Trulia launches real estate app for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jul 2013 07:36 am EDT

Trulia has released their free real estate app for BlackBerry 10 today. With nearly 11.4 million mobile visitors each month, Trulia is one of the top real estate apps for mobile and will be very welcome on BlackBerry 10. With the app, users can browser homes, listing details, watch slideshows, see open house info an much more. 

The Truila app is totally free and as I used it when I was looking for my own house, it's a true help to anyone in the market for a new home or in the real estate industry. 

Features Include:

  • Nearby Listings: Utilizing built-in GPS, users can see homes nearby for sale, apartments for rent, or recently sold homes
  • Custom Searches and Keyword Searches: While searching for a home, house hunters can utilize search filters like price, lot size, number of beds, neighborhood, MLS numbers, and other keywords
  • Photo slideshows: Consumers can view slideshows of homes, condos, town homes, apartments and more
  • Updates: Users can get email notifications when new home listings pop up in their favorite areas or when there are status updates to their saved homes
  • Open Houses: Find open homes for sale near you
  • Mortgage Calculator: Get personalized rates and calculate your mortgage
  • Cross-device Access: To make it easy to manage your home search, we allow you to access your favorite searches and homes across all your devices
  • Connect with Agents: Quickly contact real estate agents in your area about listings that catch your eye

You can download Trulia in BlackBerry World for the Z10 and Q10.

More information/Download Trulia for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

Trulia launches real estate app for BlackBerry 10


Finally, I have been looking for any type of real estate app for property in the US since BB10 launched. Nothing from the big names (Zillow, Realtor, etc) until now.

Cool. I mainly use Trulia to snoop on what my friends & family paid for their homes.....and now there's an app for that lol.

So far all blackberry manage to get apps are not useful apps for many users. Not even close to the catalogs they have with OS7. This is very disappointing and frustrating. They need to get big name apps to appear soon on OS10 platform. At least get those apps on OS7 on OS10!

Posted via CB10

So, they get an app that some users have been waiting for and you choose to dog them on that info. I know BB has struggled to get apps that a lot of users are wanting, but to complain on the posting of an app release that some users have been waiting for just doesn't feel like the right place.

I feel all the apps BB10 has gotten are great! I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I have ways around getting what I need. Getting any additional apps would be a + for me. Just simply having the Z10 to carry out my day to day tasks is rewarding enough. :)

^ not all of them and many developers have long since left developing for BBOS long before anything for BB10/BBX was announced. There are a LOT more .ALX apps downloadable for BBOS via browser .alx installations that may have not been listed in BlackBerryWorld nor have receieved updates for BB7, let alone BB10.

I think there are enough forum threads for you to vent. Please keep your comments relevant to this post which is Trulia is releasing their app for us BlackBerry 10 user and it's free. If you are interested in this app, perhaps you should say something positive here, go download it and try it out, and leave some constructive reviews.
I'm excited. Thank you Trulia.

You guys can sideload the app, it works decently as the the webapp.

I'm an agent, and those consumer apps are far better than what we have for the back end of MLS lol. The MLS app is absolutely useless and half of the webapp doesn't work like it's supposed to; quite disappointing. :/

Good get. Needs to have these kind if apps on the platform. This combined with the side loading capabilities of 10.2 which is coming soon should be incredible.

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I'm little surprised it took this long for a serious real estate app to show up on BB10 considering how immensely popular they are! I work in real estate & can't tell you how many people are absolutely addicted to searching for homes!! Also can't understand why ( hasn't created a native app for BB10. Anyhow, great news about trulia, I'll be downloading it today !!

Great add to the app world. Would like to have the map function and more precise pricing

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BlackBerry has to win back the Canadian realtors who many have moved on to Samsung and iOS, because of one key App plus other productivity realty Apps . The funny thing is many realtors loved their Blackberries but moved on. I know some that purchased an iTouch to access certain apps and use their Q10 as their phone because of the HUB and can't wait for the BBM cross platform and BBM Channels. They really like Storymaker where they can make quick video's on their homes and upload them to their Youtube site. Realtors would not mind paying a premium for a Realty App because they love their Q10 / Z10. They meet a lot of people and can promote the phone indirectly. BlackBerry the banking, real estate and mortgage industry want their BlackBerry, so Keep Moving !!

LMAO ... eKey is NOT a "win back the Canadian Realtors" kind of app.
1. No reviews,
2. Not everyone trusts their phone for NFC payments let alone a LOCK on their home. Too many thoughts and fears of "what if my phone gets stolen?" type of questions, least of which call your security provider is a valid answer. Being mobile with a stolen phone means you cannot call anyone until you can source a phone to call anyone.

Plenty of other considerations. Still this is a BIG win for BB10 so take it and enjoy it in stride. Lately a lot more announcements for BB10 apps and its beginning to feel VERY good.

Yes, but I know 4 realty shops with about 20 to 40 agents each, who said to me it was this specific app they switched to iphone and samsung but they still loved their qwertty

I noticed all of the negative reviews are from Canada. I looked up the website to see if they even have Canadian real estate and found it is US centered.
This is one of the very few US focused free apps that exist.
I am a Canadian living in the US and am missing a lot of apps that are available there but not here.
The US company apps need to grow a lot for people to start buying the phones here. Every commercial I see has the Apple and Android Stores advertised and never BlackBerry World. To increase visibility here, we need more of the free big company apps.

Posted via CB10

This is a big addition. I know some Realtors who switched to iPhone from Blackberry simply because they couldn't get apps like this. Maybe they can switch back soon.

Excited to have this app. But two things:
Map function and changeable permissions. Why does it need access to all my files?

- aBBuser

Port. Lame. And not in Canada (but I don't blame them... it's the Teal Estate board who's closed-access API is only given to other sales and advertising firms, and with a fixed html output...)

But works good. All I need now is a house in the USA to buy...

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to get a Canadian realtor and mortgage app with everything MLS , Key Lock , Realty docs , teranet, BBM Channels etc.. one stop shop

Fantastic! Been waiting for this (Trulia) or Zillow to come to BB10. Handy supplemental information to have when out buying property. That's one less reason for me to tug along my iPad.

Great! Love Trulia, my favorite real estate app!

This is about the best Android port that I've tried. Its fast, and works great. Love it.

Really wanted this app until I read all the reviews mentioning how it wanted access to media and map files. No thanks, that's personal information not needed by them.

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