it has a glorified version of the "universal search" but never see anything about applications shortcuts. What about the N for BBm, A or C for contacts, U for calculator, B for browser and O for options? Those are pretty much all I use anyway LOL

Q10 is for getting things done. It keeps you moving.
Z10 is more for multimedia and gaming.

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You only live once and don't give into peer pressure from other phone like iPhone or HTC One or Samsung Galaxy, if you like the KEYBOARD, just get it. People think too much and don't do too much, Q10 is about getting things done.

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Going from my touchscreen Bold to the Q10 was a big change, but I'm adapting. I do miss the back button and the ease to go from thing to thing. The swiping is a change that I'm getting more used to each day. I love the camera, speed, and options this phone carries. I am looking forward to more apps and I've been sideloading most of the popular ones. There are some glitches I hope the OS updates can fix in the future. BlackBerry user for ever :)

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My one question about the Q10. How does the keyboard stand up to dirt/dust/etc. I am trying to convince my Gf to upgrade her torch but she is on fence about z10 or q10. Biggest drawback against z10 is battery life. With q10 she thinks it will get dirt and dust between the keys just like on her torch. Naturally that causes problems pressing keys well into a 3 year contract.

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I bought Z10 few months back and feel happy with it. Till today, I decided to get a new Q10 from the store. This is home run baby! I finally felt home with this physical keypad. Going to sell away my Z10. Sticking with Q10. This rocks! BB10 + Physical Keypad = Heaven in this hell! \m/

Agree good device - got my Q10 last week and took a little bit to learn new OS - but overall pretty solid - only 1 OS freeze thus far. BB needs to do the following updates though to the OS...

1 - bring back one key speed dial.
2 - when browsing a website, the address bar should fade out to show more of the site. small screen to begin with doesn't need to be smaller.

Yes, please re-instate the TrackPad for superior cut-and-paste and text editing!

BlackBerry should give us a better Bold 9900 with (if you don't care about Apps):
a) Improved battery
b) Autofocus camera
c) 4G lte would be nice!

Thank you for your article,
It's really the thing I want, It's the same to my idea. I'm going to make a article, a review about my pearl, Q10, about the things that bring to me the passion,...

I've waited for a long time before Q10 officially released in my country (Vietnam), and I picked up it immediately It came.

On my opinion (beside the things as mentioned by Adam), It's really a quintessence with good design, from body to material (stainless steel, glass weave), It's sophisticated.
The gesture makes me comfortable, I can use just left thumb to go through all apps, hub,...web browsing is so fast, GUI, built-in apps is easy to use,...ect. Of course, I can tell to tomorrow :)

About the issues Q10 is facing, lacking apps, OS,...ect, I think It's only about time issue, as you known, software has many many releases, day by day, software will be perfect and satisfy everyone.

I really don't have a lot of time to play game, from Monday to Friday, I have to work, I make a lot of messages, mail, and of course I read many books, webpage,...It satisfies me.

I think BB has good long journey ahead, I believe in BB...


It's been about two months since this article appeared and I still have a fully functional 9900 which serves me well. Unfortunately the company where I work is somewhat slow at updating our network. Looking very much forward to obtaining the Q10 (since I remain a keyboard fan). Volume purchased will surely increase when large companies make the transition!

I just returned from two business trips to Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and all I saw people using was the Q10. It was either that or an iPhone, but the Q10 was EVERYWHERE. It outnumbered others devices I saw 10 to 1.


I'm a loyal BB user and looked forward to getting the q10, but since I got it its been driving me mad! Problem is with caller ID. I have a number of numbers saved with a + prefix, and a country code, and I find that when I'm back in country the phone doesn't seem to recognize those numbers. Similarly, if I'm roaming and a call comes through that isnt saved with a + prefix, the caller ID doesn't show who is calling - which means I either ignore the call or risk paying pretty high roaming chargs, just to find out its not a call I would have wanted to take. It's absolutely maddening, and is not something that happened with previous Blackberries or with other phones. I had hoped that the update to OS would deal with this prblem (which afflicts not just my phone but the phone of every Q10 and Z10 user that I know ) but its made no difference. To be honest I'm almost at the point of switching phones, so if anyone can figure out a solution to this I would be very grateful!

I got my first BB in 2005, and it was love at first sight. And could never let go of BB ever since, had all the models (well, the good ones:) So this is not about being another brand's smartphone fan that just doesn’t get it. Oh, I get it. What I really don’t get is how BB could drive their old customer base away with just a few silly mistakes...
Having said that, I like Q10 and I really don’t want to give it away, because, unfortunately, there is no phone with a physical qwerty that performs nearly like this one. And I am a heavy duty email writer (as you can probably ascertain) I need my buttons :))
It is a very good smartphone, I know, ‘cause I’ve tried them all while I was waiting (forever) for the Q10 to be released.

I really hope that something good comes out of this, maybe it will end up on the screen of the right person who can fix all these problems, which, so far, I encountered:

1. Speed dial entries (they don’t have it from the home screen, with the touch of a button). Defies the purpose of "speed" dial if you have to perform 3 moves to get to the speed dial screen, when with the old phone I was just holding down a key. I really don’t get why they changed this.

2. No shortcut buttons like the ones you could assign functions to, on the exterior of the phone (e.g.: for me, calculator set on side button, really helpful).

3. I can’t set my own customized sound profiles (loud, meeting etc) Can’t even rename(!!) the profiles...(‘cause if i could, I would customize another profile and rename it to suit my needs at least!

4. Can’t put the music on speaker when the bluetooth is connected (now this is really dumb) I have to disconnect the bluetooth in order to be able to hit the speaker button and listen to music other than in the headphone.

5. After adding an item/song to a playlist, the cursor goes to the top of the list. Really annoying cause you have to browse 250songs again

6. Can’t send "note" through email... Used to be able to do it with the 9700. Sometimes I want to send myself a note, on email, in order to have it available fast on my computer. Now I have to copy (oh, god, what a disaster after the touch pad, and I even have small fingers) and click click...

7. Whenever I pressed something my mistake, with my old 9700 the message would save as draft automatically. Now, with the touch screen, being so sensitive, it’s very easy to press the wrong spot, everything is gone in a second, not saved!!! It happened a few times with important and long messages, almost threw the phone away (unfortunately, way too expensive to do that :))... now I have to be careful and save it a few times before I finish writing..

8. Doesn’t have Sh_ _ _m. Real pity... Contacted them, they said they’re “analyzing the implementation” for Q10.

9. Cant turn off cell broadcast even though Help tells you that you can. There is a popup once you turn it off saying "Failed to toggle cbs state-radio failure" and it turns back on by itself...

10. I cant add my signature through the "word substitution" function. E.g.: I dont want all my outgoing emails to bear my business signature. With my old device I made my signature available at any time by just typing "sigg". With Q10 you can still do it, but it s useless, because the signature comes as a single entry, without paragraphs, meaning you have name, position, address, phones, email all in one row...

11. Now, if I want my signature added, I either have to default all my messages with a signature and delete in any email that I don’t need it being signed (4rows!) or just have to leave it on. Looks ridiculous when you dont want your message signed...

12. Unlike the old models, Q10 doesn’t intuitively know what to do with a selected phone number. The old phones would immediately have, at a touch of a button, a menu where you could use that number to “dial” or “add to” etc. Is that so hard to do with such a smart phone? How could all these function just simply slip through their fingers, since they were already existent and working?

13. Now, I wont even get into the lack of synchronization of data fields with other systems, or outlook or the computer. Just too complicated to write here, and probably already lost everybody’s patience...

If anyone knows a fix to the above, please feel welcome to share...

In the meantime, looking forward to a better BB (with buttons :))

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Hey there. I'm planning on getting a new BB next week, but I'm still stuck in the middle between the Z10 and the Q10. I love the physical keyboard, one of the main reasons I rejected everytime my dad offered me an iPhone, but somehow the screen is too small for all the gestures. Meanwhile the Z10 has got everything, big screens, beautiful design, but we all know virtual keyboards gets less functional by time. If anyone could just give me one solid reason to pick one over the other, I can sleep better at night :P

P/S: Some of my friends asked me to get the new iPhone 5S instead. They can kiss my new BB10's ass XD

It depends on your preference... if
QWERTY suits your habit...... then its #Q10 (Note : Am proud owner of the same)
If Touch is friendly to u ............then #Z10 or #Z30 (Note : Preferably Z30 as its new and much bigger than Z10)

BB Rocks ;-)

Took me a while to get into the Q10 but after being an iPhone user for about 4 years I do not miss it. No need to think someone will receive gibberish in your text.. BBQ10 is so easy and gives you examples of words & all you really need to do is type in the first letter or two of the word you want to use... It is phenomenal and people need to give this beauty a chance! Go BBQ!

I just got the q10 and highly recommend for anyone who types a lot on their phone. You actually get a little more real-estate to type because the virtual keyboard doesn't take up screen space. The screen is tiny and crappy for watching TV so if you like to while away your day watching HD YouTube etc, this phone will disappoint. Basically, this phone is a great phone for someone who likes to write, like me. I'm not sure what the whole, "corporate get shit done" mumbo jumbo is all about. I'm not a corporte user - probably never will be. I like a phone that looks cool in your hand and has a beautiful build quality. This one is the one. End of line.

For the first time ever yesterday, I walked in to a best buy mobile store and an employee was sooo glad to see somebody with the Q10. He was jealous of my phone, and not an Iphone 5C. HA!

I have carried a BlackBerry device every day since I started working for the company in February 2000. I've owned, tested, or supported virtually every mode since the 950 Mobitex device. I purchased a Q10 the first day it was available in my area and love the device....with the exception of one thing. Whenever I use the phone, people complain that my voice sounds muffled or garbled....when I switch to speaker phone the problem goes say this is annoying would be an understatement. My wireless reseller is useless in responding to the problem and I have not been able to find any good solutions for the problem.

I don't know if it is this particular device or an issue with all of them, but this is the worst phone I have ever seen for pocket dialing, if you do not lock the screen when it is not in use you may be in for some surprise voices coming from your coat pocket.

Aside from these minor things, the device is by far my favorite overall. Still wish these were made like the battle grade 950 which could send 200 email a day for a month on a single AA battery...but obviously progress requires tradeoffs. :)