Tried wiping your BlackBerry PlayBook on OS 2.0 and lost everything? Here's how to fix it

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Wipe
By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2011 11:18 am EDT

This morning I was having some trouble with a few games and some videos on my BlackBerry PlayBook. I had updated to the Beta 2.0 software during Devcon, and I have to say I was pretty happy with the new UI and added features. The glitches I was experiencing were a bit annoying, so I figured a fresh start would be a good option. I jumped into the security wipe, let 'er rip, and when my PlayBook came to life again I noticed I had no apps aside from Setup and Browser. Not sure what to do from there, I tried a wipe again to no avail. It was then that I turned to the CrackBerry forums for my solution.

If you've wiped your PlayBook running OS 2.0 already and aren't sure what to do now, or you want to roll back to the previous official OS, here is a step-by-step to get you back up and running as seen in the forums. Keep in mind you'll need to do this from a PC - I tried from my Mac but the Update option isn't present.

  • Power down your PlayBook (hold the Power button then choose Turn Off)
  • Open Desktop Manager on your PC
  • Connect your PlayBook
  • Desktop Manager will present a menu, from there choose Update

Once this process finishes you'll be back on OS 1.0.7. You can decide if you want to have a go at OS 2.0 again, or just hang tight until and official build shows up (which is what I'll be doing). 

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Tried wiping your BlackBerry PlayBook on OS 2.0 and lost everything? Here's how to fix it


Same here. And I updated to 1.0.7 without any problems; it didn't automatically update back to 2.0 like it did for some people.

Just reregister for the 2.0 Dev. Beta and use the on device update (OTA). Worked for me, didn't have to use PC to downgrade. Had to manully redownload some of the preinstall app (bloatware like kobo books and others).

I just reverted to 1.0.7 using my Mac and the Mac version of Desktop Manager. It works as described for the Windows version, but the prompt is different. It may prompt to restore or replace os, or something a bit different than the Windows version prompts, but it still works the same way.

The day OS 2 beta release was made available, I got a notice of an update to the Desktop Program (ver 2.2.0) when I started the program. The new version was able to backup my Playbook, which I don't think was an option in the previous Mac version.

Happened to me too. I did not try to do a second wipe but I plugged it in a updated it back to 1.0.7. I did not have a backup so I lost all my data. Then I unplugged it when it said to. Then no matter what I did I could not connect to my wi-fi. I then did a security wipe and then it let me see my wi-fi. So I lost all my stuff but at least I didn't it. Now I just need to decide to go back to 2.0 and try putting on Android apps again or just wait.

The problem is all of the apps are fetched from the OTA server, and your 2.0 access expires after 24 hours, so you get the bare minimum (just enough to get the apps from the OTA server). If you re-register for 2.0, you should get another 24 hours, and your PlayBook will find the server again.

Solution to the same problem. Once i did the wipe, i was also left with browser and setup. if you check for updates there should be an update for approximately 119mb. download and install and you should have your icons back. once it installs and updates. the android player works again.

i did this as well (before finding it in the forums) and you dont need to shut down your PB...worked fine for me. :)