Trillian Instant Messenger Application Coming Soon To BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2010 03:33 pm EDT
Trillian Instant Messenger Application Coming Soon To BlackBerry

Trillian has been quite a popular instant messaging application on many platforms. Mac, PC and Linux all have desktop versions. The only mobile implementation so far has been on the iPhone. That is, until now. Trillian has announced they are going to be bringing a full blown multi platform instant messaging client to BlackBerry. It's not released as of yet but, you can sign up to be notified when it does indeed become available. Looks pretty impressive from the screenshots they have displayed. Shout out to dumb4ever for letting us know about it in the CrackBerry forums.

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Trillian Instant Messenger Application Coming Soon To BlackBerry


This may prove to a whole new experience in AOL/MSN/mIRC/Yahoo Messenger.

I miss the good old days of this in PC world. :D Glad to see it coming to BB.

Awesome Find.

I use Trillian Pro and this would be an amazing app for my BB! Cannot wait! Wonder what the chances are of paid users getting extra perks?

Guess I need to do more research. I currently use Digsby on the PC and IM+Lite on the BB. Was considering an upgrade to paid IM+.

What are the costs associated with Trillian? Oh never you mind, I'll Google it.

I'd be willing to bet Trillian 1.0 for the BB will be free to everyone. If not in the first version, eventually they might add extra features for Pro users, such as multiple accounts with each IM service and probably extra themes; just like the desktop version.

Forgive my ignorance but what's so special about this messenging client over a google chat, yahoo messenger, etc?

Trillian's web page, it says "Trillian for BlackBerry integrates all major IM networks in one app: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk in one place!"

So instead of having multiple apps install on your phone, you can just have one app that has it all. Next question is : how big the app going to be?

Since BB only have so much APP memories.

... not too big. The means to shrink the OS makes it a little more manageable, but IM+ lite ran ~3 MB, so we'll see.

Beejive is quite buggy. Trillian will "connect to Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and MySpaceIM."

Well, unfortunately not everyone has BBM :(

I would hope Trillian would include BBM as well. That would be perfect.

Given that there isn't any third-party app for BBM (AFAIK), I'm guessing that BBM is a closed-wall product that RIM doesn't want any other app to interface to.

But, yes, BBM on Trillian (on BB or desktop) would be wonderful.

Sorry dude, they better leave BBM just the way it is. Its dependable, don't have to worry about spammers, and I have complete control to who I want to find me. I feel privilaged and entitled to my BBM. Its the perfect standalone.

I already have Beejive on mine which has all of the IM chats including Facebook but i guess having more competitors creates better products in the i'm all for it!

Why wouldn't we want to use something like this? I'm using Beejive but find it EXTREMELY buggy with very little in the way of updates coming from the developers after paying them my money. I'd love to see a full-featured multiple client IM program that WORKS.

BBM only works on Blackberrys. THAT is why this program will be a welcome addition to most people.

This looks sick. I can't wait to try it.

It looks like it might be the one IM program for BB that is worthy of my money.

Just an aside. There is no Linux version of Trillian. And the Mac version is still in Beta. BUT there is a web version that can be used via any web browser (that supports flash).

Trillian does support Facebook as well as their proprietary network Astra whihc allows for syncing of contact lists, meta contacts (one user has Facebook, AIM and yahoo they are not on your list three times) and other services with the desktop, iPhone (or iTouch) and web versions. Also this allows for one name sign on as you sign onto the Astra network and it signs you onto your other networks.

The payment scheme is awesome. Trillian Pro is $25 for one year of desktop upgrades and incremental updates there after. After the first year if a major upgrade is out the upgrade fee is only $5.

If the BB plan is similar to the iPhone plan it is $5 that includes incremental updates (1.0 Gets you 1.2, 1.3 etc.) and another $5 for major upgrades (pay again for 2.0)

As a trillian user of over 10 years and a current trillian astra pro user...I can say all the other berry IM messenger programs are running scared and I love it. If Cerulean incorporates skype voice over wifi in this...the game is over.

I have AOL, MSN, ICQ, And Yahoo right now. They are all pretty big files for a phone 1-2Mb. So i wonder what this one will be.

i liked beejive but the theme is soo crappy. And its a major battery kill. Hopefully this doesnt waste as much battery, and by the looks of it this is one sexy im client!

Hoping that this will fair better than the native clients for Yahoo and Windows Live messenger. I can't tell how many times a day I have to check in on those apps to see if it's crashed and logged me out for whatever reason. Hoping Trillian brings stability.

And I agree they should leave BBM closed to only Blackberries. Can you imagine the spam that overruns instant messaging networks, and all of them with the exception of Google Talk have spammers that message you constantly.

The last thing I ever want is for that to flow over to BBM and the only reason that has not happened is because spammers are not likely to go out, purchase a Blackberry, activate it, and pay a monthly fee to spam users on BBM plus they would have to find a way to interface the Blackberry with however they are spamming users. No thank you. Leave BBM on the Blackberry.

You want to talk to users on other devices, use IM or SMS.

And further more, for those people knocking BeeJive, Trillian Astra is buggy as all hell. I hope they get it right on the Blackberry...

I really am hoping that Trillian is my saviour with this. I have tried all of the bb irc apps out there, longest one stays on is bbirc - even that cops out after a random time (between 2 seconds and 2 minutes). I think it might be to do with bb not responding to server pings and getting cut off as appears as a dead client. Never got mibbit to work on 9700 either. So a big YA0y to this news!

Hey, i'm not sure if its just me....i can't get this thing to work. i've downloaded it and it say it was "successful" and when I click on it....nothing!!!! I've deleted it and reinstalled to no avail.

Can someone shed some light on this??

Thanks All.