The Triple Threat - Smoking, Drinking and CrackBerrying

Orlando Bloom
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Apr 2008 03:34 pm EDT

More than one potential addiction shows up in this week's Celebrity CrackBerry Sighting. It seems Orlando Bloom has stumbled onto the triple threat - smoking, drinking AND BlackBerry Smartphones (granted he's probably drinking water from a Fiji bottle - but where would the CrackBerry fun in that be?!). 

I'm sure Orlando has his use under control though..come on..he's Legolas... he's got Elf blood running through his veins... he can walk on deep soft snow without snow shoes and has binocular vision. It must have been playing a Pirate that turned him onto these so-called vices. At least help will soon be available for the BlackBerry Addiction side of things. We're another week closer to releasing the self-help book, CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use & Abuse. Since putting out our Call for Stories and Promo Video we have received a bunch of emails from BlackBerry Addicts telling their tales of EXTREME BlackBerry Use, Abuse and Embarassment!

If you have a story to share, it's not too late to submit it. Just email it in to Click Here for the details of what we're looking for (oh, and if you want remain anonymous or just use your first name in the book if your story makes the cut that's cool). It might be your story that helps inspire another person to get their BlackBerry use under control.

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The Triple Threat - Smoking, Drinking and CrackBerrying


yeah looks like fiji water to me to but who cares the booze amokes and bb reference is way more interesting this is how the tabloids do it right

And who says the Figi bottle hasn't been refilled with alcohol? That's how I'd do it! Kinda looks like it could be JD. But it is a public place. I say fiji bottle filled with JD.

Just so everybody knows, when we wrote, "Orlando Blooms Smokes and Drinks"...we wrote "drinks" in reference to the fact that he was actually drinking (something). We never said it was alcohol, and from the looks of it, it's probably Fiji Water. Just to clear things up. We wouldn't want to be known as liars

Hey Jacky, I cleaned up the blog post text a bit per your note. Wouldn't want any potential confusion! Also, I linked to CBS as the "image source", not the "story source" so any story mis-technicalities could technically be blamed on me from a blogosphere realm of thinking. What a mouthful. I need a drink.... of water. :-)

There's something about celebrities and their vices. You can't have a famous star without a cigar or bottle next to him or her.