My Speedometer app of choice - TrueSpeed for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Jun 2013 07:09 am EDT

I have used a speedometer on my BlackBerry for as long as I can remember - mainly for two reasons. Firstly - it is easier to view my speed with my BlackBerry mounted in my car, rather than looking down at the built in one behind the steering wheel. And secondly, they are more accurate as they fix onto a number of satellites.

Since switching over to BlackBerry 10 I've tested out a few speedo apps and TrueSpeed is the one I always go back to. Mainly because it's a native BlackBerry app and I love its simplicity. Once the app is running all you will see is your current speed surrounded by a colored circle which shows North, East, South and West. You get three color options for the circle which I think is a nice touch.

Also, you have the options to use MPH, KPH and even Knots if you were to take it out on a boat. There's a HUD mode too and you can also override the screen timeout on your device to ensure you can always see your current speed.

The application is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 which is great to see and the price of $0.99/£0.75 seems fair to me. The only confusing part is that in BlackBerry World the app is called 'English' but once on your BlackBerry it's named TrueSpeed. I'm not sure what that's all about but if like me you have your BlackBerry mounted on your dashboard or windscreen then you may want to give this one a try?

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My Speedometer app of choice - TrueSpeed for BlackBerry 10


I find it handy on journeys where you're the passenger. On a train, for example.

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That's correct. It shows "there are currently no reviews..."

If James uses it and likes it so much, why hasn't he left a positive review?

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

I've have it on my PlayBook so I loaded it on my Z as well. It is fun to use on planes as well.

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I use a free one and its awesome so why pay for this one.

Sure it's a nice little app but there is a huge nice free one that has many many options.

Some ppl say why ya need it for, well it's nice when my boat does not have a speedo and also my old jetski's

Also great when your vehicle speedo is broken

Just a reminder the GPS speedos are usually off by about 5 kilo ot miles per hour. So 60 is about 55-56 kilo or mile per hour.

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This refuses to work on my Q10... CB app recomms are usually spot on, so I trusted this but it turned out to be a complete waste of £0.75

Thanks for that :P

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I love speedo apps.

They are especially useful when driving a car you're not used to, like a rental, or a recently purchased used car. It gives you a good idea as to whether the cars speedo is accurate, which is nice if you don't like paying speeding tickets.


The app will not allow one to verify a speedometer's accuracy, it will merely provide a comparison. Proper calibration would be necessary, instead.

Speedometers cannot legally over-read, hence one would never break the speed limit if the car's indicated speed were used as a guideline.

As a vehicle examiner and collision investigator of many years, I have never once been able to show that a defective speedometer caused someone to unintentionally break the speed limit...

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I find it difficult to assume that onboard, sensor-based speed measurement is less accurate than satellite based measurement without evidence. Boldly calling it True speed is inviting all sorts of legal challenges, ridicule notwithstanding.

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They are not accurate. And that is why police forces use calibrated speedometers. And are regularly calibrated for that reason because speeds are not accurate and can be challenged in court. I know. I've challenged cops in past who used their speeds to claim I was speeding. After requesting proof of calibration on their part and they were unable to verify exact date I won the case. Factory speeds are never accurate and always off also if u alter the specifics of the tire size even a fraction it affects speedometer readings. Look it up. Feel free to ask your local constabulary. Better yet look inside a police cruiser and its dash. The words. Calibrated appears on the speedometer :)

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Both methods have inaccuracies, but touting a GPS based system as accurate is misleading.

GPS systems are more accurate when measuring constant speed on level ground, in the same direction, eg on a motorway, than fluctuations in speed. Indeed, some systems will report speed when a device is stationary. However, changes in direction, altitude, weather and obstruction to signal all adversely affect readings. They cannot therefore be relied upon in all situations.

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Speedometer is far superior. And best of all its free. More feature laden and works all the time. Native also. Free. Free free :).

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