Trivial Pursuit Board Game now available on your BlackBerry smartphone

By Kerri Neill on 7 Aug 2011 04:01 pm EDT
Trivial Pursuit Logo

I'm a huge fan of developers bringing old school games to our BlackBerry devices and I was so excited to run across this one in BlackBerry App World. The classic game of Trivial Pursuit has been adapted and brought to our BlackBerry devices by Electronic Arts. Pass ’N Play with friends, customize the length of gameplay in Classic Mode, or race through fast-paced levels and finish first in Pursuit Mode. Loaded with 1000 questions, you're sure to be entertained for a bit. Very nice visual animations and sound effects give it a nice modern touch.

Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Master Edition is available via BlackBerry App World for $3.99 (I'd personally like it to be a bit cheaper but it is what it is) and is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

*Edit - Link fixed for US/Canada version. Other versions are available through App World*

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Trivial Pursuit Board Game now available on your BlackBerry smartphone


What a drag, it's available in every country but four, with the U.S. and Canada being two of those. Please fix that, EA! :)

just wondering why the average price of apps in the app world seem to be obviously higher than in the other platforms' app store (i don't particularly mean the one of ios devices)

Nice to see more games, though a bit sad this has become the judging ground for app store density. I agree with the above comment about the pricing, though it is likely a reflection of less purchases.

I don't know how to contact CrackBerry directly, though I stumbled upon a cool game recently. I think it might be playable on PlayBook and touch enabled BlackBerry phones, but I have no way to test this (I only own a Bold 9650).

Anyway, hopefully someone read this and checks it out. I have no connection to the developers. It looks a bit like airhockey and bocce ball on a tablet.