Trillian for BlackBerry beta updated to v1.0 Build 215

By Bla1ze on 16 Jun 2010 12:41 pm EDT

Since we first posted about Trillian for BlackBerry many users have downloaded it and given it a test drive. Not all was perfect with the app though for some out there, many users reported some issues which is often the case when beta apps hit mass consumption. Trillian has recognized the problems, thanks to feedback and has now released the latest beta build for everyone to download. Lots of bug fixes have been implemented here. Full list below:

  • 'Auth' contacts should be in offline group
  • AutoText support
  • BIS connection problems
  • Can't add accounts once signed in
  • Constant Red LED
  • Double spacebar & auto caps support
  • Fix LED speed to mirror standard speed
  • Hide avatars and other internal images from BB Media app
  • LED color support
  • List control not exposing expand/collapse menu options
  • Usernames with "_" aren't being allowed but should be
  • Improvements to battery usage 

Hopefully, all these bugfixes will lead to a better all experience for end users. That said, if you checked out the beta previously and were not happy maybe give this build a shot and if it works out better for you.

Source: Cerulean Blog

Reader comments

Trillian for BlackBerry beta updated to v1.0 Build 215


I can't get this to run on my 9700. The previous version would freeze my phone and this new build gives me "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError". I guess since my phone is not locking up that I am getting closer. Any ideas?

What Device, OS, etc are you using?

Also, can you get over to and tell the devs about this problem. Maybe they have to fix something to make it work with your model.

I couldn't register on my BB (couldnt load the Captcha verification image), but I registered on my PC and signed in with my account.

Lots of good fixes. The battery usage is pretty bad, curious to see how that changes they made affect it. I am loving this app and real close to uninstalling everything else. Working great so far on my 9700. My only issue is that when talking to people from facebook chat they show as online when they send me a msg and a couple secs after that they go offline. My msgs are still getting through but it is really annoying.

I'll agree, i think the app is great but i barely use it because it DESTROYED my battery. I went from full to dead battery in probably an hour and a half

It keeps saying "facebook connect error" tryed it on wi-fi now it just won't stop saying signing in... BeeJive plzzzzz just don't make me pay. I'm stuck in the US I need a paypal.

Is anyone else having an issue connecting to Facebook. Beta version was great! No problems with GTalk, just Facebook. Anyone?

Its still in Beta. Hopefully some of you who are having problems bring them up to the developers at the Trillian forums. Http:// under Trillian for BlackBerry.

That would be a great help! Thanks!

Facebook still won't work. Infact, in all versions of this app, I have yet to be able to connect to FB chat.

I have reinstalled app, OS, recreated my Trillian account for FB, no go.

Basically it keeps asking me over and over to login (Facebook connrct). Beejive IM app worked out of the box. What gives?

BeeJive wasn't in their first beta when they added Facebook chat. Trillian is. Have you tried logging into Facebook on the web version at first? Not the desktop app. The web version. Tell me if that works.

Even though the initial Facebook login screen says that you shouldn't be asked to log in again after the first login, that's exactly what I had to do. At first, I was very skeptical of the second login screen because 1) the first screen said I shouldn't get a second screen, and 2) the bottom of the page said "Download Facebook for your Curve" and I have a Storm2, so the page itself seemed bogus.

Eventually, I sucked it up and logged in again on the second page. It took me to a screen where I granted Trillian permission to access my Facebook account and now it signs in automatically and works fine.

I've had multiple Facebook chats at this point.

Great app, It serves its purpose very well EXCEPT it won't log into accounts, shows that it tries to connect and then stops...still wondering if this is a .com .ca issue, anyone else have this issue?

Have you tried using just your screen name? Ie no

I have screenname and I never had to put the in the YIM username field.

Have you tried using just your screen name? Ie no

I have screenname and I never had to put the in the YIM username field.

Trillian for BlackBerry just got better. My last feature request is for Trillian to integrate with the Messages box!


Tried the previous version on my 9550. It wouldn't allow me to add any accounts what so ever. I uninstalled it right away. Now I downloaded this version and it actually works! I have my AIM, Myspace, & Facebook all setup and it works perfect. Going to try it out along with my AIM 2.5 Beta.


Facebook chat is probably the best feature on this thing and all of a sudden it stops workin.. Its also a huge battery killer.. I mite as well run all the respective I'm programs all at once n it would probably use less battlife.
Good concept tons o bugs too. Guess why they call it beta...?

Wow, trillian totally kills beejive...and battery LOL but they'll prob make the battery drain even better on the next build. Lovin this i/m app.

so far it is better than the previous Beta, let's hope Battery life is way.. better

one thing I noticed when you accidentally click someone's Nickname, it opens up a chat window, when you hit back button it does not close that chat, it is still listed under chats, and you have to do manual close.

with BBM, if you hit back button on an empty chat, it will close the chat.
does that make any sense?


I got Facebook chat to work. Thanks for your reply.

Basically I needed to log in 3 times to the Facebook connect page, and finally it let me in.

Any way, great program. I use Trillian on all my PCs as well.

It works for me,

When i got that facebook login page my username and pass were not accepted,then i entered my password in email field, selected it cut, entered my email in email field, pasted pass in password field and it connected.

It works for me,

When i got that facebook login page my username and pass were not accepted,then i entered my password in email field, selected it cut, entered my email in email field, pasted pass in password field and it connected.

Been a Trillian desktop user for years, and this is a welcome addition to my Blackberry for sure. Have ICQ, MSN, YAHOO, GOOGLE TALK, SKYPE, AOL accounts and it connects to all without any issues. Good to see that they are quickly updating the betas to quickly fix any issues that will certainly arise with new software. Should be a nice app for the Blackberry when completed!

I try registering, but it sticks at "Captcha loading" when I enter my Info.

I have a storm 2 9550 Running the official OS from tbaytel, but I also had the same issue on the OS that was official as well...

On a Storm 9530 and cannot get past the Facebook Connection Error after trying to log in. Has anyone gotten this to work on the Storm?

it works fine on mine other than facebook but i have not found a way to set a ringer. any tips?
i has 8530 gemini curve