Fancy some free puzzle action? Check out Trid for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 6 Apr 2013 04:05 pm EDT

I'll be honest with you and say that I'm not the world's biggest fan of puzzle style games. However, Trid for BlackBerry 10 caught my eye in BlackBerry World and as it was free to download I thought I would give it a shot. Turns out the game is pretty darn sweet.

The idea of Trid is to mimic the small square tiles on a larger board. It's kind of hard to describe so if you get the opportunity to watch the video I would recommend it. There are a few variations of the game but I favor the time trial one which really piles on the pressure.

The user interface is kept plain but the combination of black, white and yellow looks awesome. Once you finish a game you can share your scores as the developer has included tabs for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so kudos to him for that.

If you fancy some fast, fun packed, free, puzzle gaming then go and grab Trid. It's a bunch of fun.

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Nice I will give it a try

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Will give it a shot.



Wow thanks for reviewing a free app, James, because otherwise you have a special thing for $2-$3 apps.

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Joshua Ward

Been playing Trid for a while. LOVE IT! It's rather simple at the beginning, but then the patterns begin to move, and it's free. Hours of fun! Thanks for the review!

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Mirror mode you got a do the opposite like it's reflection

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Cool free app. People are so funny about apps. I can see in many comments where people seem put off by having to pay for some apps. So, if you work in a restaurant as a server, do you expect a base salary and tips? Yes. Well, some developers make free games, while others are trying to make a business out of apps. Why complain when they're not free or if a game with a price tag is reviewed? Nobody works for free. Even the devs who make free games, they got some perks from BlackBerry, like devices and what not.

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You misunderstand.
It seems that all reviews are of paid apps : and BlackBerry world has free apps too. It almost always is the case and they're always in the high ranges.

I've paid more than $700 in apps over 9700, 9900 and Z10 and only a handful of free ones. So it's not about paying. Just the fact that BlackBerry is being made to look as if there's only paid apps. Android and iPhone have a lot of free apps too and most of them are great in utility and I miss that.

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Great game. Very addictive. One of the best "Free" games available. Warning though, it gets REALLY tricky. Well worth the download.

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Have any news about instagram?????

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Asking on this post won't give you an answer. No. No news yet.


I got it a week ago and it's literally lots of fun!

We need tools, not toys.


Looks entertaining and for free how can you not give it a try.

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This game is fantastic I've been using it for a while! Beautiful ui

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Love this game! Really easy for one handed use

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Game is a certified banger :)
For all skill levels

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will z

Great game

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Louis Belshaw

I've been playing this a lot even since this post its great fun lol

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It is fun! Thanks 4 the tip!

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Spamming that won't get people to check it out.


Indeed, many iphone apps are free and they're great!! Blackberry apps are crap even if it's paid, and to many paid apps that shouldn't be, google maps for ex. Seriously i changes many phones for the past time and never paid for google map.

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Does anyone know what the diamond icon in the settings menu does? I tried to Google the answer, to no avail. Is it meant to be like that light switch in a house that doesn't do anything?! LOL!

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Great game 5/5

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Amazing game and it's free...

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