Contest: Trick Out Your Berry Courtesy of Horizon Wireless!

Horizon Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2009 10:51 am EDT

The good folks at Horizon Wireless have been kind enough to give us some goodies to help some lucky members trick out their BlackBerry device. It seems that a lot of CrackBerry addicts these days are looking to customize their Berry and set themselves apart from the standard off the shelf look. One of the more popular looks right now is the blacked-out BlackBerry.

For some weekend contest fun, Horizon Wireless has hooked us up with 5 black Bold bezels, 5 black Curve 8900 bezels, 5 black Storm bezels and a few colored trackballs.  To get in on the action, make sure you are logged in and leave a comment on this post - and don't forget to tell us what part you would like and what device you have! Contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST. Thanks Horizon Wireless, and good luck everyone!

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Contest: Trick Out Your Berry Courtesy of Horizon Wireless!



I have a BB Bold, been wanting to black it out but after all the money I've spent customizing my curve I can't afford to do it all over again with my Bold. I like the silver bezel, but I would really like to have the trackball.

If i could i would like to have the black bezel BlackBerry Bold. I currently have the 8900 (all stock).

I'd like to try a black trackball first and foremost, mainly because the OEM one gets so grungy looking, even with constant cleaning. I'm also toying with the idea of blacking out the bezel (though a little more leery of whats involved with doing that).

I so could use one of these for my Storm as its been dropped a few times and is starting to get beat up

I just got my wife and I matching 8900s. It would be nice if I can differentiate mine from her's with a black bezel.


This contest sounds like a terrific idea! As a gear head and a golfer, I rarely find any satisfaction in the stuff that comes off the floor from a dealer or off the rack in a golf shop. Customization is one of the ways we assert ourselves as individuals in a world that is fraught with sameness. Whether we do it to our cars, our phones, our computers, or to our bodies, making our stuff "custom" and "different" is part of our experience as citizens of the world!

For what it's worth, I'm a Storm 9350 on the Storm Bezel would be sah-weet!


Way to go Horizon Wireless...thanks for a fun weekend contest! Would love to be able to win a Black Storm Bezel to give my Storm a little bit of "standout" from the rest!!

I have a jaundiced trackball, so perhaps a liver, I mean trackball transplant is in order, but the Black Bold Bezel is mighty righteous looking...

I guess the Bezel would be the thing to improve the overall look...

With the yellow tint on the trackball, it will look like a yellowjacket.

Wow, what a great contest. I would love the new Curve. The one you've featured on your homepage is unbelievably cool. It's a work of art! For the past couple of years I've used the Pearl. While I have no real complaints, I'm finding that it's not a good match for my new job. Meaning: the small keyboard is not conducive to doing a lot of work for a great length of time. I'm dreaming of the curve!

And to that end, please consider me for one of these new phones. The thought of being able to show it off!!

Hi Crackberry!
Thanks for born to be a blackberry abuser, like me!
God save the storm!
Bye guy

Francesco from Turi (BA) Italy

Man, this is just on time. As I will change my Curve for a Bold in a few weeks, this could not come at a better time. The black trackball would look so nice on it. Thanks

I want to murder out my new Bold!! (Even though I don't have it until later Today!!!)

I'd say Blacked out Bold with an Orange Trackball...SWEEEET!!

I would love to trick my 8900 and put it in stealth mode with the black bezel. So I can fly under the radar!!!!!!!!

This would be so great to win because after just a week of having my new 8900 I dropped it bad in the parking lot scratched it up on the back, the chrome, and the rubber... yeah, some words were said. but you can redeem it all... please... So definitely an 8900 bezel

It's just beginning to peel. A black bezel would be the perfect solution. So:

Black Bezel
Curve 8900


I have an 8100. I would love to have a new Storm with bezel. This would be great because I am really looking forward to getting a Storm one day. I hope I can win one of the ones here. I am very interested in the new technology. Thank you for your consideration.

Wow I would love to get a black bezel for my storm. My chrome bezel is the only part of my phone scratched and it bothers me everytime I look at it.

This would be the first time I have won anything on the site too!

I'd love to put on a black bezel for my Bold. There are some scratches and a new black bezel will do the trick. Thanks!

Oh man I really need a new bezel. I dropped my bold 2 days ago and now it has some nasty dents on the bottom!

I have a Blackberry Storm, and would love to black it out. My chrome one has a couple marks on it. Thanks Horizon Wireless you guys are awesome and thanks for unlocking my Telus Storm!