A trio of companies in Germany migrate over to BES 10

By James Richardson on 13 Nov 2013 09:09 am EST

Things on the enterprise front are looking up for BlackBerry 10 over in Germany. The Canadian company have announced that three enterprise customers have made the commitment to BlackBerry 10 and are making the transition. 

Mitsubishi Motors, Grohe AG and Sudzucker are the three big organizations in question and for many folk these names will be familiar. If companies as large as these are willing to put their faith in BlackBerry 10 for the foreseeable future I'm hoping the word will spread and that BlackBerry will be a major contender for all enterprise customers that may have lost faith in BlackBerry due to their fall in marketshare. 

This is what we like to see. Much of the media only focuses on the negative news with BlackBerry, when in actual fact there is generally a ton of positive stuff too. The below video is from earlier this year but highlights why Grohe use BlackBerry as their mobile solution of choice. 

Press Release


DÜSSELDORF, November 13, 2013 – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced three German-based, enterprise customers have migrated to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland, manufacturing giant Grohe AG and sugar producer Südzucker AG have each installed BlackBerry's multi-platform EMM solution to provide superior security, control and management at the device and app level to their mobile deployments.

The BlackBerry enterprise solution has a strong market following in Germany with 50 percent of DAX companies testing or committed to using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and around 90 percent of the Federal State Governments testing or committed to using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. 

Mitsubishi Motors in Germany was looking for a solution to deliver high security and flexible device management. “We have been using BlackBerry smartphones for years, due to its excellent integration with the business environment and its sophisticated security architecture,” said Thomas Lefeld, Manager IT/Organization, Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland GmbH. “BlackBerry consistently delivers the solutions we need - flexible device management and new all-touch and QWERTY smartphones for our employees, all combined with consistently high security levels that we can always trust.”

Grohe AG is Europe's largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom faucets/taps, and shower systems. The company deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to have a single mobile device management system for all its devices. According to Jan-Peter Tewes, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Grohe AG, “Our mobile communication has improved dramatically through the use of the BlackBerry solution. The ability to quickly communicate securely over the phone, by email or BBM are key benefits BlackBerry brings to our teams. We are able to share confidential reports much more openly and quickly than we used to, which has reduced our development time for new products.”

Südzucker, with its sugar, special products, CropEnergies and fruit segments, is one of the leading companies in the food industry. Christian Begger, Head of ZAO/IT-AC Administration & IT-Controlling at Südzucker AG commented, “With the introduction of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, we are able to adapt our Mobile Device Management architecture to our specific requirements. The BlackBerry solution is easily integrated into the infrastructure of Südzucker AG and ensures maximum security. Thanks to the new generation of mobile devices, our mobile use efficiency can also be increased.”

Markus Mueller, Managing Director for Germany at BlackBerry, highlighted that “with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, we are able to offer businesses a simple, secure and effective way to manage their fleet of devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry phones. We are also looking forward to offering our customers a whole new level of convenience when we launch our new EMM cloud services.”

More than 25,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 commercial and test servers have been installed globally. The multi-platform EMM solution offers businesses mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), security standards, and self-service capabilities for the end-user. The solution will also be available as a cloud service, satisfying the need for an easy to deploy, easy to manage and highly cost effective solution for smartphone and tablet management. For more information, visit www.blackberry.com/bes10.

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A trio of companies in Germany migrate over to BES 10


Wishfully Mitsubishi, can start tinkering with QNX on board, and handheld devices. :)

Posted via CB10

Yeah, would be so nice to sync the blackberry with your car once you step into it. I use the maps in my Z10 for navigation. Maybe syncing with speakers for messages to be read might be in the pipeline.

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Mitsubishi is Japanese, but like most major manufacturers, the regional divisions have a good deal of autonomy.

Mitsubishi Germany is adopting BES10, not the whole Mitsubishi company. Most automakers have seperate "companies" for each country. Ford Canada, Ford USA etc...

It appears as though it is only Mitsubishi that is actually coupling the implementation of BES10 with purchases of BB10 devices. The others seems to be using BES10 to manage the array of devices they have. So I guess that doesn't translate into a huge purchase of handsets? Is that correct?

This will at least mean that BB10 are their primary handsets, because if you only look at it as an mdm solution, there are multiple others that could do the job for android and iphone (or both) a little better.
Of course it does not mean that the handsets were exclusive Blackberry.

Thats right. But why shouldn't BB ship the unsold Z10s with BES10 at cheaper/zero rate to enhance the footprint. After all BBOS customers(still using BB) are the most loyal one even though they have been stuck with legacy devices while the world went on iOS and Android.

I'm one of our IT support professionals here at Avis Budget Group (Avis, Budget, Zipcar and Pay less car rental) and we run a mix of both BES10 and BES5.

My hope is that BES10 continues to be adopted by very large and visible corporations. Go BlackBerry!

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Ahm Sorry but i count only 2 -TWO- German Companys. Mitsubishi Motors Germany is just a Headquarter in Germany - they are origin from Japan. Besides from that: Keep the good news coming :)

/hairsplitting off ;)

NSA proof BES BlackBerry.... plain old BB10 BlackBerry, not so much.

at least until they get that quantum computer fully online..... ;)

Says a lot for BlackBerry if German companies who lead the EU have adopted BB10.

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Kann ich nur zustimmen, ich hoffen da kommen noch mehr dazu.
Good News! I hope that many companies will follow this example.

PS: Das Englisch im Video ist aber mal wieder sehr deutsch :D

Unser Chemie Unternehmen ca 1500 MA sind schon auf BES 10 umgestiegen, bestellt sind 500 bb10 Geräte.

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Zed'z rite! Must have been hard training with an expert linguist to bring ze german accent to perfection... :D

But great news, anyway!

Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland GmbH
IS a German company.
Created by he Japanese one of course, but it is a German company.

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Yeah you know Germany, that country where reside plenty if not majority of majors on that automobile sector... ;)

I check many consumer forums here in Germany on a daily basis and I as much as I love news about big German companies adopting to BES10 I must say that end user attitude towards BB is absolutely abysmal in our country. It ranges from ridiculing BB, over wishing the company to cease to exist to just ignoring it. Sure, corporations might not completely ignore BB. But also price comparison sites show that people stay away from BB. I was actually looking forward to CrackBerry talking about BB in Germany but I was expecting what I just tried to explain.

Can confirm that! I'm the only one using a BlackBerry in out IT department and the others are laughing at me for using it.
They use the ***censored*** Windows Phones which I refuse to use anymore.

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Yep, I get laughed at regularly for using a Q10. Especially when people find out about the price I paid for it.
Another interesting story: one of my students was issued a BlackBerry from his job. The entire company, one of the biggest in renewable energies in Germany switched to Motorola Androids and when he got his Motorola RAZR or whatever it is called he told me how much better that one is compared to BlackBerry especially with all those shiny apps. What I try to say is that BlackBerry really needs to fight 2 battles: brand recognition and app gap.

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I too am the only IT member still using a BlackBerry device. I am the IT Manager and even i get laughed at. In the BYOD world and post iPhone world people want what's considered cool. The more companies that jump on BB10 the better. If nothing else each worker will end up showing the device to his/her spouse and friends which can only be a good thing.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.

My impression is that BlackBerry is finally gaining the traction it needs to take off. BES10 is simply heads and tails above the competition. As for the handsets, great news on gaining easy access to Android Apps via the unlocked emulator. With the App gap shrinking, consumers can increasingly focus on the power of Bb10. After spending 2 hours configuring my mother-in-law's iPhone yesterday, I can honestly say iOS comes across dated and antiquated. Keep rocking.

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Great news. Go BlackBerry go. Now release the channels out of beta please.

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BlackBerry and google secretly shaking hands, Microsoft and apple secretly shaking hands.

Thats gangsta!!

Lol :D

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Trust the Germans to know when they are on to a good thing :-) if only the rest of the world could think for itself...

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i think BES 10 cloud will help BB even more. I've been beta testing it and it's so easy to setup, i love not needing to have a server onsite for all this.

This is interesting and good news to hear, but I wonder how many phone they actually bought. These three companies might have only been a few hundred BlackBerry 10 devices.

I know that my company is debating migrating....it would be about 700 phones.

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Didn't read the entire press release but will they be using it in their cars? I think Bentley does that now with the QNX system I'm just assuming that a part of the BES 10

Keep the good news coming! And #keepmoving.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

The press release says that these companies are migrating to BES10. Where are they migrating from...old BB enterprise software? Are they new customers? While this is great news, I would like to know if BlackBerry is gaining new customers. Better yet, I would like to know if they are stealing customers from some of the other vendors.

Regardless where they are migrating from is not important. It's prove, that when it means quality Blackberry is #1. That's why a world leader like GROHE are selecting Blackberry. Progressing and productive companies don't waist their time looking at apps.

Great news, the world will slowly wake up and see that BB10 is a great platform for the future.

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Three more positive developments. I'd like to see the Canadian Government and the large Canadian banks get on board with BES10.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I'm just waiting for the negative people to come here and say "It says 'installed,' but how many are actually being used?"

Germans are perfect BlackBerry users. They value quality and make rational decisions. They do not fall for the Apple and Samsung marketing machine. They respect the products for what they can do not some fancy commercials and brands. Go Germany.

Posted with my amazing Z10

Oh, I wish we would be like you pointed out. Our CEO do too listen to their children who think iPhones were cool.
But at the end of the day, they look at the total cost of ownership which is a very big argument for BlackBerry

Swiped with my awesome Z10 keyboard

I must say that - unfortunately - here in Germany the last years have been very hard for BlackBerry products. No acceptance, no appearance in the stores, no good and modern name for most of the people.

This was (and still is) my opinion finding this points between the private consumers. And the private consumer is more important for the way some products go for live in the companies (as the best example) this little apple.

In the last weeks I think that there is a small change in this "endconsumer behaviour". Hopefully this is not too late for this wonderful and powerful products from Canada!


I'm a IT at an ad agency and I have the only z10 in the office. I get picked on due to it,but I stay firm and proud

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Great news! Some good news is better than a crap load of bad news! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the post that says "BlackBerry Z30 coming to T-Mobile, & AT&T....soon! One can hope and dream right?

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

A smart company will do that. I know of one that bought a bunch of ipods which were jail broken and stolen a day later.

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