Trillian for BlackBerry now out of beta - Available In BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2010 01:09 pm EDT

It wasn't all that long ago we found out that Trillian was coming to BlackBerry. We made sure folks knew about the release and even did up a review of the beta for you all. Now, a few short months later we have the officially released version available for download through BlackBerry App World. As noted on the Trillian blogs, Trillian is available for $4.99 as an introductory offer so if you're interested you might want to grab it up as soon as possible in case the price increases at some point. Sadly though, no free trial of the instant messaging application is currently available. For $4.99 we certainly hope Cerulean Studios reconsiders the possibility of putting in say a "light" version for users to at least try out.

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Trillian for BlackBerry now out of beta - Available In BlackBerry App World


I just don't get this. They haven't fixed the issues people are having and they push out the same version. People are still getting internal errors not to mention the other errors that are all over this forum and the trillian support forum

They are trying to sell a beta app. Don't companies usually improve on the beta app when they start charging money for it?

Kind of disappointed.

I was thinking that Trillian would be free or at least discounted for those of us who have purchased the Trillian PC IM software. That was like 25-30 dollars!

I couldn't stand this app anyway. I found that it really drained my memory so I deleted it. I really wanted to like it but it just didn't work for me.

Back to Beejive...

Darn it, I only used this app for FB chat. I never had problems with trillian, but I rather use something free. Any suggestions friends?

I've been using this app for ever long. Its been more reliable than BeeJive ever was. I also still have all of my contacts in their metas that I had created years ago. And am able to IM everyone of my contacts no problem.

As for the "memory drain" I have lost 1MB of application memory since startup at 8am. Its's now past 1PM. And that's with Trillian, Grindr, BBM, SocialScope, Facebook. Myspace. Twitter, and a whole slew of other always on apps running at the same time. Trillian is the only program that let's you chose to have your information set to your memory card. Buy a memory card with enough space and you'll never have to worry about Trillian being a memory vampire.

As for not throwing beta testers a "bone". I've done probably the most help for this product than moost "testers" out there and didn't even ask for a free copy. Why would I? I knew this was going to be a pay app and I will continue to support the company just because I know my imput has and will make Trillian the best multi- platform, multi- service IM product out there. And I am proud of that.

Now. On to helping with 1.1!

As a project developer, I would not expect people to help do my work for me on a commercial project (beta testing and reporting issues) and then not at least give them a discount for the time and effort they spent.

On the other hand, people with your perspective will always ensure that companies like Trillian don't value the time and contributions of their users.

Note that I'm not saying I'd give a free copy to everybody - but certainly to those who consistently took the time to report and detail issues in order to help improve the product. I wouldn't expect them to work for nothing.

It's a bit different too with open source projects since the product is already free -- I gladly accept help for my BBSSH project, and in return I provide bug fixes ;)

I never said that they didn't offer me anything. I never did give them a chance to. CeruleanStudios is a small company I would never ask for anything from them for helping with the beta.

On the other hand they have done some things for me. For instance I gave a gift of Trillian 4.2 (for Windows) to a friend just before the cutoff for the free upgrade to Trillian 5. I asked one of the devs for help and he bumped up the gift to a Trillian 5 gift. So I don't think that they don't value the work I've put in.

I just don't think its necessary to ask them for a freebie. Especially when $5 won't hurt my bank at all.

Hi -

Andy here from Cerulean Studios. As noted in our blog, we don't have any immediate plans to expire the beta copies. We appreciate your help and want you to continue using it!

We realize people want free software, and we're evaluating options for offering a free version while still making the revenue we need to operate and improve our services.

Andy, thanks for the opportunity to use the beta. I realize that you had some benefit in doing so but we did as well. We got a chance to see if this product would be something we could find a use for and whether we would be willing to pay for it. Personally I like what the product does overall. I am not sure if I like it enough to pay for it but I understand that you are running a business and you don't stay in business if you give it away for free...

Anyway, thanks again!

I have the beta installed on my device and the version in app world is .221. What is included in the upgraded version and is it even worth it for me to buy and upgrade or can I continue to use the beta? It's done the job for me so far.

Collin. I don't believe there is any difference between 220 and 221. But. Keep in mind that all new versions will be updated via app world and will require a purchase. If you think the program is worth $5 then purchase it from app world. If you don't then feel free to continue using 220 until the beta expires (could be tomorrow... could be when 1.1 comes out...)

Want to pay for an app thatll make ur phone fry eggs while running? :D
Then u definitely need this one where not all features are rdy available YEA!

I downloaded Trillian beta a couple weeks ago and I deleted it today. It has a lot of issues and was very frustrating to use. I registered signed up everything and up until I deleted it I couldn't sign in to facebook chat. Come on!!! I hope they fixed the bugs in tha shit.

Have you tried setting up your facebook account via the webisite at on your desktop? Have you asked anyone for help or information?

I have the latest Beta version.. 1.0.220 the payfor app is only build 221. When 1.1 comes out maybe I will buy it. I have been a trillian user for many years since version 2 came out for the PC. When Astra was released for the PC I bought an upgrade for $10. For those of us that have bought the app, send it to us for an upgrade price instead of full price.

I have other software for my computer that they gave me the mobile version for free with the purchase of the software for my PC.

I have used trillian for the blackberry for the past couple of months off and on and have had no real issues with it. It is nice to be able to shutdown the trillian on my desktop at work and use once I leave the office.

for now I will continue to use the beta... it might be a different story if this app decides to time out and i have to purchase it... still a better product and price than bejive.

Why does my UI looks like the one on the photo above with the storm 2. Because I have the storm 2 and my UI looks nothing like the one about

Why doesn't my UI looks like the one on the photo above with the storm 2. Because I have the storm 2 and my UI looks nothing like the one above.

As much as I loved Trillian, it was a battery hog. Despite me not IM'g 24/7, it sucked up my battery life while it automatically checked for updates.

So while it was in Beta form and sucked, it was free? But now that the bugs and kinks are worked out, they want to charge us at least $4.99. Ridiculous!

Quit complaining, I don't see them saying the Beta is going expire tomorrow. So you can run with the beta for probably a month. Until then, you can decide if it's something worth $5. I think it is, that's why i went out and bought it. Other people may think it isn't. I don't notice/care that my memory drains a little.
If you want, you can go find an App that's free that will probably suck, or you can find a $10 one that works as well or better if you're lucky

Folks, they said they are not going to expire the beta anytime soon. You can continue to use it. Keep in mind though that it won't be upgraded. To get new functionality and bug fixes, you'll need to purchase the stable release. And if you think at all that you might use it, buy it now at the introductory price. You can always install it when you are ready.

I've been using the Beta version since CB first announced it was available and the desktop version as well.I just want to know if the this newly released version is fully operational and bug free, $5.00 ain't a lot but it's just the principle of the matter. I don't want to spend money on something that still having difficulties loging into facebook for instance.

No matter what, every build will have bugs and glitches. I haven't noticed anything new on the 221 build. It's might have fixed a glitch I didn't notice.

Can't believe ya'll are moaning bout $5. Better grab it while cheap and stop moaning. Best IM out there and is definitely worth it. I'm downloading now as I type. Most of u dont mind spending $20 on some unhealthy food that doea nothing but make u fat. $5 on an app that gives u so much satisfaction and u moan.


I see your a puppet who rather pay to talk to people you know through social sites.. paying for a phone is one thing to communicate but social apps?? and its not even worth $5 with all the bugs in it.

I was gonna purchase this last night but oo tired, so, when I woke up this morning, the first thing i did was purchase, DL and installed. However, it crashed my Bold and I lost everything!!! Now is still doing the wipe and install.

Stupid me, for not backing up my phone for the last 4 months, now, i am totally devastated.

F Trillian. I don't know why they charging now all of the sudden. I bet the new upgrade is BS, probably still have bugs and all. Man i lost my trillian and tried to get it back.. smh.. every link goes to this version. Then i remember i have the old version in my computer so i imported it and now i'm good. I'm not buying no social app, they all should be free, F that... this got me real pissed.

Well they could have charged durring the beta as well. Noone EVER said the app was going to be free. EVER. So really? F yourself for being stupid enough to think such a powerful program was going to be free.

When I first purchased Trillian, I was so frustrated because I had just paid for this app and it wouldn't let me register (kept getting a server error). So I contacted support and they were very quick to respond and were of great help. They provided me with an upgrade to their Build 222. And you could tell they genuinely wanted to help solve any issues/problems. Since registering and logging in, I've had zero connectivity issues (I use AIM, Facebook, and Gchat)...unlike Beejive, where I kept getting disconnected every other half hour (or less), especially with the FB chat. The only downside with Trillian is that the chats aren't integrated with the messages folder (which I was told is their top priority with their 1.1 release...along with Storm landscape support).

Honestly, for only $5...I think Trillian is great.