TripIt for BlackBerry Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2010 04:30 pm EST


TripIt has announced a free BlackBerry app allowing you to access your TripIt itineraries right from your device, with or without data service. The free app includes calendar integration, flight status, hotel & restaurant info and more. To use the app you'll need to register for a TripIt account, and you can then send your itineraries to TripIt where they'll be entered into your "master travel itinerary" so you can monitor your flights and hotel information. From the TripIt application, you can pull up maps and directions, quickly call hotels and airlines and view all of your travel details. To receive flight alerts and other "perks", you'll have to kick in $69/year for TripIt Pro, but you can test it out free for 30 days.

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TripIt for BlackBerry Now Available


I tried this app in my iPod Touch but it wasn't as good as WolrdMate Live. Well, I was using a free version so that might be it. If anybody tried it, please let me know how good it is..

And have loved it so far. The final version was released today. I like TripIt Far better than I liked WorldMate... more features, better interface, cheaper price.

@BrianFTC - Yes, the Blackberry version is MUCH, MUCH, better than the iPhone/iPod version. It doesn't have some of the features that you may be used to with WorldMate (TripIt is more web-based than device based, unlike WorldMate), but for me, I prefer it over the other.

I've been a die hard WorldMate user for about a year and I wanted to check this app out since I used to use Tripit on

I downloaded the app and I was let down. I entered my information on the site and synced it with my BB and I went to look at my confirmation # on some travel I had set up and I couldn't even find it. It listed all of the vendor info and phone numbers, but no gate info, to and from time and confirmation #. I was let down. I like being able to enter info on both platforms not one and send it to my BB.

I will give it a go again just to make sure I am not going crazy. If those basics aren't shown in the free version, I can't mess with it.