Tresorit brings their secure cloud storage and file sharing app to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 7 Aug 2014 09:31 pm EDT

Over the past few days now, I've been testing out Tresorit's secure cloud storage and file sharing app on my Mac and BlackBerry Z30. It's essentially a Dropbox competitor but aims to be more secure, along the lines of SpiderOak. The app has now arrived in BlackBerry World and is available to all who wish to sign up for an account.

As with all storage services these days, you get free storage on the free tier starting with 5GB, which can grow with referrals. If that's not enough for you, the Pro accounts start at $7.99 for 20GB and go all the way up to 1000GB for $129.99.

  • Not all cloud solutions are created equal. - Dropbox, Box and others only encrypt your data during transferring, but they decrypt it on their servers in the cloud. That way, they have access to your confidential files and can see what's inside them.
  • Tresorit keeps your data encrypted in the cloud.- Your confidential files are encrypted using the most advanced encryption methods. No one, not even Tresorit administrators, hold your decryption key. A single file can only be accessed by you and those whom you shared it with.
  • Send encrypted files - Share end-to-end encrypted folders to provide secure and automatic access. Use encrypted links to send files securely to friends, colleagues and clients.
  • Control - Protect your files by setting easy to manage access levels – manager, editor, reader. Track revisions, devices, and user activity. Change or revoke privileges at any time.
  • Compliance by design - As Tresorit never gets data in unencrypted form and it's designed to address modern day security threats, Tresorit technology and data centers provides you the level of trust required of ever more rigorous compliance standards.

I can't speak on the validity of their claims about being more secure vs. the other options out there, but they initiated a bounty of $50,000 and invited leading Universities and hackers to breach the service. No one has succeeded despite attempts by over 900 'hackers' over the course of 498 days including those from MIT, Stanford, Caltech, and Harvard. I'm never one to turn down free storage, so while I may never share truly personal info there, I'll gladly make use of the 5GB of space.

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Tresorit brings their secure cloud storage and file sharing app to BlackBerry 10


That's awesome - I have a Tresorit account but had not used it due to lack of BB10 app. Now I will definitely use it.

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Will try this. Sometimes being an Android port isn't bad at all. Case in point: the Android port of the Dropbox app is super fast and--in many many ways--is much better and faster than the **native** Dropbox support built in to BB10.

If you use Dropbox, you owe it to yourself to check out Dropbox from Snap. It is really fast and has many features the native solution lacks (e.g.: a picture browser where you can just swipe through your pics instead of having to go through the tedious "open pic, close pic, select next pic, etc..." method you have to use with BB10's built in Dropbox support.

PlayCloud has no simple method of flipping through your images either, but it takes the inconvenience of browsing pictures to a level beyond the native BB10 app.

At least--unlike PlayCloud--the native Dropbox support in BB10 won't play 50 audible notifications + fill your hub's Notifications inbox with 50 "Document downloaded and ready to be opened" notifications after going through 50 pics in your gallery.

Do I really need 50 notifications and 50 audible alerts when all I want to do is show a friend some pictures I took?

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Does Box encrypt? Or is it just like dropbox? This app seems promising.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Hey Trance, Box does the same server-side encryption that Dropbox uses, there's no architectural difference between the 2.

The problem I think though is server side won't help users.

Data needs to be encrypted client side to prevent someone from gathering the information during sync - where the upload goes across the 'net

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The promise was the same as

Until Edward Snowden started using it, and Lavabit founder Ladar Levison decided to shut down the service instead of handing out the data to the spooks ... Laudable...

Interesting story.

But what will happen if the spooks and do-gooders claim (the likely inevitable) "this is being used as child porn stash by pedophiles....", the service is going to take the same fare, or what?

The same (and similar arguments) they've always used to push Internet censorship ...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Willing or unwilling they will get access eventually. The higher level question is where to store the servers as it can impact your data sharing requirements.

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This is great news. I've often wished for a Spider Oak app - this sounds almost as good.

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I don't see any problem with what they explained about sharing files.

- the secret is known between you and them (the specific keys created for the share room files),
- or that secret is given to the recipients of your shared file through a shared secret between you and them (never something easy since you need to create one secret per secret room or every per recipient),
- or the secret is encoded in the URL you send which basically is saying there is no secret at all.

As soon as you want to share files easily on a cloud, you need to make compromises.

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I take it you didn't actually read the article...

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We all can wish for native apps until the cows come home. The reality is that Blackberry presently, is not where developers want to spend their time. In the mean time, we have approved ports that will fill the gap.

Blackberry always.....

Once they add a native client with file manager support I can add them to Secure AntiVirus Pro for scanning.

As it is it will just be scanned like a normal android app (very caarefully)

Posted via CB from my LE works, albeit not very smoothly. It is an Android port and it has all of the typical lags and issues of such an app.

I had to delete the app and reinstall it to get it to work. At first, it just hung on a black screen.

Now it works and I've uploaded a document. The sharing from an email doesn't appear to work, in spite of the link being there. The navigation through the folders is not native - it is Android and is therefore not particularly user friendly. But even worse, there isn't a search function within the app to let you find the document that you would like to upload. You have to browse to the correct folder. Painfully slow.

I'm looking for an encrypted replacement for my Box account. Unfortunately, I'm still looking, as Box is much more user friendly than this app.

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MEGA claims to be secure also & to keep all data encrypted also I believe. What would be the advantage of using Tresorit instead of MEGA?

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Use something outside the USA. So you are at least not using an american product that HAS(!) to have security holes by law.

Won't let me continue after creating userid and pw. On a Q10, won't scroll down to allow me to click continue. Please fix this! Guess Q10 owners have to either sign up online or just wait for a fix. Thanks

Q10 with Telus on

It sounds much like the Canadian storage which I like because my info is stored in Canada. I would be interested in a review comparing both these services.

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If you ever have the chance, look at the Google Play store on an Android device. Lots of Iphone ports in there and no-one cares. For Blackberry, if the developer made the effort to port it over and get ut into Blackberry World, I think they deserve the support.

No wonder BlackBerry gave us the Android runtime!
It's how Google overthrow Apple from 1st place rank.
And i hope BlackBerry succeeds in its strategy.

Thanks ntomyng for the info :)

STL100-1 ( STC

GRrrr an Android Port :( I can't get past the sign up screen?? It asks if I want to continue with the registration after explaining there are no password recovery options for security reasons... then it won't let me scroll down to choose yes or no. Can anyone help? Or is this just a runtime error.. therfore it doesn't work

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

It's a mess on a Q10. Like so many other Android ports I've had to uninstall.

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Thanks for the link Bla1ze!

I really don't like storing stuff in the cloud but with my information encrypted it now looks like I can really store stuff in the cloud rather than unknowingly share my stuff with the cloud!

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A bit slow but no issues for me.
I am glad we have it on BlackBerry, I already had 50GB storage from an older promo.

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Another android port??? Seriously we have to push these developers to build apps for BB10 it's not acceptable anymore to sideload, use 3rd party market, apk etc.....


Simple rule: If its US software or hardware its definitly not safe. US laws enforce software and hardware made by US companies to have security holes and data be available for the US government. So simply said everything made NOT(!) in the USA is definitly more safe the an US product. Tresorit is based in switzerland and hungary so its at least not under US laws and regulations and not as unsafe as comparable US products.

Thanks for the info. That's good to know.

Ladar Levison ( recommended not to use any US-based service if you value your privacy...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Tip you won't regret: DO NOT put your files in any cloud. If you require remote mass storage create your own using BlackBerry Link to remote access your PC. It uses an IPV6 IPSEC tunnel to protect your files during the transfer.

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I can't find my files on the directory. I press the "+" to add files, it takes me to the "sdcard" directory but after navigating through it I do not see the directories or folders I have on my sdcatd.

Please Help

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Same issue here on Z30, screen defaults to landscape and can't scroll down on the "no password recovery" warning to complete the sign up. Anyone have a hint on getting this screen to work? I know I can do the registration on a computer, but it really should just work. Not such a great user experience so far. :-)

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